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Shaadi Mubarak 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: KT and Kusum come up with a drama

Shaadi Mubarak 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Preeti what is KT saying. He says you are not hurting her heart, but mine, you are my hero, you are against any discrimination, Preeti is talented, don’t you respect it. KT asks what shall I do, she knows that dark complexion isn’t accepted anywhere, I m doing business, I have to see profits and losses, I can just see loss here. Kusum says I trusted you a lot, you think so, you are worse than Mrs. Goplani, you are showing your colour in a month. She asks Preeti not to listen to him. KT says if Preeti worked, then its money investment, I don’t want to have partnership with her. He asks Preeti to sign the papers and go her way. Kusum says no, she will not sign, she has left the house for self esteem. He says you are wasting time after her, she doesn’t care for her self esteem, else she would have told Mrs. Goplani that she has no right to say about her complexion, she was silent, what will she tell now, she has a habit to tolerate it, she can’t say anything, she would have not gone in front of Mrs. Goplani, she has no voice to defend her esteem, just sign on the file, I don’t have anything to do with you, she knows her complexion is coming in front of her work. Kusum scolds him.

KT says its our personal matter, you don’t get in between. Kusum says Preeti always remains silent, she should have told that to Goplani. He says she just knows to tolerate, she isn’t made for business, her talent and sincerity falls weak in front of her complexion. Preeti says enough.

Sumedh asks when did this happen, how can Priyanka come in Tarun’s words, how can she think he will divorce Rati, she is innocent. Juhi says sorry, I know he is cheap, he did wrong. He says I have much angry for Tarun, you are like your mum, who kept all her relations, I can never tell you anything, you worry for Priyanka. She says we will find out how Tarun fooled Priyanka, we will show her the truth of his fake love. He says I will talk to her. She says no, we have to show her a proof. She gets Rati’s new post on social media about first month anniversary of marriage. She asks can you break the lock. Sumedh says yes. She says just reach Tarun’s house, I will get Priyanka there.

Preeti says you have a small thinking, I regret to have partnership with you, I regret to trust you, you proved that this partnership doesn’t matter to you, I will break this partnership, because I have to go ahead with good thinking people, you are wrong, I knew life will surprise me, but not this much, you like superficial beauty, you don’t know real beauty, its of heart and feelings, you forgot my hardwork, you want to break partnership due to my complexion. He says tell me more, I like it, truth is something else, this is not your thinking, else you would have told this to Mrs. Goplani, you told the same, when dark complexion didn’t leave Kanha, then you are just a human. She says kanha chose his complexion, I also think the same, I didn’t give right to anyone to criticize me, this complexion is my truth, my identity, I didn’t tell this to anyone, it would be good if I told this to my mum and at the time of my marriage, I don’t want anyone to criticize my colour. KT drops the papers.

Preeti says you don’t know me, I know myself, its enough that I find myself beautiful, I can never stay with you and your thinking. She takes papers and signs. She asks him to go away with his thinking and business. Kusum looks on. KT signs Kusum. Kusum whistles. Preeti asks what’s happening. Kusum says my mute doll spoke up. He says yes. Kusum says KT and I did this drama. FB shows KT seeing Mrs. Goplani scolding Preeti. He says how dare Mrs. Goplani say anything about Preeti’s complexion, she needs Gyaan, I willg ive it. Kusum calls KT. He asks the matter. She says you left imp papers here, you forgot the partnership dissolution papers, you should know Preeti’s truth first. He says yes, I know about Mrs. Goplani, I will teach her a lesson. Kusum says no, first Preeti should learn it, then Mrs. Goplani will know it. He says yes, Preeti should know she is beautiful, I have a plan to make Preeti meet her beauty. FB ends.

Juhi says I told Sumedh the truth. Sumedh says I won’t let you do this mistake. Juhi says Priyanka will know the truth. Sumedh unlocks the door. They get in. Priyanka says Tarun loves me a lot. Juhi says just do a small act, we will know the truth. They decorate the house. They switch off the lights. Tarun comes home and sees the decorations. He says wow, beautiful, Rati I can’t decide if the surprise is beautiful or you, come close to me. Priyanka recalls Juhi asking her to wear Rati’s clothes. Tarun reads the card to play love-o-meter game. He says not bad Rati, if one has a wife like you, then person’s heart will always have love. He reads the questions and says I m madly in love with you, I made my mum out, I can die for you, Rati. Priyanka cries. Juhi and Sumedh hide and look on. Tarun says our marriage was like a dream, I have already planned something for you. He reads the question, if he really likes Priyanka. He says come on Rati, I don’t like to see Priyanka, she thinks she has become ultra modern, I tolerate her for your sake, you asked me to convince Priyanka to get mum’s secrets out, else I would have fired her from job, who would tolerate her, once I win the bet with mum, then I will show her the real place, look at me, my love. Juhi switches on the lights. Tarun gets shocked seeing Priyanka.

Kusum says you have thrown away the bitter thoughts, the things that hurt you, you have got rid of it, everyone who has a dark complexion will be proud, I m also proud of you. Preeti says I accepted that my complexion can’t be my weakness. KT tears the papers. Ik tara….plays…. Preeti says I will not regard myself inferior. Kusum and Preeti laugh. Kusum says you are really beautiful, I get jealous. KT puts a sticky note and goes. Preeti asks were you acting, you always do this. Kusum says yes, you are arguing, let me say, you are my friend, I m KT’s fan, he reached Goplani and understood everything, I swear I didn’t tell him. She sees KT gone. Kusum shows the note. Preeti reads.. I will not forget to send hampers, I m going to office, you enjoy with Kusum. Kusum says he is my KT sa. Preeti smiles.

Mrs. Goplani scolds KT and Preeti. She says I will give the contract to Chanda’s company.

Update Credit to: Amena

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