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RadhaKrishn 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Request To Rukmini

RadhaKrishn 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna returns to Dwarka. Everyone chant his name. He asks why everyone are so excited and celebrating. Balram says why not, he has returned to Dwarka after a long time and Dwarka became pure with his entry. He introduces Pradyumna and says he is Krishna’s replica and with them both Dwarka has become most powerful city in whole Bharat. Krishna reminisces Gandhari’s curse. Balram takes him to his room. He says this room is same like he left before. Balram says nothing has changed in his absence. Krishna says he had defeated his brother-in-law wicked Rukmi with his sudarshan chakra, asks why did Balram send Pradyumna’s alliance to Rukmi’s daughter. Balram says Rukmi is weak and knows they are powerful, so he will be loyal to them whole life with this alliance. Krishna says a powerful enemy is better than weak friend. Balram says this is politics and he will not understand. Balram’s children run towards Krishna excitedly calling him kaka. Krishna hugs them and jokes that his apes have grown big. Kids insist him to show magic. He agrees and shows some tricks impressing them. Kids ask if he can hypnotize anyone, even them? Krishna says yes. Balram says Krishna can do anything, he built Dwarka between water which didn’t drown in the past and will not in the future.

Radha tells Krishna that they all are so confident that Krishna’s Dwarka will not drown. Krishna says people when they see happiness will forget that everything is destroyable. Radha asks if he met a energy who will end Krishna, who is he. Krishna says Shiv himself. Radha asks if Shiv will come on earth to kill him. Krishna says Mahadev has many means to end him and the beginning will start in Pradyumna’s wedding and let us see who will be start the wheel of end. After sometime, Krishna enters Radha’s room when she is getting ready. She asks when did he come, she didn’t notice him. Krishna says bride’s family is coming. Radha says she feels her decoration is not yet complete. Krishna says one important decoration is missing, her smile. She says hearing his end, how can she smile. He says quality of life is important than quantity, even a second spent with her is important; he can braid her tress reminiscing their moments in Golok. Radha says she couldn’t braid it till now. Krishna says it will when they meet in Golok soon. Radha says let us go and greet groom’s family.

Rukmi with his family and daughter Rukmavati enters. Krishna and family greet him. Rukmini asks Rukmi how is he. He says he is fine and was eager to meet her, Rukmavati was more eager to meet Pradyumna. Satyabhama says Rukmavati is very beautiful and will make warrior Pradyumna a family man. She asks where is Pradyumna. Rukmini says he must be getting ready to meet Rukmavati. Radha walks to Pradyumna’s room with Rukmini and Jamvati and says he is looking handsome like his father. She sees Jamvati missing there, walks to her room and asks her to accompany her to get her right. Jamvati accompanies her. Rukmini and Satyabhama continue to get Pradyumna ready. Krishna walks in and says bride’s family is waiting to meet Pradyumna. Radha walks in with Jamvati and requests Rukmini to fulfill her request. Rukmini asks to just order. Radha requests her to let Jamvati perform Pradyumna’s tilak as mother instead of Rukmini. She explains the reason behind that Jamvati is feeling left out, so she should be let to perform Pradyumna’s tilak. Krishna says even Jamvati is Pradyumna’s mother and has right to perform his tilak. Rukmini agrees, and Jamvati thanking Radha performs Pradyumna’s tilak. Radha asks Krishna if she did right. Krishna says this is the begging of his end, a person because of whom Dwarka and Yaduvansh will end. Radha asks who is that person.

Precap: Jamvati desires to have a son who is Krishna’s replica. Krishna asks Mahadev to give Jamvati a son who will be his replica. Mahadev says he has to do vigorous meditation for that. Krishna stands on 1 foot for meditation.

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