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Naksh was trying to control  tara as she was crying vigoursly…. but all the while he was only thinking about keerti and why she went like that….

Tara :Naksh.. I ca..can’t live without you.. I love you morethan anything..  olease be my.. Naksh.. only mine..

Naksh :You are not getting it Tara.. Keerti is my wife..

Tara :I know.. that.. i also know that you are not happy with her.. your only happiness is with me…

Naksh :As you said.. that you won’t be able to live without me… And what about keerti..

Tara : Just divorce her… it will be good for all three of us…

Naksh was taken aback by the word DIVORCE.. He then runs back to his home.. and found it empty.. while tara also followed him..

Naksh was shouting Keerti’s name.. all the while.. Tara was also hurt about the conceren naksh have about keerti..

Naksh runs shouting keerti’s name..

While keerti was walking lifelessly in the road

Keerti’s POV : God… What is going on in my life… why aren’t things.. normal for me .. first it was kartik and mom’s realtionship.. which hurted me… now my own.. No.. no.. i can’t let Tara take my happiness.. Naksh is my happines.. i want to live with him… all my life.. but what if he is happy with tara.. should i let them be together…

Naksh saw keerti and he was somewhat relifed.. untill he saw a car which arrived near her  . He shouted her name.. but she didn’t hear as she was not in her sense…

He runs to her and saves her in a nick of time by pulling her .. He hold in both her shoulder and shook..

Naksh (shouted).: What were you doing..

That was it keerti dozed into his arms…

Naksh :kee..keerti..Keerti.. open your.. eyes.  comeon..

Tara : Naksh.. i think we should better take her to home….

Naksh lifts keerti in his arm.. and takes her to their home.. Tara also comes with them… She hesitates a little to enter tha house..  as some memories were hitting her mind… like how she used to come here often.. and her quality times with Naksh.. spended here and all..

But Naksh was not even looking at Tara.. He calls doctor.. in hurry…

Doctor arrives and check her…

Naksh :How is she..??

Tara : She will be fine right..?

Doctor :Yes.. there is nothing to worry.. i think Mrs.Sighania god scared or had some hyper stress.. these days because of which her body became so weak.. She is fine now..i have given a sedative.. it will give her some good sleep.. and yes Mr.Singhania.. you should take extra care.. until she gets fine… and as soon as she wakes give her aomething to eat..

Naksh :Yeah.. sure doc.

Doctor was about to leave..

Doc :And one more thing.. make sure that she is not in a little manner of fever or anything..

Naksh nods… Doctor goes..

Naksh sits besides Keerti… his eyes were red teary…

Tara : I will get you something to eat..

Naksh :Um.. the kitchen is…

Tara : Did you forgot.. i was here.. and i don’t need directions…

She goes to the kitchen and was cooking..

Tara’s PoV :What is happeneing … is naksh.. really having feelings for keerti.. No NO NO.. he only loves me .. his tara.. I’m his life.. Did he just change.. or is this my illusion.. i have been waiting for him all these years.. brtraying my family.. TARA.. what are you thinking.. you know that Naksh is an emotionally weak person.. may be he is having sympathy to keerti.. as because of him.. she is in this state now.. Yeah That’s it Tara.. cool down..

——- Tara enters with coffee and biscuits..

Naksh was sitting near keerti holding her hands..

Tara : Naksh.. here you go eat this…

Naksh goes to Tara..

Naksh : Tara.. i’m not hungry…

Tara slowly rubs his shoulders..

Tara : I know you must be feeling bad for keerti… but things happens in life unexpectedly.. just like i was dying to live with you and.. you couldn’t find me…

She moves a little close to naksh..

Tara : It was difficult for me to stay away from me.. but my father and brothers.. i was sure that they will go to any extent to get their pride back.. i wanted to live with you… but i was sure that they will kill you… for taking me back.. i stayed quite for your life.. and you..

Naksh : I.. am i am sor..sorry Tara.. the last news i heard about was your marriage.. and I at that instant thought to quit my life.. but i.. i couldn’t.. i just couldn’t as… my family.. I am now living for them..

Tara cups his face.. and moves slowly to his lips.. Naksh was just crying in gulit.. She was about to kiss him…

Keerti :Na..Naksh..

Naksh steped aside looking at Tara.. he pushed her away and went to Keerti.. and holded her hand..

keerti : Naks..Naksh …. aap… ple.please be .. with .. me… i … can..can’t .. wi..without you.. Nak..Naksh..

Naksh realises that Keerti was talking in semiconsiciouse..

Naksh :No.. No.. keerti I am here only.  i am never.. going to leave.. why.. would i leave and for whom.. I love keerti..

He puts his hand on her forehead which makes her relaxed..

Naksh then goes to Tara..

Naksh : Its about early.. morning.. i think you should leave.  i don’t want .. keerti to be more stressed…

Tara :Yes.. I understand…

She goes..


Keerti wakesup and founds Naksh next to her.. as she rises as bit.. he jerked out of his sleep..

Naksh :Keerti.. do you need something..??

Keerti kept silent.. and she went washroom.. Naksh went to kitchen to prepare food as he didn’t wanted her to do..

Keerti comes to kitchen and haves her coffee…

Naksh : Are you going somewhere ??

Keerti : I am going to mandir….

Naksh : Wait i will come with you…

Keerti :Why.. why will you come with me..

Naksh : I feel to do so..

Naksh and keerti both in the car going to madir…

Naksh finds words to communicate with keerti but keerti didn’t yook intiative..

Tere mere darmiyahai.. song from Chef plays i  background..

Keerti and Naksh reach temple.. and does pooja…

After that keerti goes to the stone where people sticks  their wishes in form of coin..

Keerti tries to stick it … but it was not easy.. naksh comes and helps her..

They see eachother… #eyelock..


Naira : Kartik.. what did you told your family members…

Kartik :It was a.. project.. and its good we can spend sometime together..

Naira : But.. all of a sudden..

Kartik :Yeah.. dadi was really angry..a nd i barely did message keerti di..

Naira :I miss them so much..

Kartik hugs her..

Naira :Me too..

Kartik :Any way i am getting late for work..

Naira : I for college..

They both looks at the dressing room.. Together runs and enters…

Kartik :Naira.. look i am new here…

Naira : I am getting late…

Kartik :Me too..

They both starts to get ready.. together..

Kartik’s phone rings.. ot was keerti..

Kartik :Hi keerti..

Keerti :Keep it with you.. why didn’t you call me before going..

At the time Naira pulls him..

Kartik :Naira..

Keerti : What???

Kartik :Sorry… sorry.. sorry..

Kartik :Is there someone with you..??

Kartik :No!!

He holds the phone..

kartik : Naira … its di.. stop it..

Naira : Opps..

Kartik :Di.. I’m getting late.. i will call you later..and yeah take care..

keerti :Ummm..

Naksh was unable to find keerti so he comes out… and was shocked to see her with luggage..

Naksh :Keerti.. what are you doing..where are you going..

Keerti : Naksh… i am going to udaipur…

Naksh shocked…

Keerti :Don’t worry.. not yo goenkas.. but  singhaina sadan..

Naksh :Keerti its not good to travel and this time.. you are so weak..

Keerti :I will feel mad if i stay…here.. I want to go…

Naksh :I will come with you..



Mishti was chasing Gayu.. Karishma , Devyani and Akshara was in the hall..

Mishti :Gayu.. di.. mere choclate dedo.. na..

Gayu : You ahve eaten two from the morning..

Akshara :Becarefull huh..

Karishma :Mishti.. no more choclate..

Mishti : But mom…

Devyani calls singals mishti to come.. and gives her a choclate..

Gayu :Nani you are the one who spils her…

Karishma : Yes.. Maa.. and Akshara.. bhabhi

Akshara : She is just a kid… let her .. live it happily..

Just then Devyani saw Naksh amd Keerti..

Devyani :Naksh !!

Akshara : What happened is everything..

Keerti just hugs Akshara.. Akshara singals Naksh as if asking “what happened”

He was silent…

Akshara :Gayu.. take keerti to their room..

Gayu does so..

Akshara : What happened duggu.. is everything fine…

Naksh :Yeah.. mumma.. its just keerti fainted yesterday mid night.. and she is a bit weak too.. So thought its better to stay here as everyone is here…

karishma :you thought good . naksh..

Naitik , Naman and Rajshekhar came from office… They chated for a longtime.. while Akshara and Gayu were pacifyinc keerti..


kaveri came ftom mandir so late as she had done some Pooja on their name..

Dinning tabel…

Akshara ; Keerti.. you have to finish it full.

Keerti :Maa.. i am.. i am not feeling to..

Kaveri :Lalla.. you have taken herto doctor right..

Naksh :Ji…

Kaveri : Keerti bahu.. make please have your medicines regularly..

Keerti :Yes.. ( she gives a smile)..

Devyani was talking to someone in phone and she was quite happy…

Rajshekar :What happened you look so happy..

Devyani : Woh… Rose.. she is pregnant..

Naitik : True..

Akshara : Oh..

Karishma : Oh my god babhi..

Kaveri :Don’t be so excited like this.. Akshara there is a chance soon you will a grandmother..

Akshara : i am waitimg for that day..

Devyani : I am sure… that day is not so long..

Naksh and keerti looks at eachother..

keerti goes to her room without saying anything…

Naksh also follows her.. She gives her medicines and sits with his laptop on couch.. Keerti looks at him.. soon she falls asleep..




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