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Walking together through the Memory Lane – Episode 32 (LAST)

32. Walking together through the Memory Lane

Sonakshi and Dev married two and half years back with the consent of the family…

Arjun and Shefali got married two years back…

Prakash married his ladylove Ananya after three months of ShefJun’s marriage…

Preeti and Pandit married one year back…

After three months of Preedit’s marriage, Swati and Munna got married…

Five months back, Sameer and Naina got married…

Preeti, Pandit, Munna, Swati, Sameer and Naina are present in the house.

Preeti: Wow, the book is completed. When are we going to publish?

Naina: May be within two months or so… It is our 5th book individually and the 1st book, we write together as a couple.

Sameer: Definitely it is a memory..

Preeti: Only when we dig much into the past, we understood that we learnt many things. Just see, we had so many nostalgic memories in the past. I doubt whether others could have it.

Pandit: Everyone has their own nostalgic memories. It is just the way we look into it.

Swati: From our whole group, Manoj and I fall in love with each other first.

Munna: We even hid the fact from our friends for an year. Then, we told you all at Carnival.

Swati and Munna shares an hi-fi.

Sameer: We found that already, but we confronted you regarding this later and you blurted the truth.

Naina: If you  think like that, what about Preeti and Pandit?

Preeti and Pandit blush.

Munna laughs: Yeah, it is true. After all, we found Preeti in a box. Then, Pandit is correcting Preeti’s sprain, romeo dialogues…. It was the first time when we saw Pandit’s romantic side… All these days, we were seeing Pandit and Preeti’s comic side.

Pandit and Preeti shies away.

Sameer: Have you taken any penance to blush for the next thousand years, my dear Pandit and Preeti?

Pandit and Preeti make faces.

Preeti: What about Sameer and Naina? Sameer would flirt with Naina in the lamest way by asking her comb, shampoo etc.. While our Naina keeps laughing at this.

Pandit: We are better, Sameer. We proposed as soon as we realized our love. But you were…

Naina: We were strengthening our love before proposing each other.

Sameer: Wow, Naina, Wow…

Others exclaimed at them. Everyone laughed.

Pandit: We were immature that time and we did some mistakes out of anger or aggression. Some didn’t make mistakes, but they learnt from others mistakes. These mistakes made us more and more sensitive and open.

Naina: I could remember how I did a fake my relationship with Prateek and how Sameer faked his relationship with Priyal and Palak. How funny and immature! We thought that getting into love is a like eating a candy.

Sameer: I was so possessive towards Naina. We played account exchange games to spy Naina. I used to not trust her. At the end of the day, she’d get frustrated and blast at me. Even I grew egoistic because of that.

Naina: But suddenly we got some enlightenment in the form of Shefali. If she didn’t ask me to open the account, I couldn’t have seen the messages sent by Sameer. Then, Preeti helped me to reach Sameer.

Naina gets emotional.

Sameer: Are you getting emotional, Naina? Miracle!

Naina nudged him and laughed.

Swati: Not only us… Even our parents too… They took many wrong decisions because of their over-protectiveness. My mom decided to get married to a old man, Sameer and Naina’s parents didn’t trust children. Rakesh uncle exploded a lot on Shefali. But eventually, they learnt that love marriage also sustains successfully if there is passion in love what we have.

Naina: Exactly, Swati. Those people whom I thought good turned bad like Prateek and those people whom I thought bad turned extremely good like Sonakshi.

Sameer: Everyone has their own story where they are the hero, but they become the villain in someone else’s story.

Preeti: Neither hero nor villain… In the general story, none of them is completely right and none of them is completely wrong. Situation makes them like that.

Sameer: I agree.


2 years passed,

‘WALKING TOGETHER THROUGH THE MEMORY LANE’ written by Naina Agarwal Maheshwari and Sameer Maheshwari still remains to be one of the best sold books in the country. The way they put their emotions and love is attractive to the many readers in the world. There book proves that love makes tow imperfect people perfect for ach others despite all the catastrophes and obstacles along with the subplots of their beloved friends. The realism in the story is what makes the books worth increasing just like the old vintage.



Sameer is getting ready in his room. Naina comes inside with their little munchkin ‘Suman’. Sameer smiles at Suman. Sameer is wearing a red shirt and jeans while Naina is wearing a red color churithar.

Sameer – “You look so beautiful, Naina.”

Naina – “You’re also looking handsome, Sameer.”

Sameer takes Suman from Naina and plays with her. Naina is looking at them happily. Suddenly Sameer kissed Naina’s cheeks.  Naina was surprised.

Naina – “Sameer… There is some time to romance.”

Sameer – “Untime romances are thrilling, sweetheart.”

Sameer kissed her again on her cheeks.

Naina – “Sameer, what are you thinking about yourself?”

Naina makes faces. Sameer is surprised.

Sameer – “Oh! You’re getting pissed whenever I romance with you…”

Before Sameer could finish, Naina jumps to Sameer’s height and kissed his forehead.

Naina – “Even I know to romance at untime, sweetheart…”

Sameer laughs.

Naina – “By the way, when did I get pissed when you try to romance me? Bluffing….”

Sameer gives a sheepish smile.

Sameer, Naina and Suman comes outside and reached the park where a carnival was set up.

Dev, Sonakshi, Shefali, Arjun, Swati, Munna, Pandit and Preeti are also present there before them. All are wearing red.

Bela, Vishaka, Beena, Priyanka (Swati’s mother) and Asha (Sonakshi’s mom) are also there. Bela is holding Preedit’s son Ayush. Priyanka is holding Swamun’s son Anish. Beena is holding ShefJun’s daughter Shivani. Asha is holding Devakshi’s daughter Suhana. Naina gives Suman to Vishaka.

Dev – “By the way, why did you bring us all here?”

Sonakshi – “This Carnvial place is quite special, Dev. Seven years before, I have how unknown people becoming friends due to this carnival. This is the place where Naina and my friendship strengthened. Preeti and Pandit’s love story starts from here. Swati and Munna called all of us here. Sameer and Naina’s relationship takes a turning point from this incident. We all are attached to this carnival a lot. We couldn’t attend in previous years because of many reasons but now we want to enjoy here.”

Arjun – “Thankfully, you called us here. Carnivals are always some fun.”

Dev – “Everyone has a kid now and we are busy parenting them. Now, this evening we all rediscover our memories.”

Naina – “Yeah, jiju.”

Ten of them got excited and entered inside.

Flashbacks played… Munna gifting teddybear for Swati… Munna and Swati having cotton candy together…Munna saving Swati from the brothel… Dev and Sonakshi’s first meet in the train… How Dev met Sonakshi during rain..Sonakshi accepting the proposal diplomatically…  Pandit winning a teddybear for Preeti… Letter conversations of Preedit… Preeti and Kavita’s conversation… Sameer meeting Naina at the carnival… Their communication… Their fancy dress competition… Shefali and Arjun’s water pipe scenes… Everything played in their memory lane.

Dev and Sonakshi danced at the Carnival competition for the song ‘Ae Mere Dil’

Shefali and Arjun participated in quiz games and won prizes there.

Naina, Preeti and Swati ride bicycle in triples.

Sameer, Munna and Pandit did their favorite bike stunts after getting permission from their respective wives.

The girls played Hopscotch there.

Sameer took Naina and bought her a cotton candy.

Pandit and Preeti played with the other kids in the dressing room.

Swati and Munna participated in various rides in the carnival.

Naina, Preeti, Sameer, Pandit, Swati and Munna dressed like their school days and they did a mini drama on that. Everyone clapped for them.  The scene freezed with the smiles of all the six.

They lived happily ever after in their life.


Author’s note:
Thank you so much Jasminerahul, Adhu, Zingo and Radhakrishn for supporting the sweet tale of love. All your appreciative comments helped me to enjoy the jounrey even more. Though I have written many FFs, this is the first FF which is full-fledged on love and its effects. What I like in this story more is, the leads are flawed as much as the other characters are flawed or even more than them. It was an amusing experience when I am writing Sameer meeting Naina at the bus stand, calling her up, Naina identifies Sameer nearby and sharing a romantic moment. Dev and Sonakshi’s first conversation in the train was received well. It took me a lot of time to design their conversation taking inspirations from some sources. 

Then, I’ll apologize you all for being late and unusual in time. Earlier, I used to upload twice or thrice in a week but later it took a lot of time. Even I took 5 months break in between due to my classes and lack of conviction how to move it. Gratitude for bearing all that and reading with the same enthusiasm.

This is my first story to cross over 30 chapters. I started this FF on September 5, 2020 and ending it on July 22, 2021. The journey is really special to me while writing all the scenes of the story. After completing the last chapter, what I did is, reading the complete story from the beginning. While I am reading, I felt a lot of mistakes in grammar or typos or even in the scenes. 

I would like to thank all my silent readers too. If possible, please do comment since it is the last episode of my FF. Also I am taking a break from writting from now on. I’ll definietly miss writting stories and reading your response. I’ll be waiting for your response in this chapter by the way.

While commenting, please do mention your Favorite Character, Favorite Couple, Favorite Scene and Favorite Track. Do tell me how is the thumbnail.

Finally my note ends here. Take care of yourself.

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