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Some time to think again (Part 2)

Scene shows Riddhima waking up vansh,
He sees her,all dressed up,in beautiful ,lavender dress,
he was again mesmerised,but the thoughts of last night,how he ,hurt her by his words and thoughts,
she still,loved him the same way,and opened the curtains so that room was filled with beautiful sunshine ,which made her face ,to glow even much.
Vansh: Riddhima..
Riddhima: Shhh..get ready ,we will be going on city’s outside,the same park where,we secretly met before marriage.
And the excitement in her eyes,made him smile.
As they reached over there,and was feeling the soft touch of flowers in flower park,they did same,but at that time,their relation had no name,today they had.
Vansh: At that you were not mine,today yu are..
She looked at him and gave a little smile.
Riddhima: At that time we were just ours,today we are ours,and our hearts are of each other.
Vansh sat besides her,
Vansh: I am sorry ,my thoughts,they hurt you na.
Riddhima : Its okay vansh,our relation is in initial phase,I want to give time,for everything ,to be just,cleared.
Vansh: Thanks for giving me time.
She smiled,then they played,run and catch game,he finally catched her and lifting her ,swirled her,they were laughing ,enjoying,then she ,lost in game ,went running on main road,and till Vansh managed to find and see her,she was just lost in game,that a truck approached her,but at the moment ,a man pulled her,she fell on him and truck passed,she got too much scared,it could be ,a devastating accident,but that man saved her,risking his own life,she got up within a moment ,and was to thank him,but got shocked,when Vansh pushed that man to ground,and started beating him ,mercilessly,for some moments she culdn’t understand,then tried her best to stop vansh,kept shouting that he saved me,
the rage in his eyes,the fierceness,
she couldn’t believe it .
He finally got away,Riddhima kept seeing him going,and then,called ambulance and got that man to hospital,incessantly apologising to him,she took auto to return home,those words of Vansh,when he was beating that man,
” How you dared to touch my wife,
hhow you dare to make her fall on you..”,he was finding it ,madness,..madness that had got too much serious that it was creating knots in their relation’s string even before it was formed.
She reached home,only to find Vansh ,completely drunken.
Riddhima kept staring him,as if thinking to ask from him,that what is in his mind,before she could say anything,he came to her,his eyes,showed the redness of anger,
he pulled her wedding pndant ,and threw it..She was all shocked,and tears ,they were already there.
Vansh: You are free,go …I have freed you from me.
Riddhima: Vansh…
She stepped back a little,biting her lips,all face wet and red,but then,recalled ,what she had promised herself,that she will try to,keep up this relation,till the last limit.
She wiped her face,got that pendant back,and wore it again,giving vansh a sign,that she is,not yet broken.
She moved to him,took alcohol bottle from his hand,thre it in dustbin,took him with her,changed his shirt,washed his face,made him lay down,covered him with blanket,he was just,seeing her through out all this,seeing that,how patient she if to him.
She then sat besides him,and kissed his forehead,smiling and seeing him,as if understanding his inside storm,and telling him to calm down.
Riddhima: vansh…trust me.You will,never be hurt by me.
And these words,were more effective and more healing than alcohol.
Neext few days passed smoothly,but that night,has created ,a different sort of fear in Riddhima,she was not able to concentrate on her work,that much.
She recieved a message,from the owner,that she has to do site visit,for their company’s upcoming project,with Kabir Sharma.
For a moment,he went into thoughts,but then ,got up from that,
I am not doing,anything wrong.I will go.
And so ,she went ,
That night ,was life changing for her,
Kabir had an idea of Vansh’s possessiveness,and played prank,and sent Vansh,that Riddhima is with him,that was just,more than enough,once again Vansh lost to his ownself.
When Riddhima returned back home,she was just thinking to if tell vansh about her site visit,she took clothes from her wardrobe and was going to change,she tried to open the sshoulder safety pin of her saree, but then recieved a harsh pull from Vansh,leaving scar by pin on her shoulder,he pushed her down on bed.
She was,just ,devastated,seeing a different Vansh,in front of her.
Vansh: You know,till now,I was thinking ,that you are mine,but now,I have to make you mine.
She was not understanding that what ,had happened to him,confused,broken ,shattered,and then,she recieved again a hard pull by him,he forced his lips on her,kissed her really hard,she was resisting,he then pushed her back on bed,she was screaming,stop it..but he ,was in no mood to listen over anything,he got up ,on bed,and moved his hands towards her,to which she was struggling,with full force,pushing him,but he ,had more physical power,then she stopped.
Stopped shouting,stoped resisting,tears were there,she could not stop them,she just stopped for a moment.
That made,vansh too stop…He got back,stood in front of her,she got up crying hard,
Riddhima: Why have you stopped now..co…comee….fulfill your desires,make my body yours.
He ,just could not meet eyes with her,her stare,that was ,so much.
She held from his collar,jerked him,asked him to move on ,carry on his work,but he,just glanced her once ,saw her,that how much he broke her,and ,went out of room.
She fell down on floor,,and cried really hard,all their time,they spent together,what she thought him,and what he was,she got up,and came downstairs,she was,moving but was not mentally conscious,what he did with her,although,he had stopped much before than doing anything with her,still his intentions,what he was thinking,what he was going to do,had broken,shattered her.
She moved to her car,and drove that,all lost,silently crying,and then ,parked her car ,at a silent place.
In the morning,she got up and saw ,a sorry sticker on her car window panes.
Breathing hard,trying to shift the focus from last night,
Riddhima had shifted to a different apartment,she was ,a different personality,from that night,although it was ,just 3 eeks to that night,still,she ,never tried to contact Vansh,.She still remember,that how much ,she tried to keep up their marriage,but how,he ended everything,even before 2 months.
She knew,that he is around her,when she is at office,when at home,,he used to always keep his car behind hers.
She was,annoyed ,that even after that night he is not changed.
But then ,she recieved a letter,
She was at her office,when she got it,shutting down the laptop,resting back on her chair,she opened it,
seeing the writing,she recognised the writer,
Vansh: I know,if I would have mentioned my name on letter,then the Riddhima,who used to ,die on me,whose love was purest for me,would not allow herself today,to even read my words.
I want to tell you,
that you were ,right.
I have understood ,
that ,if someone is ours ,then no matter ,where that person stays,heart will always be with us,and no matter how much we tie anyone,the person will still fly away if they want,
I had,never got so much love,in my life,
that you showered on me in just two weeks
I was,scared ,to lose you.
I never got ,a trustworthy relation in my life,
that may be the reason ,I didn’t learn to trust,
But trut me.
I stopped myself that night,
I am ,
really furious on myself,for thinking that sort of thoughts,but still glad,if I would not have stopped myself,I would have made your body mine,but would have lost your heart.
I know,
You will still
Love me.
But I dont want that
Don’t love me Riddhima
Hate me
I deserve that
I aam a beast.
But if
you want to
give this beast
one more chance
I assure you
I will not hurt you ever,and I mean it this time
I am behind you from three weeks,thinking that I amhidden,but I know nothing is hidden from you.
I am not behind youbecause I have not changed,but because,I am changed,I feel,proud now,seeing you getting achievements,I don’t ,feel betrayed when you work with male partners,because I ,I love you now.
Your heart,
And then she got that marriage pendant in that envelope,
thought something,

Scene shows Vansh,sitting in the same park,waiting for her,
it was getting dark,he was crying hard,as he knew,she won’t come,but
She still
Thought once again
And it ended ,with Vansh’s eyes
getting fixed,over joyful Riddhima,playing rope jump with small girls in front of him,and pendant in her neck,was also getting up-down.
He moved to her,and she too.
It ended with them,sharing a beautiiiiiiifullllllll eyelock.

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