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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E22 (RIANSH’S DATE)

I’m damn upset as some of good friends are leaving TU and instagram but they have their own reasons and I respect that. @Attractiveuser and my baby @Ayesha.N you’ll be missed 😭 badly. In not right state of mind I don’t know what crap I’ve written but please tell and bare with me it it’s boring.

Episode starts with:

Ancient palace:

Vansh stands numb and shocked, he just remembered his Riddhima who was innocent and doesn’t deserve this. How can he himself kill his sole reason to live? Vansh’s trance of thoughts were broken by Aurrow’s voice, he said..

Aurrow: Where are you lost My Vansh?

Vansh: Nothing Aurrow. Just give me sometime, I’ll do as you say.

Aurrow: I’m giving you a month because next month on 24th May, ARTHALAHU will be turning 18 and that’s not a good sign, let’s finish it off forever.

Vansh: (stammering) Ye..Yess Aurrow. I should take a leave.

(Vansh leaves the Ancient Palace, and hurriedly reaches VR Mansion. As he readers the Mansion, Uma Asked..)

VR Mansion:

Uma: What happen? Why are you tensed?

Siya: Are you fine Bhaiya?

Ajay: What happened Vansh?

Angre: Boss kya hogya.

(Meanwhile Vansh was sweating and standing like numb, he immediately hugged Uma and started crying, blood travelled from his eyes to his face , all got worried and made him sit on the sofa and asked..)

Aryan: Bro what happened? Just tell.

Vansh: Aurrow wants ARTHALAHU dead. Means he has hired me to kill ARTHALAHU, that is My Sweetheart, My Riddhima.

All (unison): (shocked) What?

Vansh: Yes I’ve just one month, Aurrow doesn’t know that Riddhima is ARTHALAHU but he wants her dead by 24tj May, next month on Riddhima’s 18th birthday. I can’t do this. I have to save her at any cost. We all leave this place forever, and go away from Riddhima, so that she can be saved.

Siya: And what will you tell Riddhima? Why are you leaving her?

Vansh: I know it’s difficult to explain anything to my ZIDDHIMA. But it’s for her safety only.

Ajay: Do you think it’s the right decision?

Vansh: Anything that can save her Life is right.

Angre: But Boss, you know her and I know you, you both can’t live without eachother.

Vansh: I’m already dead Angre and I don’t want her to die at such a young age. Her life has just started, she’ll move on and have a bright future. (His watchers rings an alarm) I forgot I need to meet Riddhima.

Ajay: You’ll tell her.

Vansh: I’ll try to.

(Vansh drives off to Riddhima’s home, remembering all the Moments spent with her, he climbs the window and found it closed with a sticky note attached: “MEET ME WHERE WE CONFESSED”❤️. Vansh went to the Jungle and was surprised to see a small area of jungle covered with lights and Curtains all around a tiny hand made tent house, candles lightened up, and someone backhugged him, he forgot all his tensions and smiled genuinely. Vansh said..)


Vansh: Sweetheart 😍

Riddhima: I missed you. Where were you?

Vansh: (turning to her) You are saying you missed me and now wasting time in questions. You’ve made so much efforts for our date so let’s Enjoy it.

Riddhima: Yeah you are right, afterall it’s our First date.

(Suddenly Vansh receives a call, he saw the number and startled, he was about to pick the call when Riddhima snatched his phone and switched it off saying..)

Riddhima: No other person during our personal time.

Vansh: Riddhima it was important. Please give my phone.

Riddhima: (Pouting) you weren’t with me the entire day and now I want you only for me.

Vansh: I need to talk for 5min. Then I’ll be yours this evening. Pkka.

Riddhima: Nope (runs away)

Vansh: She’s just a little kid. Now I’ve to find her for my phone.

(Vansh starts taking her name and she comes from behind and hugs him singing..)

Bahon mein chale aao

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

(Riddhima turns Vansh towards her face, and places the curtain between them)

Yeh aaj ka nahi milan

Yeh sang hai umar bhar ka

Shh shh shh shh shh

(She pushes Vansh behind and moves seductively, leaving him perplexed, he twirled Riddhima keeping finger on her lips)

Chale hi jana hai

Nazar chura ke yoon

Phir thaami thi saajan tumne

Meri kalaai kyun ha

( Vansh moves away, when Riddhima hold him back and angrily expresses that Why he leaves her alone)

Kisi ko apna banake chhod dein

Aisa koi nahi karta

Shh shh shh shh shh

( Riddhima pulls Vansh closer and as their lips were about to meet, she pushed him behind.. He irritatingly backhugs her and indicates keeping quiet)

Bahon mein chale aao

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

(Riddhima comes out from the back hug and they share a sensual passionate hug)

Kabhi kabhi kuchh to

Kaho piya hamse

( Riddhima finally takes out Vansh’s phone and started fakely talkin’ moving closer to Vansh)

Ke kam se kam aaj to khul ke

Milo zara hamse

Hai raat apni, jo tum ho apne

Kisi ka phir hamein dar kya

Shh shh shh shh shh

(Riddhima held Vansh’s wrist and started opening his shirt, Vansh stood numb, She opened his Shirt buttons and pushed him inside the tent, and kept finger on his lips)

Bahon mein chale aao

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

Ho hamse sanam kya parda

(Vansh was about to get up, when Riddhima stopped him and hugged him, lying besides)

Vansh: Riddhima listen..

Riddhima: Vansh pta hai, I’ll not cross our limits of intimacy. (Running finger on his bare chest) I just want you beside me and sleep peacefully.

Vansh: (pulling her closer to his lips) Ohh really?

Riddhima: So my innocent VAMPIRE 🦇 is getting naughty hnn?

Vansh: Hnm! You removed my shirt, then your dress also doesn’t look good on you (winking 😉)

Riddhima: (shocked) Vansh!

Vansh: Just kidding!

Riddhima: I know! But I’m not kidding.

Vansh: MATLAB?

(Riddhima without a word Further pulled him into a s*xxy kiss and they parted to breath after some minutes, and slept in EACHOTHER’S embrace..)

Episode Ends!


Tell me your Theories that ” what will be the condition and who’ll be keeping it infront of whom?”

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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