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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav and Pallavi find Mandar.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Raghav reaches blood bank, Pallavi and Krishna waiting for Mandar, Raghav sees Mandar near Ambulance and goes to see him, Raghav gets Mandar’s friend and says you came yesterday to Rao Mansion and attacks him, he says who are you, and show this anger to someone else, Raghav says just tell me the truth or else I won’t spare you, he says look there is the ambulance I don’t drive that ambulance, Raghav chases ambulance.

Pallavi and Krishna waiting for doctor, Dr.Ramya walks to Pallavi and asks why do you want to meet Raja, Pallavi says my name is Pallavi I want to know something about him, Ramya surprised hearing the name.

Raghav goes closer ti Ambulance and stops the car, Mandar dogdes him and leave. Ramya says Raja keeps talking about this name, come to my clinic we will talk.
Raghav stops near the Ambulance and removes his gun but sees no one inside, Raghav is hit on head by Mandar. Raghav all covered in blood, Mandar tries to make a call seeing that, but no network, Raghav gains consious and hides, Mandar starts looking for him, Mandar picks his stick again for defence, Raghav attacks Mandar from behind and both get into fight. Mandar puts mud in his eyes. Mandar tries to attack back with stick but Raghav stops him says I can’t see but hear your moves.
Pallavi passing by sees Raghav and stops the car and rushes to him, Dr. Ramya with them. Pallavi calls Raghav’s name, Raghav says Pallavi what are you doing here, Pallavi sees Mandar and says Mandar, Raghav asks for water to wash his face, Krishna gives him water, and sees Mandar. Ramya walks to Mandar and says Raja what are you doing here, Raja says this man is behind me, Vishnu called me and told me about it and then this man got me and started hitting me.

Ramya says Raja calm down and asks Pallavi who is this man, Raghav says I am Raghav Rao and following him for Mandar, Pallavi says even I was looking for Mandar, Ramya says looks like we all hace lot of questions lets all go clinic, Raja looks like we will get all your questions answered today.

Jaya tells Kirti that Mandar is alive, Kirti says then Sunny will be fine, Jaya says I am talking about Pallavi and Raghav and you think about Sunny, think what will happen to Raghav and Pallavi, Kirti says I don’t care, she destroyed my life so I don’t care if she is alive or dead, Jaya says how could you be so ungrateful, Kirti asks what has she done for us, always thinking about Deshmukh’s, never thought about us, and she doesn’t even look at us, she never had one husband and now wants two, Jaya slaps Kirti, Kirti leaves in anger.

Ramya says some people found Raja in jungle and looked liked he fell from some where and I saved him and then found he lost memory and I named him Raja and he had no place to live, so I gave him my out house and we are trying to get him his family and he only remembers Pallavi.
Raja asks Ramya who are they, Ramya says may be your family, Raghav says that isnt proved yet, Raghav says don’t be emotional Pallavi think practically and doctor why didn’t you inform Police you aren’t any Mother Teresa and what if he is a criminal, Ramya gets a file and says here all filed compliant and missing reports, Pallavi says I never saw it, Ramya says because I had searched for him locally thinking he belonged to village near by, Raghav says I won’t trust this, I will make him have DNA test, and then believe, Ramya says done no issues but Pallavi I have suggestion, DNA test will take time till then take him to his family may be that reminds him of past, Raghav says I wont allow, Pallavi says Raghav calm down, Raghav says its about Mandar we can’t rush, Raja says Amma I won’t go with this man, Raghav says I am not taking you anywhere, and I have many ways to find truth, Mandar says try do something to me I will give yoi answer then, I am Raja and don’t listen to people like you, Ramya says relax Pallavi will help you with your family and you can trust her, right Pallavi, Pallavi looks at Raghav and nods yes. Raghav angry.

Sulochana and Mansi cleaning Vijay’s room and drops a bag, Sulochana calls it waste bag, Vijay says its Mandar’s bag, Sharda has saved them and keeps her son near her and who asked to clean my room leave right away.

Pallavi says to Raghav thank god you aren’t hurt more, Ramya walks to them with Raja and his luggage, Vishnu walks to Raja and asks Pallavi can I come with you please, Pallavi says okay, Vishnu says you guys go ahead in car I will follow in auto, Ramya asks Pallavi not to let Raja have any stress as this is very delicate situation with him, Pallavi says okay and about to sit in car, Ramya says Pallavi you sit behind with Raja, he is going to new place, he will feel better to have you near, Pallavi looks at Raghav.

Pre cap:
Raghav and Pallavi holding hands and leaving from Deshmukh house, Mandar holds Pallavi’s hand and stops her, and says Raghav Rao, Raghav gets angry, Pallavi stops them from getting into fight.
Raghav says to Pallavi I never let people get close to me but you when you close me I never took a chance to think and I want to says Pallavi I love you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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