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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu gets relieved when Snake gets caught

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Resham Pal asking Manohar where is that cream, my lips are burning. Manohar says medical store refused to give, and asked to pay the old debts first. Resham Pal says I didn’t take any thing on credit. Manohar says Happu Sir takes diapers on credit, when the medical store guy refuses to give the bribe. He asks him to take out his tongue in and out of mouth to heal his chapped lips. Happu comes there and tells Manohar that Resham Pal is a Naagin. Resham Pal says I will suspend you. Happu plays the flute, Resham Pal starts dancing on Naagin music. Happu gets tired and stops playing the flute. Resham Pal gives angry look and asks him to take out his uniform. Happu apologizes. Resham Pal slaps him thrice and goes out. Manohar tells Happu that Resham Pal was doing this, as his lips was chapped. Happu looks on.

Kamlesh thinks Naagin is afraid of peacock feathers’ broom. Kat comes there and takes her tongue in and out of her mouth. Kamlesh recalls Snake Charmer’s words and try to shoo her showing the peacock feathers. Kat asks if he is playing a new game. Kamlesh thinks to control her and plays the flute. Kat asks if this is the music of the song main teri dushman. Kamlesh says yes. Kat says she will dance. She does Naagin dance while Kamlesh plays the flute. Kat acts as biting him. Kamlesh gets scared and stops playing the flute. He says I am tired, when she will become Naagin. Kat asks if he talked about her. Kamlesh says yes and calls her Naagin. Kat gets angry and slaps him. He thinks it is Naagin only and cries.

Happu sees Rajjo feeding milk to the babies. He thinks Naagin reached my kids and asks Rajjo to leave his baby. Rajjo says this is my baby too. Happu asks did you give him birth and plays flute to bring her out in her real avatar. Rajjo is still feeding milk to the baby. Amma, hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir come there. Amma says my favorite tune is playing and dances on Naagin sound along with kids. Happu thinks Rajjo is not Naagin, but Amma is Naagin along with kids. He plays the flute still. Rajjo takes his flute and throws it. Happu says I was controlling the Naagin and tells that this is not Amma but Naagin. Amma slaps him again and says Naagin bites, and don’t slap. Happu says she is Amma only. Rajjo asks why has he gone mad? Ranbir says atleast Mummy understood now. Ranbir says you are mad. Happu scolds him. Amma asks what is going on in his mind. Happu says if I tell you, then you will get tears in your eyes. Amma asks him to say. Happu tells everything and says he couldn’t work due to the problem. Amma says how can you be so stupid? Rajjo says he can be. Happu says Rajjo was taking her tongue out, so I thought her to be Naagin, as Snake Charmer said. Rajjo says her tongue was burnt when she drank milk. Amma scares Happu and asks him to be careful. She says bholenath’s blessing is on you.

Kat cries and tells Malaika that she is crying. Malaika asks why, you are crying with your head high. Kat says if I cry with my head low, then my make up will spoil. Malaika asks what happened? Kat says Kamlesh called me Naagin. Malaika says since you are taking out tongue often, you are looking like Naagin. Malaika says she will beat him. She asks if Kamlesh wants to see you in Naagin avatar. Kat thinks Kamlesh likes Naagin and thinks to be like her. Kat calls Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks how are you? Kat says sorry for the slap. Kamlesh says you didn’t bite me? He asks about her tongue. Kat says her tongue is fine now. She asks him to come home in the night. Kamlesh refuses. Kat convinces him and tells that she has surprise for him. Kamlesh says ok. A guy catches a snake in a bag. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi call him Taklu catching naagin. Happu and Rajjo come out. Happu scolds the kids. Amma comes there and calls him taklu. The guy gets angry. Chamchi says Taklu catches the Naagin. The guy says he will leave the Naagin outside the city. Happu says this Naagin is very dangerous, sent it in other city. He says this naagin wants to take revenge from me. The guy calls someone and asks to catch mad family. Amma says atleast you are saved and asked to offer prasad in temple. Happu is happy that problem is solved and asks Rajjo to make tea.

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