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Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh recalls his moments with Bondita

Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tupur coming to Bondita. Bondita says I will save you from Bahu vivaah, its wrong, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Tupur scolds her and goes. Bondita thinks she look worried, I will not let anything happen to her. Its morning, Anirudh says this time, we will work harder and win the sword fight competition. The men say we will win, don’t worry. He says its like inviting defeat if we underestimate the enemy. Bondita thinks what shall I do to make Anirudh confess his feelings. She sees the piano and recalls Anirudh playing it. She plays the piano. Anirudh says its good to have faith but…. He gets disturbed. He goes to her. She says I like to play piano. He corrects her. He says this is not a good tune, its called headache, get up, you don’t know tunes. Bondita says you can’t play this.

He says its called piano. She says I want to play it, you also play it if you want, you play a love tune. She smiles. She says I mean lovely tune, like I m playing. He asks do you call this lovely tune, get up. Trilochan comes. She asks can I take this home. Anirudh says no. She says I will give money, how much do you want, my dad is rich. Trilochan says its not about money, Anirudh, let her take if she wants, its just kept here since 8 years. She says I will take it with me. Anirudh says no, you won’t take it. She says fine, you have to prove that you can play it, tell me.

She asks Trilochan to send the piano with her. She prays that he plays it. Anirudh plays the piano. She smiles. The kids come. Anirudh cries and thinks of Bondita. Trilochan praises him. Anirudh leaves and goes to his room. He cries.

Bondita comes and asks are you crying. He says no. She says I know you well, I saw your tear drop on the piano, do you think girls cry, so you don’t want to cry, even boys can cry, they also have a heart and feelings. He asks her to get quiet. She sings Hum honge kamyaab, it was a lovely tune, I like it a lot, you have to sing it with me. He opens the door and scolds her. He says you won’t come to this haveli from tomorrow, you will give a small test and then it will be your last day. She cries. He leaves.

Somnath says this man was trying to give our info to Krishnanagar people, I caught him. He asks the man why did he go there. Anirudh asks the same. The man faints. Somnath says I know he is acting. Anirudh asks Somnath to get back, take him to the man, we will talk to him tomorrow. Bondita prays and says I love Anirudh, I feel he also loves me, he isn’t able to tell me his feelings, I want to make him admit that he also loves his Bondita, we will end the enmity of the two villages, everyone will stay with love, but how shall I do this. She gets a sign and thanks Durga Maa. She says I m Anirudh’s student, I won’t lose so soon.

Its morning, Bondita takes Anirudh’s blessings. She says you are my Guru, you have made me a literate, I want to give you Guru Dakshina today, I want to do something for you. She sees the books. She says I have arranged all the books according to the alphabets, English ones also. He recalls Bondita. She says I took Shashwati’s help. She asks did you like it. He says I don’t like arranged books, let it stay the same. He spoils the alignment. She thinks I will make you say it soon. Chandrachur hurts Tupur and asks did you talk to Bondita, go and talk to Thakumaa, she isn’t foolish to make both her daughters a widow, you know Tapur’s kundali has widow dosh. He gives her 24 hours and threatens her. She cries.

Bihari gives aarti to Anirudh. Anirudh hears some sound. Bihari goes to see. Bondita comes to Anirudh. She asks shall I ask something. He says yes. She applies kumkum to his face. Rishta tera mera…plays… He asks what did you do. She says you said you like everything spoiled, its not holi, but you got the colour on your face today. He goes to his room. He washes his face. Bondita waits outside the washroom. She gets an idea. He hits the mirror and hurts his hand. She sits in the cupboard and knocks. Somnath gets the man to Anirudh. Bondita looks on. Anirudh asks what did you see on Shashwati’s birthday that you were running to tell Chandrachur, answer me. The man says I will tell. Bondita worries and thinks if that man tells them that I have come here as Vaijanti, then everything will get spoiled. She thinks. The man says Vaijanti. She breaks the glass. Anirudh runs out to see. Somnath also goes. Bondita scolds the man. Anirudh hears her. She says I have come here as a spy to know Anirudh’s preparation for the swordfight competition, do you want us to lose. The man signs no. Anirudh gets shocked.

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