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ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 2

Hi all, I know I am suppose to give weekly updates but since the episode has no Rani/Veer scene, I am going to try and make them more frequent.

Episode starts..

Vikram brings Kiara to their room and shuts the door. He walks up to her and makes her sit down on the bed.

Kiara: I can’t do this Vikram, I feel like a stranger here in the house.

Vikram: Hey, don’t worry. I am here na for you. Remember? I married you and even tho it wasn’t intentional, the vows are always true. We are together for 7 births.

Kiara smiles and then nods.

Vikram: You should get some sleep. Its late now.

Kiara: How about you?

Vikram: I can take the sofa there (he points to the corner of the room)

Kiara: Come on Vikram, we are husband wife and we can share a bed. Here look..

She took some pillows and laid a line of them spliting it into half.

Kiara: You can sleep there

Vikram nods and walks up to his side of the bed.

Kiara: Good night husband..

Vikram laughs: Good night wifey

Next morning in RanVeer’s room..

Rani was getting ready in the bathroom when Veer knocked at the door.

Veer: Are you done?

Rani: Yes

She came out and looked at him.

Veer: Bohot acchi lag rahi (you look good)

Rani: Thank you dactor sahab. Chalo main nikalti hu (I am going)

Veer: Ek minute Rani

He held her hand back and pulled her close.

Rani: Ee kya kar rahi hu? (What are you doing?)

Veer: Chup (he placed a finger on her lips)

He settled a hair that was flying over her face behind her ear.

Veer: I will drop you everyday and then pick you up

Rani was at first shocked: Bhabubak, doctor sahab its hard work you know na –

Veer: Shh, bohot bolti hu (you talk to much), as a husband, it is my duty. He let go of her and held her hand as they walked out the room.

Meanwhile downstairs..

Rajeshwari was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper when Kumud came up.

Kumud: Rani sa your tea.

She nods and signals her to go.

Kiara came and looked around: Good morning RaniSa.

Rajeshwari looked up at her. She was looking like a typical bahu with her hairline filled and wearing a mangalsutra.

Rajeshwari got angry and got up throwing the newspaper on the floor.

Rani Sa: Kiara! What are you doing here?

Kiara: Kuch nahi RaniSa (nothing), just thought to come say hello. Should I go?

RaniSa: Yes, get out of my house.

Kiara was shocked: What??

Rajeshwari: Are you deaf or you can’t hear me? I said get out of my house.

Kiara: But why RaniSa? This is my house too na. I married –

Rajeshwari: Stop it Kiara. You don’t even believe the marriage was real so why doing all this drama?

By this time Rajmata and Dikwijay had gather in the living room.

Rajeshwari to Kiara: Are you getting out or do I have to drag you?

Rajmata: What is this drama Rajeshwari?

Rajeshwari: I am not accepting her.

Vikram from behind: Enough mom. She is not going anywhere

Everyone turned and looked at him as he walked towards Kiara. She was in tears.

Rajeshwari: What did you say?

Vikram: You heard me mom, she is not going anywhere.

Rajeshwari: Vikram now you will go against me? What is going on in this house? First Veer and now you

Vikram: I am sorry mom but she’s my wife. You can’t kick her out.

RaniSa: You didn’t accept this wedding so why should I?

Vikram: We decided to give it a chance.

Rajmata smiled.

Vikram: Don’t try the stunt again mom, she is staying here and that’s final

He walked away holding Kiara’s hand.

Rajeshwari (thinking): I have to do something, this house is getting out of order.

10 mins later…

Veer and Rani arrives at Jaipur Engineering College. She gets down the car excitedly and is about to run in when she heard Veer.

Veer: Rani..don;t run, if you fall down here, I have to take you to the hospital instead of college (he laughs)

Rani: Stop joking na dactor sahab. I am so excited but also nervous

Veer: The only person stopping you from chasing your dream is you.

Rani looked at him and then reached up to give him a kiss on the cheek

Veer was shocked at first but then giggled.

Rani: For my husband to wish him the best day at the hospital

Veer: I will come pick you up later. If anyone troubles you, tell me and I will set them straight.

She nods as she watched him drive away.

Precap: Rani gets teased by some seniors and runs to see the principal. Back at home, Jai comes to meet the family

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