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Shakti 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat rejects Heer and threatens to expose her truth

Shakti 22nd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Virat that after marrying Soumya, Harman’s life was never peaceful, he used to fight all life long. She says we don’t want this to happen with you and that’s why folding our hands. Virat recalls his moments with Heer. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..he says that means those moments and our love was all fake. Preeto says Heer didn’t betray you. Virat says she betrayed me and played with my emotions. He says I thought her betrayal as truth. Preeto says she didn’t betray you. Virat says a kinnar doesn’t have the right to love someone and asks how dare she act to love me. Harak Singh says she didn’t act with you and says she is my blood and can’t betray anyone. Virat says I can’t believe. Harak Singh says Heer doesn’t know that she is a kinnar and tells that they have kept her away from mobile, TV and internet and her bodyguards brothers were always with her. He says we thought to tell them when the right time comes. He says we have seen the hell because of Soumya and couldn’t see her with kinnars. He says we wanted her to do job. Virat says disgusting, you wanted a kinnar to study and do job. He says I am feeling disgusted on myself for loving a kinnar and for touching her, drinking poison for her. He thanks them for saving his life. Preeto cries and says Virat is not like our son Harman. Harak Singh says there can’t be anyone like Harman.

Preeto asks Virat not to tell anyone and tells that she will touch his feet. Harak Singh asks Virat to hurt Heer and tell her that Soumya was a kinnar. Virat says no, I will tell the world that Heer is a kinnar so that no kinnar try to love someone again, and stay in their community. He says you all shall be punished for betraying the society. Fb ends.

Preeto cries and tells everything to Rohan, Mahi and others. Rohan says this means Virat might have told the truth to everyone at his house and says they shall go to his house, they might kill Heer. Preeto says Virat will not tell his family member or Heer. She says nothing will happen to her, let her go and break her heart.

A fb starts again. Harak Singh comes infront of Virat as he is going on his bike to his house and aims gun at him. Virat asks if something else is left. Preeto comes and aims gun at him. Virat asks them to shoot and says I will die, but Heer’s truth and your mistakes will come infront of everyone. Preeto says we will not kill you, but will kill ourselves. They keep gun at their forehead. Preeto says you have to step on our dead bodies and tell everyone. Nutan comes there and claps, says your true love story was so weak. Saya comes and says I told you Nutan that Virat can’t be like Harman. She says Harman never tried to make Soumya feel that she is a kinnar and he (Virat) wants to tell the world about Heer’s truth. Virat says I am not mad like Harman and I don’t want to make love story with a kinnar. Saya says you was mad in Heer’s love some hours back and asks if all his love was limited to her beauty and asks if her identity doesn’t matter to him. She says if you have loved her even for a minute or second then leave her. She asks him not to tell her the truth. She forwards her Pallu and says I am begging infront of you to be quiet infront of Heer, and I am blessing you that you will get your true love soon. She asks him to keep this charity in her pallu. Virat says ok, I will not tell anyone, but I can’t forget that I loved a kinnar. He says all my relation is over from you all and from that kinnar. Fb ends. Preeto says Heer shall hear from Virat that he don’t want to marry her.

Virat is sleeping in his house and gets up as he gets Heer’s flashes. He recalls and a fb is shown, Virat comes home and refuses to marry. He says no baraat will go from here. Parmeet asks what is this new drama? Virat says I don’t want to marry that Kin…stops and says Heer. Sant Baksh says marriage is not children’s game and asks them to get ready for marriage. He says Virat will tell that he want to marry after an hour. Virat swears on Sant Baksh, keeping hand on his head and says I will not marry. He keeps hand on Parmeet’s head and says I don’t want to marry. Daljeet and Simran get happy. Gurwinder is left shocked. Virat asks them not to question him. Sant Baksh says Virat will never swear on his mother fakely, laughs and says our son’s eyes are opened. He says we will celebrate for our son’s cancelled marriage. He laughs. Fb ends.

Virat thinks how can I love a kinnar. He recalls going to his room. A fb is shown, Gurwinder comes and knocks on the door. Virat washes his hands and thinks I touched kinnar Heer with these hands. Gurwinder asks Virat, if he fought with Heer or if her family members said something to him. Virat is still in the bathroom and tears his shirt, he takes bath standing in the shower. Tu hi mera khuda plays……

Precap will be added in night after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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