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Santoshi Maa 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh meets with an accident.

Santoshi Maa 22nd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with swati starts leaving the house while indresh tries telling her that I’ll come to leave you but she refuses.
All other family members are discussing matter of swati & indresh withing themselves.
Indresh is trying to stop swati & tells her that why are you taking the talks of Brahman so seriously that affecting our relations but she is depressingly talking with indresh & he is trying to stop her but she is trying to leave without him & he is trying to stop her.
Dev rishi & santoshi are also near both of them as dev rishi sees them & informs santoshi so she tells him we have to go & ask them what is happening while dev rishi sees indresh gets dashed by a truck & dev rish shouts with all others getting shocked too watching his accident.
Indresh’s father & all his family members bring him to hospital running & his father becomes uneasy shouting doctors & all to do his medication quickly. His father warns everybody while swati is murmuring nothing will happen to my indresh & mata santoshi will keep her blessings on him.
Santoshi & dev rishi are discussing matter of indresh & mata says nothing should happen to indresh while dev rishi says to go & let’s see him but she stops saying to wait & watch.
Indresh’s father brings swati & pushes her from the hospital arrogantly while his mother too prays swati to leave from here & swati keeps crying.
Santoshi comes to calm swati & tries to console her assuring that nothing will happen to indresh.
Swati’s parent’s also come there & they hug her as she tells all the truth.
Santoshi tells dev rishi that we have to leave but dev rish says how should we leave swati alone but she explains him that human has to fight this on his own.
Indresh’s father comes asking doctor when will the treatment resume of my son then he tells him that a specialist is being called & as doctor arrives then she is the same girl whom indresh’s father had brought to get married with indresh previously so when she sees them she gets bugged & tells the doctor that I won’t do their son’s treatment but indresh’s father talks arrogantly & she refuses. Devi polomi comes there & uses her powers to make her to do indresh’s treatment & she enters that girl’s body so she talks what polomi says.
The girl accepts to do treatment giving example of her father’s teachings given to her telling indresh’s father.
Swati’s parent’s come to see indresh while his father curses them & they sit aside.
Devi polomi calls yamraj & he comes so she asks him to give indresh’s kundli then he says I have no rights to give any humans kundli then she tells him I am your maharani but he refuses & yamraj asks mahadev meditating that devi polomi is asking human’s kundli so please help me in this & mahadev direct yamraj that you are bonded to her so to give her & he gives.
Devi polomi throws the kundli on air & sees the details so also changes the calculation of kundli & says that now indresh won’t stay alive & also swati too will die.

Precap : Swati tells the truth to indresh’s mother saying I am not pregnant as indresh had lied you & the other daughter in law hears what swati tells mother in law.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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