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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky takes the food for the party, Arjun is poisoned

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 22nd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nalini asking Pinky not to go to Arjun’s house again and again and says society people don’t like it. She asks her to meet the guy like by Ram. Pinky says she wants to do job and become something. Nalini says whatever she does, but she will be called as divorcee and asks her to get married first. Pinky says you want me to marry. Nalini says your Papa is thinking about you first than him. She asks her to meet the guy. Pinky says ok, I will make the food. Nalini asks her to get ready by 7 pm. Arjun calls Pinky and asks her to make 15 ladies food. Pinky says ok and ends the call. Arjun tells Kalyani that he will take Nandu to his friend’s house and asks her to make food for two people. Kalyani asks your daughter will be save with me and asks him to leave Nandu at home. She gives him filter coffee. Arjun leaves. The lady thinks he is keeping me away from my own daughter, I wouldn’t have seen her face if I was not in need.

Asha likes the food items made by Pinky. She then tastes something and asks her to add more spices in it. She goes to Party. Amma tells Nalini that it is good that you have sent her out. Nalini laughs and goes out to check the arrangements. Pinky tells Amma that she is making food for Arjun as he is in need of money. Amma asks her to work. Sunny calls Arjun and asks where is he? Arjun says he is on the way and asks him to keep the guests busy with his talks. He drinks the coffee. Asha comes to the party and calls Sunny if he is chuza. Sunny says my name is not Chuza. Asha tells the guests about Sunny’s company. Arjnn is sleeping in his car. Sunny calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Sunny calls Pinky. Pinky says I am ready, but Arjun is not picking my call. Sunny says your Chachi came and provoking Mrs. Khanna. Pinky says I will reach there in sometime. Sunny says your Chachi will see you. Pinky says I will manage and thinks to go somehow. She wears some other dress and gets ready. Mrs. Khanna scolds Sunny for the bad arrangements. Sunny says food is here. Asha asks Mrs. Khanna to get the food served. She says she is worried about Shraddha’s marriage.

Pinky comes there as imarti and greets them. Asha says you are here. Pinky says what to do, I have to work even in lock down. Mrs. Khanna says only my 3 friends came, and asks them to serve fast. Pinky gives food to Sunny and asks him to serve the food. Sunny worries for Arjun. Mrs. Khanna says there is no entertainment. Pinky asks the ladies to make a video call to their friends. Asha asks did you get married? Pinky says joke happened, not marriage. Asha asks her to entertain them. Pinky says ok and greets everyone present there. She says it seems you all are married. She says lets discuss about marriage. She says at my house, there was more rituals in the marriage functions and makes them laugh with her joke.

She continues entertaining them with her comedy. She says what is important in marriage function is naagin dance, which starts with two hands and ends with joining the hands. She says big joke is that get married, everything will be fine.

Asha thinks to check the food items. Pinky tells that the treatment for every illness is marriage. Asha tastes the dishes and thinks it is same to same as it is made in house. She checks the casserole and reads Ram Kashyap name on it.

Precap: The guests arrive in the house. Nalini calls Pinky. Pinky asks her to handle there and says she will be there soon. Ram asks Nalini to call Pinky. Nalini says we shall have food first. Ram says he will go and call Pinky. Nalini gets tensed. Pinky is on the way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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