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Love Bytes (Divided By Professions, United By Love) – KHKT,YHC(Season 2) – Episode 8

Hi all!!!!
Precap: Preesha-Rudy patch up. Sarita meets manish and goes with him!!!
Link for previous episode – https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/love-bytes-divided-by-professions-united-by-love-khktyhc-season-2-episode-7/
Here we go into today’s episode!!!
Scene 1
Manish and Sarita goes in the car.
Sarita: Thanks for your help.
Manish: Its ok. Tell me your address.
Sarita tells and he drives to that venue.
Sarita: Thanks once again.
Manish: It’s my pleasure.
Suddenly it starts raining.
Sarita: Manish, I think it is not possible for you to drive in this climate. So you can come up and can go after the rain stops.
Manish: Ok, thanks for your concern.
Sarita: It’s ok come.
Manish thinks his plan worked and thanks god for the rain.
He goes inside her house.
He sees her and Rohit’s photos all over the house and also the album.
Sarita: Leave those. It’s my past.
Manish: I feel you are upset due to this. Come on share with me.
Sarita: No nothing!!!
Manish: Come on…
Sarita then tells all the incidents and she start to cry.
Manish hugs her providing support.

But Sarita avoid still he hug her. He keeps his hand in her waist. She feels discomfort. Still he hugs her tight and pushes her to sofa and try to intimate. Sarita ask him to leave her and shouts. But he does not listen to her.

She shouts louder. A man hears her and come inside and beats him.
He drags Manish and scolds him.
Sarita shockingly hugs that man!!!

The man feels something for her.
Sarita: Thanks for saving me. He just gave me lift but I didn’t even dream that he will do like this.

The man calls cops and handover Manish to them.
Cops take him away and go!!!
Sarita: Sir, May I know your name?
Man: I’m Vikrant. I came here to sell my wife’s property. I heard your voice so I came in.
Sarita: Which property?
Vikrant: The flat in upstairs. Now she is no more. So, I just wanted to sell it. Oh no I forgot…my son is in the car.
Sarita: Do you have children?
Vikrant: Yes, my 4-year-old kid. Ok take care, I’ll leave.
Sarita: Sir thanks for your help. But you can bring him here and can go after rain stops.
Vikrant: No why to bother you? It’s ok.
Sarita: Sir, today you saved me from a disaster. So, this is a small repay.
Vikrant: Ok, I will bring him here.
He goes and gets his son home.
Sarita: Hi!!!
Abhi: Hi I’m abhi, Abhimaan.
Sarita: I’m sarita. Come in.

She gives them coffee and milk.
Abhi: Dad come let’s play
Vikrant: No Abhi, I have an important work.

Abhi’s face gets dull…
Sarita: Abhi, will you play with me?
Abhi: Sure…

Sarita plays with Abhi while Vikrant does his work.
Vikrant sees Abhi with Sarita and feels happy. He sees Sarita and smiles.
Later, Abhi sleeps.
Vikrant: Thanks for making Abhi happy. He never received his mom’s love.
Sarita: It’s ok. I can understand.
Vikrant: Are you married?
Sarita feels sad and tells about her past.
Vikrant: Sorry for asking.

Sarita: It’s ok. No hard feelings. How did your wife die?
Vikrant: She died during Abhi’s birth.
Sarita: Then why didn’t you remarry. You are a big businessman; many girls would have fallen for you nah?
Vikrant: Yes, but more than a wife, I need a mom for Abhi. So, I didn’t marry.
Sarita: I wish that you get such a wife.
Vikrant thinks in his heart that you are such a girl Sarita.
They both then talks and gets bonded well.
While talking, they sleep in the balcony itself.
Scene 2
Sarnaash comes to Preesha!!!
Sarnaash: Mumma!!!!
Preesha: Slow beta!! Why are you running like this?
Sarnaash: Mumma, I have a gift for you and dad.

Rudy also come there.
Preesha and Rudy opens the gift. It has honeymoon tickets for Mauritius.

They get shocked!!!
Rudy: Who gave this?
Sarnaash: Me and Dada decided together.
Suman and Lakshmi come there.
Lakshmi: How is the gift?
Suman: Did you like it?
Preesha: This is good, but sarnaash has exam and how can we go? It has only 2 tickets.

Sarnaash: Mumma, I’m not coming. Only you and papa are going.

Rudy: No beta, we won’t go leaving you anywhere.

Sarnaash: No, you should go.

Suman: Yes rudy, please go for our sake.
After so much pressure, Preesha and Rudy agree!!!!
They feel happy and share a group hug.
Scene 3
Sona: That’s a great news preesha. Have fun.
Preesha: Thanks, sona…
Sona: Ok preesha, I’ll talk with you later, Rohit came. Bye
Preesha: Bye, good night.
Rohit comes and sits near sona.
Sona: You know what, preesha and rudy are going to Mauritius.

Rohit: That’s good.
Sona: She is lucky.
Sona in a dull face.
Rohit: Acha, why your face is dull? I have a surprise.
Sona: Surprise?
Rohit shows tickets of them to Switzerland.
Sona gets happy.

She hugs Rohit

Sona: You are the best. Thank you.

Rohit: I spoke to your production and your leave has been granted.
Sona: When did you do this?

Rohit: Everything is a surprise my dear wife.

They both hugs.
Veena and Tanya come.

Tanya: when will you guys pack if you keep hugging each other.
Rohit and Sona feel shy.

Veena and Tanya pull their legs.
Sona blushes.

They both help in Rohit’s and sona’s packing.
Scene 4
Pari gets an emergency call.
Her friend calls her and ask her to help her.
Pari informs suman.
Suman: But Pari, it’s late already. Let Pulkit also come with you.
Pari: Ma, no worries. He is sleeping. Let him sleep. I’ll go and come back soon.
Suman: Call me when you reach there.
Pari: Sure ma.
Pari goes to her friend’s house.
Pari: What happened? Are you alright?

Ajith: That I should ask?

She turns back and sees Ajith.
Her friend goes.
Ajith pulls her towards him and holds her tightly.

Pari: It’s hurting me Ajith. Please leave me.
Ajith: You are hurting me pari. You know that I love you. Then why are you doing this to me?
Pari gets shocked hearing him.
Pari: Ajith, please forget me. We won’t get together. I don’t want any complications to happen in sona di’s life due to me.
Ajith: Bhabi will accept.
Pari: Will your family accept us?
Ajith: I will stand against everyone. Just tell me that you love me too. I have felt that in your eyes.
Pari: No, I don’t love you.
Ajith: Don’t lie.
Pari: I’m telling truth.
Ajith: Really then ok. I’m going to kill myself.
Pari: Are you an idiot?
Ajith ignores her and takes knife and hurts his hand.
Pari cries and hugs him. She feels for him and does first aid.
Ajith: Why are you doing this for me pari when you don’t love me?
Pari cries
Pari: I love you. But I don’t want to hurt my family.
Ajith: I will take care of everyone pari. Don’t worry.
Pari and Ajith gets cozy.
They have a passionate intimation…
!!!!To be Continued!!!!

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