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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rishi Durvasa curses Indra Dev and other Devs

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 22nd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raja Amrish apologizing to Rishi Durvasa for his misbehavior. Rishi Durvasa smiles. Anjani tells Maruti that Rishi Durvasa got a divine magical mala after doing yagya for many years. She says whoever used to wear it, his/her wish used to get fulfilled. One day Narad Muni comes to Rishi Durvasa’s house and tells that he wants to see parijaat mala. Rishi Durvasa says surely and shows the mala/garland. Narad muni says he feels divine seeing it and says I have a request, says you are Rishi and it will not be useful to you, but Devtas can use it. Rishi Durvasa says you said right and tells that he will gift it to Devraj Indra. He sent his request to Devraj Indra, but when no reply comes to him, he reached there. Dev raj Indra tells Devi that he is busy being devraj. His wife tells that he is her husband also. Devraj says I can’t win from you. Rishi Durvasa comes there. They greet him. Rishi Durvasa says I sent you a request, but you didn’t reply to me. Devraj Indra says he don’t get time while seeing the work in the devlok. Rishi Durvasa says he came to give him a gift and shows the mala. Devraj indra says he has many garlands like this. Rishi Durvasa fumes in anger and says it is not an ordinary mala. Devraj indra takes the mala. Rishi Durvasa leaves.

Devraj Indra calls his Airavat/elephant and orders it to wear the garland. The elephant refuses to wear it and throws the garland away. Rishi Durvasa comes there and picks the garland. He reminds devraj Indra of his position and asks if this thing suits a devraj. Devraj says you are misunderstanding me and apologizes to him. Rishi Durvasa says this is the mistake which can be rectified with a mistake. He makes the garland vanish and curses all the Gods in the Indra lok to become powerless. Devi Anjani says Devi Lakshmi had to leave Vyakund and return to the sea. The palace in the Indra lok gets dried up and there was darkness everywhere. Maruti asks this is because of the curse and asks what happened next. Devraj Indra and his wife come with all Gods and asks Rishi Durvasa to relieve them the curse Rishi Durvasa tells that he can’t take back the curse, but can say that when samudra manthan happens, Devi Lakshmi will return to vyakund and will give amrit to you all. You all will return to your old position. They all fold hands before Rishi Durvasa. Maruti tells that he enjoyed Rishi Durvasa’s katha and says now you will ask me what I learnt from it. She laughs. Maruti says first thing, we shall hear everyone’s words carefully especially Gurujan and Gunijan. He says if devraj indra haven’t done this then this wouldn’t have happened. Anjani likes his answer. Maruti gives the credit to her.

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