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Hate or Love – Ragsan (Promo and Character sketch)

Hey baba ji what is happening to me? Why I’m seeing Sanskar everywhere? Am I in love? What how? I mean he always irritates me and spoil my mood? Ragini kya tum bhi what he helped me many times? He saved me from goons and even helped me with my assignments too. Baba ji is Sanskar a right choice for me and Ragini closed her eyes and he is perfect for me she screamed. Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari tomorrow I’ll confess my feelings.


On the other side a guy and girl shown drinking. I love you baby said the girl hugging him. I love you swara. Sanskar you think that behenji I mean Ragini trapped in your plan. You think she is in love with you. Swara now you’re underestimating me. You know girls can’t resist me. Trust me she is in heel over love in me and I’m sure will confess very soon and then I’ll break her heart and her dreams. Swara smiles evilly and kissed Sanskar. Sanskar my baby you did this for me know she will know swara se panga lene ka matlab and they both smirks.


I love you Sanskar. You’re the best thing which happened to me. Ragini are you kidding yaar and Sanskar starts laughing loudly. Ragini you’re not my type okay that helping you and saving you from goons was part of our plan. Our plan said Ragini with trembling voice. Yes it was my and Sanskar’s plan. Swara… said Ragini. Yes remember other day you made me apologize to those poor kids that time I decided to teach to a lesson and both swara and Sanskar smiles evilly .


Beta Sanskar we found a girl for you and tomorrow we’re going to see her said a lady. But ma you know very well that I love swara. Sanskar even I told you hundred times I will never accept swara as my bahu and tomorrow you are going that’s my order. On the other side a girl is shown sitting and thinking. Ragu what are you thinking asked a boy. I don’t know Laksh. You know janki maa found a boy for me and wants me meet him tomorrow. So what’s the problem. Laksh you know na. So you are still in love with Sanskar. Nahi na yaar i hate him and will never see his face. He made fun of my feelings. I’ll never forgive him. No I am just nervous. Ragini it happens with every girl said a girl with smile. Bhabi app and Ragini smiles. Don’t worry meet that guy if you don’t like him then say no one will force you.


A girl and boy are shown standing opposite each other and facing their back. Look Miss whoever you are. I don’t want to marry you. I love someone else. So please say for this marriage. Even I’m not ready for this marriage said the girl nervously. That’s great said guy with a smile. So shall we go and both turn and Tum both screamed at same time. Ragini… Sanskar both said at same time. So are that girl I don’t know what is wrong with my mom’s choice I’ll marry you no way said Sanskar with attitude. Ragini who was still in shock and her eyes were filled with tears wiped her eyes. Oh hello Mr. even I’m dying to marry you. Agar tum duniya ke aakhri ladke bhi hoye toh ve main tumse shaadi nahi karungi. Okay I don’t want to argue look i love swara so go and tell my mom that you don’t want to marry me.


So beta what did you decide. Do you like Sanskar asked Janki. Haan janki maa I ready for this marriage I like Sanskar. Sujata and Janki hugs while Sanskar got 500 bolt shock and a smirk plays on Ragini’s lips. Mr. Maheswari be ready. I’ll make your life worse than hell. Why Ragini said yes? Is something cooking in her mind? Screen splits on smirking face of ragini and shocked face of Sanskar.


Character sketch:


Sanskar Maheshwari: 25 year old, handsome and dashing guy any girl wants to marry. A prankster and carefree person.

Sujata Ram Maheshwari: mother of Sanskar, a housewife and caring and loving and wants Sanskar to marry a girl of her choice so he can get rid of swara.

Ram Maheshwari: Father of Sanskar, a successful businessman and wants Sanskar to do  something in life.

Swara Bose: daughter of Shekhar and Sumi. Girlfriend of Sanskar. A spoilt brat, full of ignorance and think she can do anything with money.


Ragini: 23 year old a beautiful girl with heart of gold. She is a orphan. Loves kids and tries to make everyone happy around her.

Laksh Mehra: best friend of Ragini and a orphan and mature and understanding. Always supports Ragini and can do anything for her.

Kavya Laksh Mehra (Aditi Gupta) wife of laksh and bestie of Ragini. A doctor and loves Ragini like a sister.

Janki: mother of Kavya and loves Ragini like her own daughter. She wants Ragini to get married and finding guy for her.


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