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Some old relations #Riansh TS #Kahana Chapter -2 (Last)

Chapter — 2

The episode starts from the evening. Riddhima was getting ready for the business party. She wore a black saree with black full sleves off- shoulder blouse. She have applied kajal and eye liner, with mascara. She adorned her lips with red matte lipstick. She wore a diamond jewelry set with a bracelet. She was looking mesmerizing in the black saree. Vansh has wore a black tuxedo suit. He was also looking very hot. He wore his favorite watch. His trimmed beard makes him more attractive.

Riddhima was standing in front of the mirror giving some finishing touch. Vansh comes and stands behind her. He was looking her through the mirror. Riddhima also saw him and their eyes meet.


Riddhima:You also.

Vansh puts his both hands on her shoulders and turns her towards him.

Vansh:Now I am feeling that I have to keep your in more safe. (sarcastic smile).

Riddhima:Why? (innocently).

Vansh:Because my wife is becoming very attractive day by day.

Riddhima:Done with your nonsense stuffs?

Vansh:Umm, not yet.


Vansh:Yes mam,

Riddhima:Don’t you think we are getting late for our party.?

Vansh:Hmm, maybe let’s go.

Vansh forwards his right hand to Riddhima. Riddhima puts her left hand on his hand and they make the grip tightly and left for the party in their Audi.

Now the scene shifts to Ahana and Kabir. We saw Kabir is standing in front of mirror and combing his hair. He has wore a blue tuxedo suit. He saw his lady love comes arranging her saree behind him. He was seeing him through the mirror.

Kabir:Why are you so beautiful?

Ahana:Umm, because you love me.

Kabir:My love makes you so beautiful?

Ahana:Yes my hubby.

Kabir:Wow!! You have worn a white saree with sleeveless blouse, Red lipstick. You are looking bomb totally!! You look so pretty in this light make up only.

Ahana:Same for you. You are looking so hot and handsome. Come baby let’s go.

Kabir:I don’t why but I am feeling there will be a dhamaka in the party?

Ahana:Haww!! You are thinking too much.

Ahana drags thinking Kabir with her and they left for the party in their black Mercedes.

Soon both the couples reach the party. The party was hosted by Mr. Narayana Basu. He was welcoming everyone with his wife Mrs. Basu by his side. Riansh makes their way inside the party hall by the red carpet.

Mr & Mrs Basu: Welcome Mr. & Mrs Raisinghania.


Mr. Basu: Enjoy the party. I will also make you meet with an another famous business man.

Vansh:Sure Mr. Basu.

Riansh comes and took a sit. The waiter cames and gave them juice. They are having it while talking.

On the other way Kahana makes their entry.

Mr & Mrs Basu: Welcome Mr & Mrs Shah.

Kahana:Thanks a lot.

Mr Basu:Enjoy the party well, have some juices and snacks. I will also make you meet with someone very special.


Kahana also sits in a chair.

Mr. Basu comes in the middle of the hall with a mic in his hand.

Mr. Basu:Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our party. I hope you all are enjoying it. Today we have two famous business tycoon with us. We have a very good relationship with both of them. I would like to call Mr. Raisinghania and Mr. Shah.

Everyone was clapping. Vans and Kabir comes towards Mr. Basu. Both didn’t notice each other.

Mr. Basu to Kabir:He is Vansh Raisighania and (to Vansh) he is Kabir Shah.

Now both looks at each other. They smiles and shakes their hand. Both feels an unknown feeling and unknown togetherness.

Vansh to himself:Why am I feeling that I know him? Do I really know him? Umm his name.. I know this name, but whose name it is. Kab.. ka..?

Kabir to himself:Vansh? I am feeling a strong feeling with this name. Who is he? Or I am thinking too much?

Vansh:Nice too meet with you.

Kabir:Same here.

While they were talking a incident happens between their wives.

Riddhima was standing with the juice glass in her hand. She was listening the song with her whole conscious. But a girl was passing by her and the juice fell upon that girl.

Riddhima:I am sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally. I am so sorry.

Girl:It’s ok. No need sorry, it was my mistake also.

The girl was cleaning her saree with her face hung down. She raise her face and saw…



Both of them faces are glowing like a light bulb like they saw a peacock dancing.

Ahana:I can’t believe it, it’s you!! (Holding her shoulders and scanning her from top to bottom). You changed a lot.

Riddhima: Aww my anu!! I never thought we will met again. (happy tears).

They remember something and smiles. They brings their right hand forward and claps with each other and then claps in a similar manner with left hands. Then they tuck each others nose and pinch.

Riddhima:We still remember it.

Ahana:Yes, remember Rima we used to do this daily in our college days?

Riddhima: Yes. You are married wow!!

Ahana:Same for you. See I married a very handsome guy.

Riddhima:Same for me. Business man.

Ahana:Arrey mere wala bhi!! (Mine also).

Riddhima and Ahana takes each other to their husband.

Riddhima to Vansh: See my bes friend Ahana.

Ahana to Kabir: She is my college best friend Riddhima.

Vansh:She say about you a lot.

Kabir:Same here.

Ahana:We met after…

Riddhima:5 years.


Vansh thinks : I also have my bestfriend but don’t know where he is!!

Kabir thinks:Where are you vasu?

Riddhima:It will be so good if our hubbies are also best friend.

Vansh & Kabir: But my best freind is Kabbu/Vasu only. (They say together ).

Rihana was giving a confused look while Kava was thinking something.

Vansh:You are Kabir my kabbu? (Excited).


They hug each other..

Kabir:Where had you gone? It’s been 25 years.(crying).

Vansh:How are you my bhai?

They broke their hug.

Vansh:Sorry, actually dad had an transferred and we left noida. But they didn’t say me, so I didn’t get the chance to say you.

Kabir:I missed you so much Vasu.

Ahana:That means we all are best friends and know each other.

KARV:Woho!! Let’s enjoy our grand meet.

All were hooting and screaming. Music starts.

Dekho dekho hai shaam badi deewani
Dheere dheere ban jaaye na koi kahani
Dekho dekho hai shaam badi deewani
Dheere dheere ban jaaye na koi kahani
Dilbar hai, dilkash hai, dildaar nazaare hain
Aaj zameen par utre kitne sitaare hain

Ankhlo hosh nami daanam
Hum hain, dil hai, aur jaanam

Bas Deewangi deewangi deewangi hai
Na koi rehzan, na rehbar
Yeh ilzaam lage kis par
O bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai
All hot girls put your hands up n say
Om Shanti Om
All cool boys c’mon make some noise n say
Om Shanti Om

While dancing,

Riddhima:Never leave me ever. If Vansh is my lifeline then you are also nothing less than him. I love you anu. Don’t ever leave me..

Ahana:Never rima. Even you are so close to me. You are my best friend ever.

They hug each other in the middle of the dance floor.

Vansh to Kabir:If I knew that day we are going to leave Noida and shifts to Mumbai, then I would tell you once. But my parents hide it from me. Because they know we can’t stay leaving each other.

Kabir:Though our blood is not same, but we are brothers only. Friendship is a thing that just happens. It don’t need any time or something. See our lady love is also best friend and so we are. Don’t you think world is too small?

Vansh:Yes bro. World is too small that’s why we find our dear oned again if we lost them. But I don’t want to lose you again.

They hug each other. One is the twin sisters and another the twin brothers. Friendship is like this only. If your friendship is true you will get your friend till you last breath. They are crime partners. You will say thousands of bad things to him or her but if anyone else say the same words then that person have to face worst of his life.

(While writing all my TU friends name came in my mind. We never met, we don’t know we can meet also or not. But our friendship is far better than those school friends(for me atleast). Yee dosti hum nahi chodenge🤝. )

….The End…. 

I am sorry Ayesha. I know it is not upto your expectations 🥺🥺🥺 and I am really aorry for it. But or kuch dimag me nahi ayi😭😭😭kya karu🥺🥺🥺.

And I want to say another thing,I don’t know pragya you are reading it or not but believe me we all miss you a lot. We really miss your lovely comments in our ff, your sweet dhamkis. You have acquired a space in our heart and this space will only for you only. No one can take it🥺🥺🥺. Don’t think we don’t miss you. Gauri ne thori sadness dur kiya hai😂🤧. Uski punjabi teachings🤣🙂. 👻👻👻

Ok Bye all of you❤❤….And sorry mene kisiko reply nahi ki comment me. Actually I am too busy with my projects😭😭and so much of studies. Mene abhi tak ek chapter bhi complete nahi ki🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. Byeee…..❤❤

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