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Riansh-love between police officers episode 34- riansh torture Kabir

The episode starts with:

Riansh go to their room.

Riddhima: I missed this room too much.

Vansh: more than me?

Riddhima: yes!!

Vansh: you..

He pulls her by her waist.

Vansh: more than me..

She nods. He makes her more close to her. They were very close to each other and suddenly.

Vansh: oh god!!(irritated)

Riddhima laughs. He goes to open the door and looks down. Ruhi was standing there with a smile.

Ruhi: where is didi..

Riddhima: ruhi..

She goes to her and takes her in the room. Ruhi hugged her tight and started crying. Vansh panicked.

Vansh: what happened to her..(concern)

Riddhima: ruhi..what happened!!

Ruhi: that Kabir uncle used to torture me and mumma papa daily(crying)

Riddhima looks at vansh while he in anger tightens his fist.

Riddhima: ruhi now he will not do anything to you..

Ruhi: pakka?

Riddhima nods.

Ruhi: why this happens with me everytime..first I lost you..then that human trafficking uncle kidnapped me(hope you all remember that😌) and now he kidnapped me and mumma papa. He used to hit me with that big wooden stick.(crying)

Riddhima: now he will not do anything to you.. baby..

Ruhi nods. Riddhima makes her sleep and takes her to her parents room. She goes to vansh and hugs him.

Vansh: that Kabir..I will kill him(anger)

Riddhima: vansh..he tortured me also a lot.. he asked me to do every Household work.. cooking.. cleaning.. washing utensils..and he used to burn my hand and feet or used to beat me a lot (tears)

Vansh was in full rage. He held Riddhima’s hand and took her to basement.

Riddhima: where are you taking me..

They enter and see Kabir tied up to a chair.

Riddhima: so he is with you(smirk)

Vansh: yes sweetheart (smirk)

Vansh goes close to Kabir.

Vansh: get ready for your punishment Kabir!!

Vansh goes to Riddhima.

Vansh: now it’s time to torture Kabir Riddhima and you will do it first.

Riddhima nods. Vansh calls all the bodyguards who were kept there for taking care of Kabir.

Riddhima: bring a hockey stick.(see I am using your idea radhu 🙂😂😂)

Bodyguard handovers a hockey stick to her.

Riddhima: how dare you torture my sister and my family!!(anger)

She starts beating him very hardly with the stick while he winces in pain.

Riddhima: bring hot oil.

The bodyguards bring it.

Riddhima: you kept me away from my vansh and blackmailed him.

She asked the bodyguards to pour the oil on him. He shouted and riansh smirked.

Riddhima: now the last torture from me because you tortured me and blackmailed me in name of my parents.

She asked to bring a leather belt. She moved to him and taking the belt in her hand started beating him very hardly while he was shouting. Riddhima goes to vansh when her soul was satisfied. Vansh went to Kabir.

Vansh: now time for my torture Kabir (smirk)

Fear made his way on Kabir’s face. Vansh gave a tight slap to Kabir. He started slapping him and gave nearly 20-25 slaps to him making Kabir’s mouth  bleed. He then asked the bodyguards to bring very hot rod for him. Vansh carefully took the rod and started beating Kabir with the hot rod. Kabir was losing his senses but then too shouting in pain. Vansh rubbed his shoes on Kabir’s bare feet.

Vansh (anger): how dare you torture my sweetheart!!

He was still rubbing his shoe on his feet. He moved back after a while.

Vansh: come Sweetheart..

They both go to their room. Vansh holds Riddhima close to him.

Vansh: I missed you..now I will not let you go anywhere..

Riddhima(holding his hand): I will not go anywhere leaving you..

Both smile.

Precap: A TRIP. ACP Riddhima back to duty!

Hope you all like the episode. Corona time mein virtual trip karwadungi main apne saare readers ko😛😂😂!

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