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Qurbaan Hua 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel and Chahat plan to reveal the truth about Aalekh

Qurbaan Hua 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neel along with Chahat , Naveli and Bopho stand in front of Agam, he tries to act as if he doesnot know the place, he questions about it which worries Neel and Chahat who are really tensed, Neel in a state of surprise questions but Agam acts as Vyas jee questioning what are they doing with alcohol, he mentions it is a crime but Neel is not convinced so pushes him on the chair, he questions who he is when Agam replies he is his father, Neel slaps him exclaiming he would not speak like this, Neel asks Chahat to call the police hearing which Agam gets tensed and asks her to stop as he would speak the truth, he mentions that he is his uncle and brother of Mant Vyas, Neel however doesnot believe him saying that Vyas jee never spoke of him, Agam mentions it is because he had started drinking from a very young age so their father threw him out of the house, he sits down, Neel once again asks him so Agam replies he did it on the orders on Aalekh, Neel says that Vyas je gave Aalekh the position as his son still he kept him away from his family for such long years, Neel vows to make Aalekh pay but Chahat stops him mentioning they have to be really careful as he is really clever, Chahat assures they all are with him so they vow to make the effort.

In the morning Aalekh is talking on the mobile advising that he keep an eye on Mant Vyas, he hears the horn so goes to see Neel blowing it, he questions what is happening when Godambari replies Neel has decided to hold a pooja by calling Maha Acharya jee, he turns to see Maha Acharya je coming so Aalekh takes his blessings, Neel also takes his blessings then mentions he is still adamant as Vyas je can not longer perform the duties of the Mant so must be removed, Maha Acharya je mentions that until they are not able to find the next person Vyas je cannot be removed, Neel suggests the name of Aalekh, hearing which he is also joyed as his dreams are being fulfilled, Bopho thinks his eagerness to get the position as Mant would ruin him, Maha Acharya jee asks Aalekh je doesnot have any problem if he agrees, Aalekh mentions he would take the responsibility for Vyas je so even offers to bring one million rupees which he would donate to the Mandir.

Neel and Chahat are planning, Agam thinks he has to help Aalekh as Neel plans to ruin him, Maha Acharya je questions if he would be able to make the preparation so Agam agrees, he while making the Rangoli writes a message for Aalekh explaining it is all a trap, Aalekh comes down with the cheque, he asks Naveli to take a photo of him donating it, then he also takes his photos.

Maha Acharya je is performing he pooja then asks Aalekh to bring the flowers, Aalekh is busy in taking the photos but Agam asks him to take the flowers as it would reveal the message which he has written, Aalekh is busy in taking photos but leaves when Agam forces him, he thinks why is he ordering him as he is not the servant, he picks the basket and is about to read the message when Shlok and Dua turn on the fan completely blowing the message, Aalekh in anger orders them to stop, Dua mentioning that Vyas jee is feeling hot asks them to turn it towards him, Agam thinks his efforts have all gone to waste as he did not read the message.

Chahat signals Agam to sit down, Aalekh takes the flowers to Maha Acharya je who starts performing the ritual while Aalekh thinks his desire of becoming the Mant is about to be fulfilled, Neel signals everyone when he prays that Aalekh has ruined their family so they must be given the strength to win this situation.

Neel asks them all to first watch the program which his children have prepared, Maha jee says that Chahat cannot come into this show, Neel requests him saying that he would realize the extent of debt the position of Mant has of Chahat, the shows begins with both Shlok and Dua acting as the two extremes, Chahat reveals that one of the child would go on to become the Mant while the other was thrown out of the house and the Mant while the other child accepted each and every vice that existed in the world and when their father came to know about the vices he was expelled from the house, he made his son Dharam the embodiment of religion, Param before leaving threatened to come back one day to seek the revenge, Chahat mentions after twenty years the Mant because of his good deeds became the most liked Mant but an evil person saw his good deeds and the person saw him so the person planned to snatch the position of Mant, Aalekh wonders why is Bopho wearing the clothes like him, Chahat starts the narration, they both recreate the scene where Bopho hits Shlok in the head with a rock just like Aalekh hit Vyas je, he is stunned, so Aalekh then recalls he called Agam to take the position as Mant, he vowed to take everything that once belonged to Mant Vyas, Aalekh realizes this story is the same as his own.

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