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Molkki 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi becomes insecure

Molkki 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Purvi thanks Virender for organizing this for her. We shouldn’t do this though as we decided to becoming habitual to staying away from each other till our divorce is final. He says I want to spend all those days with you till then. Consider me wrong or selfish. I don’t want to lose those days or moments. Stop thinking about others and give them to me on loan so I can learn to live without you. She reasons that there is no point being sad now as that day is far. Let’s enjoy this time together. Shall we?

Sakshi and Vipul return home. Vipul goes to complete his work. Sakshi asks about Virender. Renu informs her that Virender made her pack a lot of stuff for picnic in the morning. She goes. Sakshi is confused. Anjali tells Sakshi she saw Virender going towards jungle with Purvi earlier. Dint he tell you anything? What could be so important that he did not tell you? What must be Jeth ji doing with that Molkki in jungle? Sakshi turns to go. Anjali asks her where she is going. Sakshi says I have some work and leaves. Anjali smirks.

Purvi has rested her head on Virender’s shoulder. Virender puts his arm around her. Sakshi is in the jungle. She finally reaches the same spot where Virender and Purvi are sitting and notices Virender pushing the strands away from Purvi’s face. Her eyes widen in shock. She recalls Purvi requesting to meet Virender once earlier and how Virender has been too protective of Purvi. Virender and Purvi feed sandwich to each other. Sakshi keeps thinking of the all the incidents. Virender bites onto Purvi’s finger by mistake. He blows at her finger as she winces in pain. Sakshi heads back.

Sakshi walks up to Vipul and asks him directly if he still loves Purvi. He asks her what she is saying. She says I know everything. Priyu has told me everything. I have seen love in your eyes. Will you marry Purvi if you love her? Vipul admits that he loves Purvi. It is also true that her Molkki has happened already. How is this possible? Sakshi tells him not to worry about that. I will make it happen if you agree. Mukhi ji is setting Purvi free as I am back in his life. I am the real Mukhiyayin. Now this family, this village does not need Purvi or another Mukhiyayin. He asks her what she is saying. Sakshi says I am saying that Virender and Purvi are getting a divorce. They will be separated after few days. Purvi will be free of this relation and from Mukhi ji then.

Vipul gives tea to Purvi. Can I ask you something? She nods. He asks about the divorce. She asks him who told him. He says that does not matter. Tell me if it’s true. She nods. He says I can understand your pain. I haven’t seen a selfish guy like Mukhi ji. He brought you here as Molkki when he needed you and now he is divorcing you as his first wife is back. You were there when he and his kids needed you. Now he is throwing you out of his life just like that! I haven’t seen a selfish guy like him in my entire life. Purvi tells him to stop. I will never forgive you if you utter another word against him. He wouldn’t have made Mukhiyayin if he was selfish. He has treated me with respect always. He stood by me, Priyu and Sudha during tough times. This Molkki is living with so much respect and dignity today because of him. This decision was taken with mutual consent. He isn’t throwing me out of the house. I want to leave willingly as Sakshi ji is back. Don’t say a word against him ever again! Vipul apologizes to her. I thought he was leaving you on your own. Can I ask you anything? She nods. He says I know how self-righteous you are. You can never be happy as someone’s Molkki but I see you happy in this house with Mukhi ji as his Molkki. He is divorcing you yet you are supporting him. You don’t hear anything against him even! Do you love him? Sakshi was walking by but stops to hear Purvi’s answer. Vipul repeats his question. Purvi begins to reply when she notices Sakshi’s shadow. It is good that I saw her or she would have felt bad after hearing the truth. Vipul repeats his question. Purvi lies that she does not love Mukhi ji. I respect him a lot as he has done a lot for me till date. He supported me through thick and thin. I wont be able to forget it ever. Vipul thanks her for being honest with him. Sakshi thinks that they are indeed made for each other. I wont let anyone, not even Mukhi ji, come between you two!

Sakshi walks up to Virender. Why did you send Vipul to Goa’s Mukhi’s house when you knew he wasn’t there? Virender says I dint know. She tells him not to lie. You did this so you could enjoy your little picnic with Purvi in jungle. Don’t say that this is a lie too. I saw you two with my own eyes. I saw how closely you two were sitting. Virender says she will leave in a few days. I want to spend as much time with her as I can till then. I want to see Bawri happy but I dint intend to hurt you. Forgive me if seeing us together hurt you. I can bear anything but I cannot bear the thought of Bawri going away from me. Sakshi says nothing is impossible for you. You gave my place to Purvi when I left. Now let someone else find a place for himself in Purvi’s heart. People say everything is fair in love and war. This war to get Purvi another love will help me win my home back. I will get Purvi married to Vipul anyhow. She leaves. Virender thinks this is love and war for me too. Try as much as you want but I know Bawri will never marry Vipul. She loves me, not him. Do whatever you want to but this wedding wont happen!

Virender is walking near the pool. He notices Vipul walking up to Purvi. I couldn’t sleep entire night because of something. I must talk to you. Purvi asks him what it is. Virender is curious to know what they are discussing. He moves closer. Vipul tells Purvi he is restless thinking about what she will do after divorce. Purvi tells him not to worry about her. I will manage my life. Vipul asks her if she still loves him. Purvi asks him what nonsense is he saying. He says I am only trying to find out the truth. you are getting divorced. How will you spend the rest of your life? She is confused. What do you mean? Vipul says I have always prayed that you remain happy forever. I am your old Vipul only. You will also become my old Purvi once this Molkki ends. She tells him to stop this convo right here. I am not that old Purvi anymore. I have become Bawri now and you are a manager here. Forget the past and live a new life. Let me live as well. you have a good job now. Find a good girl and get married. I can remain unmarried. I wont marry you under any circumstance. Now that I know how you feel about me, I don’t want you to stay here anymore. We two must stay away. Leave this haveli asap. Take a place on rent nearby. Maybe this distance will remind you who we both are and where we stand. It will be best for everyone if we will stay in our limits. She walks away. Virender thinks Bawri has strengthened my trust. She said it out loud that she has no attachment towards Vipul. He is out of my way now. Now I will see how Sakshi will get these 2 married.

Sakshi and Vipul see a news about cyclone. Sakshi asks Vipul if he spoke to Purvi. Vipul nods and tells her everything. She told me to leave the haveli and stay nearby on rent. She even told me that I should find a good girl and settle down. I think we shouldn’t give up so easily. We must wait. Maybe this was a rushed answer. She has been going through a lot. She isn’t ready for a new life, a new partner right now. We should give her some time to forget Mukhi ji and accept me. I will leave haveli tomorrow morning. He goes to complete some work. Sakshi gets tensed thinking about her bet with Virender. How will I bring them closer now? Guide me, Lord.

Sakshi and Virender are sleeping. Virender goes outside. He notices Renu taking balm and hot water and asks her who it is for. Renu shares that Choti Mukhiyayin is in pain. He gets worried for Purvi. He decides to check on her as Sakshi has fallen asleep just now.

Purvi hears footsteps and apologizes to Renu for calling her so late. I cannot bear this pain. Thanks for coming at this hour. Just apply balm. I will put hot water bottle on my own. Virender smiles. He applies balm on her back. Purvi thanks Virender thinking her to be Renu. I am feeling bit better now. Your hands are magical. She tries to guide him as to where it is hurting and sits up with a start. Why are you doing this? He says I am trying to help you get rid of the pain. I can do it better than Renu. It is my duty to help you get rid of all your pains. She politely requests him to leave. I feel better already but please leave. He refuses and sits next to her. I will help you get rid of all your pain. Give me the hot water bag. She denies. I will do it. Sakshi ji will wake up and find you missing. It will be a big problem. He tells her that she fell asleep just now. Purvi gives in. Virender tells her to sleep. I will go once your pain subsides. He smiles. Purvi has fallen asleep. He checks on her and then closes eyes as well.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up and finds Virender missing. Where would he be at this hour?

Purvi wakes up and notices Virender sleeping next to her. She wakes him up. It is morning. Please go. He asks her how time passed so quickly. She says it is on time. Go now. He nods.

Sakshi comes upstairs.

Purvi tells Virender to leave before Sakshi comes. He assures her he will reach his room before that. Purvi gives him his rings. Sakshi notices Virender coming out of Purvi’s room. You were in Purvi’s room? You spent the entire night with her? He tells her it isn’t what she thinks. She says I understand everything. How could you do this? You spent the entire night with her leaving your wife in her room. I thought you went for a walk but you were up to something else! He tells her she is mistaken but she refuses to hear anything. I am disgusted by you! I saw you coming out of her room and you are still giving me an explanation? I never thought you will be such a hypocrite. You are divorcing her but then you were with her! Virender is stunned. I have been listening to you but it does not mean that you are right. I haven’t done anything wrong so stop your rubbish. I was indeed in Bawri’s room all night!

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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