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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav announces Kirti and Sunny’s engagement.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya asks Kirti is she not going office, Kirti says she will be working from home, Pallavi walks in and says Kirti your surprise is here, Raghav walks in with Sunny, Kirti asks Sunny what is he doing here, Sunny says Raghav invited me for breakfast, Pallavi thinks why hasn’t Sunny greeted Amma, Raghav gets a call and leaves, Pallavi asks everyone to settle,Sunny asks for glass of water.

Kirti says I can’t believe you are here Sunny and hugs him, Sunny asks even I don’t believe too but I am here to see you, is he really with us or new plans, Kirti says no plans will work just what we say will happen.

Milind gets tea for Vijay, Vijay says I don’t want people like you in this house, go share this tea with Pallavi and Raghav and leaves. Sulochana says look at his behaviour tomorrow dont come crying to me.

Raghav asks Farhad why didn’t Shrikant complaint, Farhad says I told Shrikant but he is not much upset about his son in law running away with money but his daughter, its so upsetting people do anything for money, ran away with all of Shrikant’s money. Raghav says this is how world runs. Raghav thinks why Sunny returned money where people do anything for money.

Sunny drops water and misbehaves and yells at Naidu, and asks him to get cloth, Pallavi says calm down Sunny its just water, Sunny says we should keep servants in limit, Pallavi says Naidu you go do your work, Sunny says I am letting you go since she said.
Jaya asks Kirti what is she doing, Kirti says looking for family album to show Sunny Nana and Arjun.

Amruta gets tea for Milind and says sorry, Milind says how come change of party, Amruta says I noticed that Mom does bad and we suffer but Kaka doens’t treat you well too, Milind says when we were kids Vijay dada hit a boy so bad because he tried to trouble me and today look, its time you see and I will pray you and Mansi always stay together, Amruta says this tea is so bad, Milind says come I will make you my special tea. Mansi looks at them and says I will be with Aai because she wants to destroy Pallavi and so do I.

Sunny says breakfast is very yummy, Kirti serves Raghav breakfast, holds his hand and says thank you bhai, Raghav smiles back, Raghav announces Kirti and Sunny’s engagement, Kirti asks when, Raghav says whichever date you want, Kirti hugs Raghav. Pallavi says Raghav I need to talk please come with me.

Raghav asks what is it, Pallavi says where did this engagement thing come from, Raghav says look Kirti is so happy, Pallavi says we need to be sure, Raghab says Sunny is good he returned money, Pallavi says that is not point people act different to impress I am saying this because Sunny misbehaved with Naidu and didn’t even greet Amma, let me call Naidu you hear from him, Kirti walks in and says you can’t see anyone happy right, now servants will decide my fate, I saw my brother in him after so long, but you just cant see me happy, you do whatever you want but this marriage will take place, Pallavi you should support me you are my friend first then sister in law, Pallavi says not until I am sure, Kirti leaves.

Raghav says to Pallavi what you want, we finally were bonding but you spoiled everything, he returned money but you judging him based on a servant, Pallavi says that shows a person’s true character and I am doing this for Kirti, Raghav says I know Kirti she is my sister and you stay away from my family matters, Pallavi says what do you mean they nothing to me, Jaya walks in says what is with you two, Kirti Sunny also left, Raghav says Pallavi this is all because of you and leaves.

Sunny asks Kirti what is wrong, Kirti says this Pallavi is so mess, Sunny says I warned you earlier she is very smart she will influence even Raghav against us.

Farhad says to Raghav you are rushing, Raghav says Kirti called me Bhai and for this I will accept Sunny, Kirti is happy with him and if he isnt right she will divorce and they will stay with me so I can keep an eye on them and even I had married Pallavi to convince Amma and leaves.

Pallavi shares her take with Jaya, Jaya says you are right, Pallavi says I dont trust Sunny, there is something wrong with him, Raghav says what are you discussing about me, Pallavi says we have other issues too, Raghav and Pallavi start arguing, Jaya says enough you two and Pallavi is right we don’t know anything about Sunny, his parents family nothing, so you two will go to his house and find about it.

Pre cap : Sunny on call with Pallavi misbehave and says don’t forget your sister in law is blindly in love with me.
Vansh sees Pallavi with Sharda and thinks what is Pallavi doing with Mandar’s mother

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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