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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishra and Mirza get in trouble

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mishra telling Mirza that he didn’t do right and threatens to curse him holding water. Mirza says it is tea in your hand. Mishra asks why did you give an idea to Shanti? Mirza tells that Paro gave her idea to make the video, and the same thing is going to happen with him. He says Shanti bhabhi showed the video to Sakina and now Sakina is going to beat me for the video. Mishra laughs. Mirza seeks his help and asks him to help him get rid of this video. Mishra says take some prasad in the evening, I will think, says even you shall know the pain which I am going through. Mirza asks will you not do anything? Mishra says I will pray to God that even you shall beaten up like me. Bittu gets Minister’s call who asks him to get the videos close. Bittu tells Pappu that Minister asked him to get the video app closed. Pappu says we shall campaign against it. Mirza tells Mishra that don’t know what will happen to me. Mishra says you have mixed poison in my house, so how can you say fresh. Bittu, Papa come with the goons and ask the people to delete the Tuk Tuk APP. Bittu says youngsters are getting spoiled by this APP and asks people to delete. A boy tells that they will not delete. Bittu asks his goons to snatch the mobile and delete the APP. Mirza tells that he got an idea and goes to Bittu with Mishra. He tells Bittu that they are troubled by the videos, and fed up now. Bittu says you people got popular and crying infront of me. Mishra asks Bittu to come to their house and get the App deleted from their wives and children mobile. Bittu tells that Mirza’s mother and Mishra’s father are having accounts on Tuk Tuk too. He says Brij is spoiling oldies and is acting like honey singh.

Sakina tells Shanti that the video was good, but saree was not nice. Shanti says it was worth 6500 and was bought from Delhi. Sakina says someone might have thug Mishra bhai jaan. Shanti gets irked and tells Sakina that her today’s clothes are better than yesterday’s clothes in video. She asks her about the video. Sakina says she thought about the beating husband in the video or the exercise video. Shanti says exercise is not his cup of tea. Sakina says let both Mishra and Mirza compete. Shanti says ok, I will call them.

Bittu tells Pappu that he stopped everyone from making the video, just Mishra and Mirza’s house is left. Mirza calls Bittu and asks him to come and save them. Bittu asks him to go to Police. Mishra asks him to take some money and settle the matter. Mirza says you have two advantages, tells that one, the App will be deleted, secondly, your debt on our shop will be cleared and thirdly, all my relatives will give votes to you. Bittu says he will do something.

Shanti and Sakina attend Bittu and Pappu, who tells that they have come to delete the App from their mobiles. Shanti and Sakina refuse to delete the App. Bittu asks them to get ready to go to jail. Brij warns Bittu and says he knows him since he couldn’t wipe his running nose and also insults Pappu. Noorjahan asks them to leave.

Mirza and Mishra think where is Pappu and Bittu? Pappu says your father made us leave. Bittu says they asked me to give legal papers. Mirza and Mishra gets tensed. In the night, Mirza comes home and tells that he is very tired and was not having time even to take a breath. Sakina says we will have food later, and asks him to get freshen up first. Mirza asks what to do? Sakina tells that Shanti told that he couldn’t lift the cylinder and tells about Shanti’s condition. Mirza is shocked. Shanti asks Mishra to get ready for the competition. He says he is not young anymore. Shanti asks if he is getting old and asks him to get ready. Mishra asks Brij if he found this girl only to get him married. Brij says you was getting aged and nobody was liking you. Mishra says I was happy without marriage. He asks Guddu to run away. Shanti comes to Mishra and makes him wear garland and asks him to come. He says bakra is ready. Shanti tells that inaam will sit on Mirza ji, and Guddu will sit on Mishra ji. Mirza says I will not let Inaam sit on me, as his heavy is much than Guddu. Shanti says ok leave it, asks Sakina to sit on Mirza, while she will sit on Mishra. They get tensed.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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