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Aazmayishein ( The distances amid us) Part 4

So guys ,let me tell you something,last night I was out of city,.Actually i met an accident at night before yesterday,it was a mild one but blood loss,,,I am still feeling really weaken,,so am thinking that i will end this ff ,as an OS,and then will have rest ..i mean break ,till I don’t manage up my messy life.
So enjoy it guys,I thought it to be a detailed ff ,I could have first taken rest and rrecovered,but that would have led this ff to be hanged in mid,and I don’t like that so ending it with a full speed OS,as it was destined to be.
Vansh: Why didnt you meet me?

Riddhima : Excuse me..I think I had cleared the audition? You should have come to meet me.

Vansh smiled and sat besides Riddhima resting his head on tree trunk.

Riddhima looked down and started pulling grass around her in frustration.

Riddhima looked at him in anger,her eyes showed that she had been hurt, Vansh felt sad but he had been used to hurting her like this from 3 years and he had nothing left to say now so he just looked above at the sky.

Riddhima: Even I am not in the sky…look here at me,in my eyes.

Vansh didnt ,so she forcefully make his face towards her and looked fiercely in his eyes,

Vansh: You know well that I avoid crowd.

Vansh smiled.

Vansh: That kiss was congrats kiss.

Riddhima calmed down a bit,and looked at him shaking her head from left to right.

She had no idea how he managed her anger so patiently.

Riddhima finally made her hands down from his face over his chest and then held his palms between hers.

Riddhima: Vansh why you not came for audition.

Vansh looked at her and smirked as saying that you know.

Riddhima: Till when we will have to wait for our dreams. Till when will we wait for becoming singer.

She was getting restless.

Vansh noticed it,he had seen her getting impatient in these years many times,whenever she tried to make him understand and he just avoided her pleads.

Vansh: Riddhima…not we. I,God has blessed you now with a golden chance,you are going to be singer my love.

Riddhima looked back at him and smirked.

Vansh narrowed his eyes over her smirk and didnt understand the meaning first, but then shouted

Riddhima nodded.

He kept his hands over his face and then again looked at her shaking his head from left to right.

Vansh: Riddhima why.Why….

Riddhima : First you tell me why you dont give auditions? Why you dont move towards our dreams? My reason simple…you didnt so I didnt.

Vansh again strikes back his head.

Riddhima seeing vansh not giving her any reply,what even he could,so Riddhima just got up and started moving away,vansh took his guitar in his hand and kissed it,then looked at Riddhima,
He sang,
“Aazmayishein hai,khwahishein hai,
dil ko jara,sambhal le tu,
ise teri farmayishein hai,

Riddhima smiled,it was the song he wrote just for her.She turned and looked at him,unknowingly her eyes got wet,
” Par khuda gawah h..
ki humne chahat se jyada tujhe chaha hai,,,”
Riddhima smiled more and went to him and kissed his forehead.
Riddhima:Please Vansh..please.
Vansh kissed her hands and asked her to be calm.Riddhima felt that someone is around but then paid attention to only his voice,his voice,that deserved to be on top of world,he was hiding it inside him,due to baseless reasons,which she had been trying to mend up for years.
Then they just sang for some more time,and returned home,without talking much…there situation was not that any words would work up.
Riddhima returned her home and straight went to her room,and felt if someone is there.She then smiled,
Riddhima: Rano don’t scare me.
Rano was there sitting on the window pane eating chocolate.
Riddhima : Give me half
Rano denied ,and before Riddhima could snatch it from her she gulp all at once.Riddhima made crying face.
Rano: Sorry….
Riddhima pushed her little,and then sat with a childish face.Rano offered her another chocolate from her bag,both laughed,after sharing a talk with her and telling her that she won’t do any musical video till vansh doesn’t..Rano asked her,” If you ..are sure ,he will marry you?..I mean ,don’t take me wrong,our studies are going to be completed,and look at uncle,he is a bit,orthodox typo ou know,i don’t thin he will accept a guy from other religion so easily,and that too ..I mean ,even if uncle agrees,look at vansh,he is not ready to evn fulfill his passion,singing, he is betraying himself,do you have full proof that he will marry you? Have you ever asked him?”
With this Riddhima got lost in thoughts,and even after rano left she was restless,Rano’s words were echoing in her mind,she sat back on bed and rested her head on headboard and closed her eyes,
“Flashback showed,Riddhima going through her street when she heard a voice,of someone’s singing,and it was so different,so unique,she never heard anything.She just got attracted to the voice,and reached a garage,that was old garage which had been closed for years but still had a lot of trash and one 50 years old car standing over there,she looked inside,and found a handsome guy sitting over the roof of that old car and singing,seeing Riddhima he stopped,Riddhima praised him,..it was Vansh.Time passed,that garage became the live evidence of their growing bond,of pure love.They both were connected ,via singing and much more.Both shared same dream,to be a singer ,one day.Riddhima was determined to her dream,but she soon realised ,that Vansh ,who was an introvert,he had hardly let Riddhima to be his friend and much more hardly permitted his own heart to fall in love with her,shared with her that after his parents died,he stays alone,he has no family,and that incident has affected him so much,that even after having the potential ,he was not going to try over anything,his heart ,just had the wish to sing,not to gro up.
Riddhima tried hard,to convince him,it even led to their breakup of one week for once,but everytime ,Riddhima had to return to him,he used to tell Riddhima that there was no one else than her in his life.
Riddhima even contacted a psychologist,and knew that Vansh had a little depression,so she was just trying ,from the three years,to take him out of his depression,and make himface the world,make him work for his dreams,she had even given upher dreams for him,thinking that if tht might change him.

She was lost in these thoughts when heard something at the window,and moved to open it,a dog jumped inside,which she hugged and laughed ,carassed him ,
Riddhima: Ben,,,finally you came.
She thought something,and wrote a note and tied it in Vansh’s handkerchief.and gave it to ben.Ben understood and moved towards Vansh’s house which was just two houses away.vansh saw ben and took note out of his mouth,
Riddhima: You will…marry me for sure na?
Vansh’s lift were pulled up in a smile by it and he wrote a note and tiedit in Riddhima’s handkerchief and gave it to Ben.
Ben reached back Riddhima’s house,and Riddhima got the note.
Vansh: Why so desperate to make a handsome man fall in a well?
Riddhima: Haww…marrying me is like well?
She wrote a note and agains ent Ben.
Vansh: Desperate to make a so so looking guy ,marry a princess and live a heaven like life.
Vansh laughed.He wrote a note,and looked at Ben who showed his tiredness,he laughed and torn the note and reached terrace and made Ben bark,listening to which Riddhima too came on her terrace,then Vansh reached her ,
Vansh: Hmm..so ?Why so desperate for marriage?
Riddhima: Because,time has come,tell me,you will,mary me for sure na?
Vansh: Thinking that I will leave you like …I left singing?
Riddhima hugged him tight.And Vansh felt his shirt wet with her tears ,he kissed her head,
Vansh:I know…actually you should know stupid,you are Riddhima,you will niether let me leave singing nore you.
Riddhima laughed at this and looked at him,her eyes still needed an answer,to which he cupped her face,and blinked his eyes ,telling her to believe him,this was enough for her,to give upon him ,her everything,and so she did,
Next night,when vansh reached his terrace,he suddenly felt strange,then next moment was just magical,all around were fairy lights,beautiful jasmine and roses decoration,and white curtains which she had hanged with sticks,and then appeared from the decoration,his life,Riddhima,she was sitting there in a black top,blue denim shorts,her hair ,shehad tied them in two braids,and was sitting there just like a beautiful child,
Vansh smiled with joy,
Vansh: Riddhima ,whats all this?
Riddhima signed him to stop,and then sat on her knees,
Riddhima: Vansh Rai sighania,any normal girl would have wore a gown at this time? But I am not normal,so ,are you ready,to bear ,this childish and demanding girl for life,will you marry me?
Vansh was stunned,he never thought that she will do so much ,for a man like him,he stepped a little back,as all his behaviour,his rudeness,that he always showed,and the way Riddhima managed ,their love journey had reached this extent just due to Riddhima’s patience and selfless love.Riddhima was still waiting for his answer,
Vansh then sat on knees,and kissed Riddhima’s hands,and made her hands cupped around his face.
Vansh with tears kept saying her thanks,for coming in his life,for making life worth living,and that it is impossible for him to live without her.
Vansh: I ask you..will you marry me?
Riddhima smiled,and hugged him tightly,both kept saying yess,yess and yess.
And then they both enjoyed noodles,and decoration. Riddhima then made Vansh wear a pendant and herself wore another pendant,in vansh’s pendant it was a key and in hers it was a lock,they both smiled.
Next few days were tough,Kabir sang Vansh’s song in the musical video,which led to clashes between vansh and Riddhima,he finally demanded apology ,and belived that Riddhima didn’t share it with Kabir.But this was ,just not enough,Vansh finally found the guy who killed ,his parents,in an accident,leading which he felt deeply depressed,Riddhima reached his home at night,
Riddhima: Vansh listen to me please…
Riddhima waas crying hard as vansh was just hurting himself,andnot listening to her.
Vansh finally stopped and fell down ,Riddhima hugged him tight,and kept kissing his head and hugging him tighly,
Vansh: Riddhima..that …killer..was in front of me..I could not…kill him..
Riddhima hugged him even more tightly seeing his miserable condition,
Riddhima: Vansh…we made him jailed,he will get legal punishment..
Vansh got away with a jerk shouting that those punishments would not give him back his life which he lost because of him,,
Riddhima again made him calm down and kissed him on lips,finally,they shared a passionate kiss,following which ,Riddhima moved her hands to his shirt’s button,he was notin his senses,just pulling her closer ,and kissing her,but then he stopped Riddhima’s hands,and tried to move away,but Riddhima pulled him back,he denied from his eyes,but she insisted,they finally spent the night together.
Next morning Riddhima got up,she was on Vansh’s bed,he was standing besides lookingg at her .
Riddhima smiled a bit,
Vansh: You ,should not have done it.
Riddhima: Vansh,we are soulmates,I believe you.I feel,I didn’t do wrong.You just,,come to my home with alliance.
Vansh:On what basis Riddhima,I still,doesn’t have any identity.
Riddhima: We will,make that together.
Saying so she left,telling him that they will only meet,when he will come to her house.
2 weeks later,
Vansh heard the continous knock at his main door,
he looked at the clock which just showed 4 of morning,
he rushed to open the door,because knocks were such that door wil break,and as he opened the door,he saw Riddhima,
Riddhima was standing there with tears in eyes,and her eyes clearly showed,that she had come here after keeping her self respect aside.Then appeared her father,
Riddhima held Vansh from collar,and she was unable to speak anything,shee finally made herself calm,
Vansh was just standing as if nothing has happened,which was making Riddhima much more filled with frustation,but the moment was tnot as she will vent out her anger on him,it was the biggest decision taking time of their lives.
Riddhima: (Taking deep breath and making her chocked throat calm): Vansh..tell dad.Tell him ,that we both are going to marry each other.
Vansh stood quiet,then Riddhima got restless,jerking vansh again and again,shouting over him to say that we are in a relation,Riddhima’s mom and sister were pulling her away,but she was just shouting loud and loud ,slapping Vansh and asking him to say that you want to marry me,Vansh finally said,
Vansh: I ,don’t know you.
These words,broke Riddhima to cor,suddenly all her shouts and panick,stopped ,what was left in motion ,were tears,she was gazing Vansh as if trying to see his reality.
She still didn’t become quiet,she again shouted,to speak the truth,to tell her that what is stopping him,why he didn’t come even after knowing that her parents are marrying her away forcefully,why is he lying,but Vansh closed the door on her face,then he heard no voices,
After two days,vansh heard in the neighbourhood,that Riddhima had been married to kabir Shama,and marriage was simple in court,Vansh came back to his house and sat quiet for sometime on floor.Remembered all and Riddhima’s memories,he didn’t need any photograph to remember her at the time,she was ,besides him,he remembered that how hardly he cried the day when he shut the door on Riddhima’s face,remembered that ,how difficult it was to makehis heart live.
5 months later-
Vansh : sir ,we can see a lady standing over that roof,let me go down sir.
Officer: Have you mad Vr? We have no time and officer left to go at that place.
Vansh: Sir I will myself go.Let me have the orders sir,even one lif,is as important as thousands sir.
Officer: Vansh you already have saved 60 people today by hanging,this is not possible,location is not such,its too dangerous,we have just got the info that water from Dam3 has ben released,which will just reach this area within seconds. We can not let you risk your life.
Vansh: Sir ,we have joined forces to save our people ,from risks,we have to even make our lives sacrifice for them if needed.
Officer: Don’t be adamant VR,this sacrifise will go in vain,till you will reach down,water will be here.We will not be able to even pull you up.
Vansh: Sir instead of wasting time in this let me get down.
Officer: VR ,you are making my decision lowered.
Vansh: No sir,I am just,raising my duty upwards.
Saying so he took out his pendant from his neck,and gave it to a female officer,
Vansh: Genelia,if I ,would not be able to come back,send this to back at my home,..keep it safe genelia.
Genelia nodded,
Genelia: VR ,think again.Its ,not the right time to show bravery,its too dangerous.
Vansh smirked,andjumped .
He was hanging with rope,and then had to jump from above some feets,he finally reached the lady,Vansh held her and started taking her towards rope,but she was just saying,that a girl is downstairs ,stuck,please save her.
Vansh: Mam please,water from dam had been released,it will reach anytime soon,please cooperate,and get up in heli.
Lady: No I won’t ,first get that girl out,she is pregnant.
These words shook vansh..the way she was crying and pleading folding hands,Vansh nodded,and made her agree to go up,and promised her that he will get that girl.
Then Vansh lifted that old lady on shoulders and made her grab the rope,and she was finally pulled.
Vansh then looked around,scene was horrible,all where,was just ,water.All the houses ,trees have been ruined,somewhere were floating the dead bodies of people who could not be saved,Vansh then remembered the lady’s words,and recieved call over his gadget,
Officer: What is making you stand over there? Grab the rope and come up.
Vansh: I am sorry sir,a girl is stuck inside,I have to reach her,
Officer: Don’t tell me that you have gone mad.all the houses are full of water upto roof,why do you want to sink officer Vansh Rai Sighani?
Vansh : Let me,try once ,sir.
Saying so he ended the call,and rushed inside the house,via hole made in terrace,from which that old lady might have come ut,he tried to fix rope with it,but in vain,roof was shedding as it is made of sand,water ,has created everything in mud.He jumped inside and saw water upto the the hieght of his chest,using torch and mask,he tried searching,here and there,and then ,in the messy and water filled room,finally noticed a girl,hanging hardly by holing a rope ,in her hands,which had been tied to roof,she was trying to save herself,she was week enough,to even hold herself in that position evenfor a second more,and as vansh reached her ,her hands just left the rope and she fell in his arms,which made Vansh drop his torch in water.
Vansh lifted her and rushed ,as he heard the voice of reaching water,which was ,perhaps the most terrifying scene anyone would witness,and as he reached his rope to terrace,he heard the windows completely smashing and witnessed water filling the room ,from which he just took the girl out.He climbed the rope,it was really difficult, for him,to climb ,in water ,by holding her on his shoulders,his hands started bleeding,and then ,he finally reached,above roof.
He first made that girl sit on terrace and when was about o himself get out,his leg slipped,and he fell back,rope too broke,and he fell in water,which was uptorroof,all around he could see,was just water and things floating,he then tried to swim up and get out of the place,but a havy furniture striked his back really hard,which made him still,then he just remembered that he had left that girl on terrace and she is unconscious,if he won’t get out ,even she will die,so even after so much injuries,using full power,and tying ropes he finally got out,leading which with full speed,not paying attention to who the girl was,as it was already too dark all aroung,clouds have covered the area ,as everything would just sink today,and even everything ha,there was no sign of life around,
he lifted that girl within a moment,held the rope from heli,and started climbing up,it was too difficult,as the injuries were severe on him,he then witnessed a pole falling as he was climing,he covered the girl’s head in his chest and himself,suffered the pole injury on his back,and then just handcuffed the rope around his wrist ,following whch other officers pulled him up.
Next scene shows riddhima,waking up in a hospital room,she had pain in her head as she tried to get up,that old lady ,which Vansh saved first ,came to her,and made her lay down.
Riddhima: Sister,how we got saved,there was no chance…
Sister: My child,a miracle happened,God sent a brave child,an officer saved us,by himself suffering from a lot of injuries,God bless and save that child,
Riddhima too prayed for the man who saved them without caring for himself,she ept hand over her baby bump and felt relieved listening that her baby is fine.
After 3-4 days when riddhima fully recovered she was about to be discharged from hospital,she thought to met the officer who saved her and her child.
As she was searching that whom should she ask ,that who he was,she met genelia.
Genelia: Hey…had you got discharged?
Riddhima turned to her,Genelia sat on her chair and gave Riddhima a smile,which made Riddhima felt her as a nice person,so she shared,that she wants to thank the officer who saved her that day.
Genelia turned a bit serious,
Genelia: Amm..actually he is still not ..you know it has some time for him to be recovere,but don’t worry,I will convey your thanks to him.
Riddhima nodded,it was hard ,as she really had a desire to meet that officer,but it was not possible at th moment,after Riddhima left,genelia went to the oT ,where Vansh was,she saw him and said,Sorry Vansh,I could not have led her meet you,because I want,you to just focus on me at the moment.
But destiny had not kept everything that simple,
Riddhima returned to the rescue camp,there she realised that she has lost her pendant,may be in hospital,so she rushed back to hospital,to collect her belongings,
she was searching for the warden ,to ask her about her items,when her eyes got stuck on a scene outside window,she saw,
Vansh standing in the park,she couldn’t believe her eyes,it was really vansh or just a dream,she moved a bit forward and tried to slide open the window but it was locked as it was forces hospital,she then saw Vansh,he was standing in officer’s uniform,she kept her hands over the window panes,there were tears in her eyes and smile on lips,she saw him after months,she was about to scream Vansh,,,but then ,stopped.
She stepped a little back,her past was in frnt of her eyes,she then saw that Vansh was waiting for someone,and then a lady officer,it was the same whom Riddhima met in morning,she saw that officer sitting on kness and proposing vansh.All the proposals that Riddhima gave to vansh were in front of her eyes,she could see Vansh getting shocked,but could not hear anything,she niether had the desire to hear,she turned as her heart was aching,when warden came and gave her the pendant.Riddhima once again turned and saw Vansh and then threw the pendant on the window panes and rushed from there.Vansh’s mind got diverted to the voice ,due to the striking of pendant with window,
Genelia held his hand to reply,
Vansh took his hand back with a jerk,
Vansh: Officer Genelia,you …how can you even think of that.Genelia ,you are just my team officer,nothing more than that for me,and would never be more than that.See….(Breathing deeply to calm himself) Genelia,I respect your feelings,I don’t know how you developed them,bbut,my heart,(showing his pendant),is with someone else.I am sorry…please,keep the relation amid us just official,don’t try anything else,
Saying so Vansh left from there,and as he was going through the corridor,he found Riddhima’s pendant which shocked him t the core.
Vansh’s eyes cried in happiness,he couldn’t believe,he took his pendant,and the lock and key fitted,yes,it was,Riddhima.
Vansh looked here and there and asked some people about it,when warden replied that a girl came to take this and dropped it here.
Vansh within moments rushed to see the CCTV,And finally saw,his love,Riddhima.He was just gettting so mad in happiness,that was trying to take her out of the screen.
Then the questions,what is she doing here,seeing her baby bump,and the weak she appeared,everything was filling his mind,he started enquiring about her,when ,although having no desire to meet Genelia,he had to,and Genelia too told hm that she is the same girl he saved that day,and …
Vansh: Genelia,please,,please give me her adress,contact.
Genelia: Vansh,its not an easy task,cyclone has striked this city ,everything is devastated,she might be in some rescue camp at the moment,
but Vansh didn’t listen to her and went to search for Riddhima,after 4 hours trial,in that severe injured state,and heavy rain storm,he was unable to do anything,he finally ,got his announcement mic,which officers used,and knowing that it is not permissible,he still used it ,to sing,
“Aazmayishein hai,khwahishein hai,
dil ko jara,sambhal le tu,
ise teri farmayishein hai,

Listening to this song,Riddhima realised ,that he is there,but she had,no courage or desire to face off him,it was making her frustated ,listening to the same song on which once she used to die,was today giving her pain,and when the situation became uncontrollable,she felt pain ,labour pain,to which she screamed,Vansh headed towards the scream,and finally fund Riddhima,he lifted her up,she tried to get away but in vain,pain was severe,so she just pressed her mouth against his arm to control her screams,Vansh held her close to his chest and together with old nun reached the hospital,
Riddhima gave birth to ,a baby girl.
Doctor came outside running and was panicking,
Vansh: Doctor,,how is she,how is her child..
Doctor: Are you her husband? Please come fast ,she has given birth to a girl child,and we need blood,its premature delivery ,please come fast.
Vansh stood shocked,he couldn’t go with her,he was not the father,he looked miserably to the old nun,with whom Riddhima was staying.
Nun: I found her ,six-seven months back,wandering on road,she had no house to stay,and from then she is staying with me at the centre,but ,she told that husband has no contact with her now,I never saw her husband .
Vansh was shocked,he was not understanding that what has happened with Riddhima in these months,he was getting warm in fierceness,not knowing what to do..
Vansh: Doctor what ‘s the ..
Doctor: Mr, her blood group is O-ve,and in this time of calamality,we are unable to arrange blood ,all the centres are filled with survivors ,it won’t be possible to find this group,
Vansh heard first randomly and then with focus,
Vansh: O-ve?
Doctor nodded
Vansh: Doctor its mine group too..
And within some time,blood was donated,and the baby was safe.
Riddhima oepened eyes and found the baby besides her,she smiled softly and held her in her weak hands,seeing her little features,every big problem in riddhima’s life seemed to be vanished,she was smiling adorablyy,with tears getting down her cheeks ,
when she saw Nun coming,
Riddhima: See Sister,you were right,I am blessed with a princess
Nun blessed them both,then Riddhima’s smile suddenly disappeared,she felt a strange feeling,and on seeing towards the door,she saw Vansh.
She was not that much shocked,because she remembered that he had taken her to hospital,she just held her baby close to her chest,so that Vansh won’t be able to even see the child’s face,Vansh stopped,when old nun asked him to come inside.
Riddhima: Sister why are you..
Nun: Riddhima,my child,he is the man,who saved your and your child’s life many times,
Riddhima: I have already thanked him sister
Nn: No my child,even today,after suffering so many injuries,he still saved your baby’s life,he donated her blood,let him ,hold this princess once.
Riddhima held the baby more close ,tightly,as she ,didn’t wish his shadow to fall on her,but then closed her eyes tight,and bit her lips,and took deep breath and forwarded her to him,as she was,his daughter too.
Vansh couldn’ believe and held the baby ,there was ,joy having no bounds on his face,his reaction was same as Riddhima’s on holding her,as if she was his real daughter,he kissed her forehead,to which Riddhima remembered their time,his eyes were filled and in the joy when he shared an eyelock with Riddhima,it was broken by his call.
Vansh picked the call,
Officer: Officer Vr,reach the station fast,a bridge has collapsed due to cyclone nearby,there were 20rescue centres beneath it which are crushed,come fast.
Vansh: Coming Sir.
And then he looked at Riddhima and forwarded the baby to her,baby held Vansh’s finger in her little fingers tightly.Vansh smiled and kissed her little hands and left.Riddhima kept looking him going,and then closed her eyes ,hugging her daughter,Nunn went outside.
She then opened eyes and spoke to her,
Riddhima: Vandhiya,,,my baby,I am sorry,please forgive me,when you came ,in this world,your father ,is not here ,to accept you and call you his,
(Riddhima got lost in flashback ,that how before marriage she told kabir that she only loves Vansh to which Kabir replied that he is only marrying her for her parents money and her beauty, listening to that rascal,Riddhima thought a plan,on the marriage day,when kabir was driving her to his home,smirking thinking about his cruel thoughts,Riddhima told him that she is feeling motion sickness,to which Kabir opened the car door,and riddhima somehow managed to escape from forest,,and till the date,she is hidden,at this lonely place,hiding herself and her child from that rascal kabir and betrayer Vansh.)
She kissed Vandhiya and kept demanding apology.
Vansh reached the site and saved many lives,after which officer informed him,that cyclone has affected another state ,and they have to left for that place within two hours.Vansh couldn’t deny,his heart was aching to just rush to Riddhima and just ask her everything,that what she is doing here,what happened with her,but how could he ask all this? Who was he to her now? Being lost he saw the time,two hours were still for his leaving,so he rushed back to hospital,where nurse informed that Riddhima went with her daughter and husband,Vansh became shocked,he asked about the old nun,to which nurse gave him the rescue shelter address,Vansh reached the rescue shelter and finally found the old nun.
Nun: Child,what are you doing here in this storm,come,come inside.
Vansh: No sister,I don’t have time,I have to reach another state,you just,will you please tell me where is Riddhima?
Nun: She went with his husband.
Vansh: How…I have just returned in six hours,and you have told that he didn’t come for six months ,then how.
Nun: I don’t know my child,I have returned here to take some things for Riddhima,when I reached back ,nurse told me that she left with her husband.
Vansh felt devastated,his condition was such that someone’s life has started coming back and then again got lost.With no otpion left he left for his duty,after two weeks of rescue operation,he finally got time,and thus rushed to the city,where his and Riddhima’s love blossomed.He reached Kabir’s house.
Kabir opened the door,and got shockd and then welcomed vansh.
Kabir: How you reached here.I mean…we have never been in contact.
Vansh: I know.I am a straightforward person,i just ,me Riddhima in that state,I just came to see,if she is fine ,and her child..
Kabir: Well,thanks for your concern.But MR VRS,you are forgetting,
(Sitting on sofa and pouring wine in glass and with a smirk he offered it to Vansh.)
Kabir: You are frgetting MR Vansh,she is my wife now.My responsibility,so may I ask,who are you to show concern for her?
Vansh stayed silent.His silence revealed his misery,he was none to her now.He himself had lost the right to be called as hers.
Kabir: I am sorry ,I can not let you meet her.
Saying so ,with a little talk he started taking Vansh ut of the house,as soon as they reached the outside of house,Kabir turned to lock the house,but Vansh was noticing it,so he left it ,
Kabir: Come,let me drop you till society gate.Saying so he left the house open and started taking Vansh to gate and when he returned,he found gate swinging,and shouted no…
Scene shows Vansh on stage with a few more officers,it was a family show,in which they have invited the real heroes,so that public canknow about their personal lives too.
When mic came to Vansh and he was asked to share about his personal life,
He felt a little emotional,controlling his tears,
Vansh: What I am going to say ,is for a girl,when she came in my life,I started living,what you ll are seeing in front of you today,this ,strong Vansh Rai Singhania,she made it.I was nothing,just a wanderer,she gave me ,the destination.But I ,I am ,a person who ,loss everything,and so I did.I lost her.But if she is listening to this show,from it I will like to tell her,
Wherever you are,remember one thing,I was ,I am and I will be yours,see ,i …I am changed.I have gathered courage ,as you wished me to be braave,i am working ,bravely.As you wished me ,to try ,I am trying,to change everything.Just one wish,if you can ,return to me,in the same two braided style as we met.
He sang,
“Aazmayishein hai,khwahishein hai,
dil ko jara,sambhal le tu,
ise teri farmayishein hai,

” Par khuda gawah h..
ki humne chahat se jyada tujhe chaha hai,,,”

See,I ,I sang,,you are listening na,I finally sang.
And then he got away from there because he didn’t wish to show his tears on national television.
Riddhima switched off her television.And smirked,
Riddhima: Vansh Rai Sighania,how well you act,don’t know how easily you can lie..love ,and you with me.
Then she laughed and her eyes got filled,with tears of anger.
Ridhima: Thanks for spoiling my life Mr vansh Rai Sighania.
Then she got a call on her landline,she picked it up,although she usually avoided it but today she did,
It was her father,Riddhima was about to cut the call after hearing his voice but he asked her to listen just once,
She finally agreed over his pleads and listened,
Father: Riddhima ,that day,when I got you married,three days before that,Vansh had come,he came my child,he asked me many times for your hand,I insulted him many times,that he is useless,good to nothing ,and a loser,he still,was adamant for you,and then I ,told him that,his parents would have survived,
That his parents would have survived if he would not have been with the at that day,Riddhima actually,when his parents were killed,they were escaping well,but Vansh got caught ,which led to their murder,but Riddhima Vansh was just a 3 year kid at that time,I used this fact ,to break him,and so he did,he felt that as he lost everyone in his life,he will even loss you,and so he did as per my saying,forgive me bacha,return to him if possible,
Riddhima cut the call,and screamed hard,it was,not possible for her to control herselfat that moment,she was feeling sever pain in her heart and all her memories were flashing through her mind,how much she faced,how much vansh would have faced off,
she then remembered that how that day ,when Vansh left her in hospital,kabir found somehow about her,and made her unconscious and took her with him and then tortured her brutually for two weeks,and she was just trying a way to get rid of him,those two weeks were really hard,he even got hld of Vindhya,and she couldn’t do anything to him because that would have harmed Vindhya but when ,when vansh came to see her and Kabir sent him off,she found gate open and rushed with her daughter,,and then legally filed marital torture case against kabir and got him jailed and divorced.
Next scene showed vansh returning his home,he had returned first time after Riddhima left,he heard a baby crying from his terrace and rushed to see,
he found Vandhiya,he couldn’t believe his eyes,he lifted her up in his arms,made her quiet so gently,it was a bond of ure love,tears were falling from his eyes,he was just holding her soft hands ,he got everything ,that he was just lost.
Then he saw around,same decoration,as when Riddhima did when she proposed him,then he heard her voice,
” Jara saans lele piya,hum dil bhi de denge,
tu aankh bharega to,
hum bhi rodenge,”
He turned and saw Riddhima in the same black top,denim shorts,two braids,and smiling to him,
She further sang,
“Tere saath meinu rehna,
tere bina ni ab jeena,
hoo saathiyaaaa,
tu jo muskurade to..
teinu khud nu de denge..”
Vansh couldn’t believe his eyes,his happiness had no bounds,
He moved forward to her ,and tried to touch her face, to feel if she is real.
She held his hand and kissed it.
They shared a deep eye lock for minutes,then Vansh kept Vandhiya in cradle and both vansh and Riddhima cried bitterly,hugging each other.
Then they felt rain,they kept Vandhiya’s cradle under roof and Vansh lifted Riddhima high,and swirled her in rain,she was enjoying every drop ,the way she laughed,showed that she had came out after facing much.
Then they again shared eye lock for hours,
Riddhima: I want to explain you somethimg..that Vandhiya is your…
Vansh made her quiet and denied from eyes that he don’t need any explanation.
He again cried and holding her hands started explaining that what she is to him and how she is his strength…
Next morning they woke up,
Vansh and Riddhima both opened eyes together, their pendants were entangled in each other’s, Vandhiya was in between them..
They both smiled.


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