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Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 16

Hello everyone! Ananya here. Thank you for your love and appreciation for my stories. Happy reading!

Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 16

A quick recap: Kunj’s sweet conversation with Simmi, Twinkle and Kunj try to put Amaya’s little one to sleep, but fail and return the baby to its mother in the dead of the night. The gang plans a surprise party for Kunj’s birthday.

“Simmi, don’t play on the stairs!” Amaya warned her for the hundredth time, but she simply wouldn’t listen. Pari stood at the foot of the staircase, while Simmi tried to skip two steps at a time as she rushed downstairs and then back up again. “Simmi!” Pari’s frightened scream brought Usha and Amaya running. Simmi had lost balance and slipped off the stairs when she was headed up, her forehead had hit the next step, leaving a cut that was now bleeding. The ladies brought her into the living room, trying to console her as Usha used cotton swabs to gently wipe away the blood and apply a bandage on the wound. Simmi held onto Amaya’s hand firmly when Usha did so, sobbing loudly. Amaya tried to divert her by telling her little stories but it didn’t seem to work, since she only continued to cry. “Your Mumma will be here anytime now, and then she’s going to scold me for not keeping an eye on her baby, Simmi! Do you want me to get scolded?” Amaya asked her in a childish lisp, to which Simmi shook her head vigorously. “But it hurts, Mami!” She said, her voice almost a whisper as tears filled her eyes again. She suddenly looked at Usha who was tending to the wound on her knees, and said, “Dadi, you thought I’m a brave girl, no? But see, I ended up crying! I’m not so good!” Usha looked at her in surprise, feeling bad for the little soul who was more worried about people being disappointed in her than her wounds that must be hurting her so bad.

“My Simmi is the strongest, and she will always be!” Usha said, kissing Simmi’s cheek and wiping away her tears. “Who told you that brave girls don’t cry?” She asked as she pulled Simmi onto her lap. Simmi was still sniffling, and didn’t even look at Usha. Pari then brought her a chocolate from the kitchen and kissed her, asking her not to cry. “But this is your chocolate, Pari Di!” She said, remembering Pari keeping half the chocolate in the fridge for the next day when Simmi had finished hers. “You can have it” Pari said with a smile, while Amaya beamed proudly at her, adding a “For being so brave!” Simmi finally smiled a little, relieving them all, when she heard Twinkle come in. She then began to cry again, trying to gain Twinkle’s attention. Twinkle came running when she heard it, and kneeled down in front of her, her eyes widening when she saw the bandages Simmi had on. Usha and Amaya assured Twinkle that she was fine, and the wounds weren’t even deep or anything, making Simmi cry louder. She then jumped off Usha’s lap and hugged Twinkle tight telling her that they had been lying, for her head and legs actually hurt a lot.

Twinkle hugged Simmi back, patting her back gently, telling her that she believed her over them, as Amaya and Usha held back their laughter, knowing that Simmi had been doing that only so that she could grab everyone’s attention. They knew that she had been like that ever since she was a little baby. She would always cry loudly even if she wasn’t really hurt, just so that everyone would rush to her side and pamper her. Once she was satisfied with the amount of cuddles and kisses she had got, she would stop crying, even forgetting where her wound was. “What’s wrong, princess?” They heard Kunj’s voice as he came in after parking the car. Simmi let go of Twinkle and jumped into Kunj’s arms, beginning to tell him everything in detail, carefully pointing to her bandages as she blamed Usha and Amaya for thinking that her wounds didn’t hurt. They looked on amused as Kunj promised Simmi he would punish them for not listening to her, and in no time she fell asleep in his arms, tired of all the crying. He then turned to the others who burst out laughing, when Amaya pointed out, “Leela Ma tells me Twinkle was exactly like this!”

Kunj gently put Simmi on the bed, making sure she wouldn’t wake up when Twinkle entered the room. “Those wounds actually look painful, Kunj!” She said, stepping closer to where he stood by the bed, her eyes welling up as she saw Simmi whimper in her sleep. Kunj pulled her close as he said, “She’ll be fine, Twinkle! Ma said it was just a small cut. Simmi must have got scared when she saw the blood.” That didn’t seem to convince Twinkle though. “What if it’s a deep one?” She argued. He made her sit on the bed and kneeled down in front of her. “Trust me, she’s a strong girl. She would have even forgotten about the wound when she wakes up!” He said, holding her hands in his, rubbing tiny circles on them, giggling as he spoke the last sentence. Twinkle smiled half-heartedly, and replied, “I know she is a little dramatic, Kunj! I don’t want anyone to misunderstand her for it. She thinks its fine to do that, it’s not her fault!” Kunj smiled at her, realising that something else had been bothering her. “Nobody misunderstands her, Twinkle! They just tease her because they love her like she is their own little baby. I know it’s not her fault!” He said, knowing exactly what she had on mind.

Twinkle stood up, freeing her hands and walked a few steps until she was able to frame her defence. “I’m not blaming Ma or Bhabhi!” She said and turned back, bumping into him as she hadn’t realised that he had followed her. Kunj put his arms around her and assured her, “I know.” She hugged him, wondering if he had taken her words offensively. “No, I don’t think you are wrong either!” Kunj said, hugging her tightly. She didn’t really have to voice her thoughts to him, they knew each other well enough to realise for themselves. Kunj waited quietly until he felt her relax with a deep sigh, a sign that she felt better and her mind was a calmer place now. “So, what is my surprise?” He asked as he began tickling her slowly, using the first topic of diversion that came to his mind. “What surprise?” She responded, pretending to be unaware, as she leaned away from him so that she could see his bright smile that always made her day. “Oh come on! It’s only a day away anyways; I won’t tell anyone that you told me!” He pleaded, winking at her, but she wouldn’t give in. “Speaking of which, you had laughed at me when Jeeju pushed me out so that you guys could continue your discussion the other day, right?” He said, making Twinkle giggle as she freed herself from his arms and ran across the room.

Kunj had managed to lock Twinkle between himself and the wall, his hands blocking any chance of her escape after chasing her around the room, trying to keep their laughter low so that Simmi wouldn’t be disturbed. He now looked right into her eyes as he watched her break eye contact every few seconds unable to take the intensity of his gaze. He was surprised when she put her arms around his neck, smiling at him. “Thank you for being so understanding!” She said, her eyes holding genuine admiration for him. “I’m a really good husband, I think!” He said casually, and she nodded happily, knowing that he was the best. “You’re a pretty good wife too!” He said, holding back a smile, while she pouted annoyedly. He giggled at her, pulling her cheek but she smacked his hand off, definitely not in the mood for his jokes. “Alright, I’m sorry!” He said, holding her by her wrist when she tried to leave. He moved closer to her and placed his hands on her tummy, hugging her from behind. “How’s the baby doing?” He asked, which had become his routine question ever since he found out. “Good!” She responded with a nod, to which he expressed his joy with a kiss on her neck. “I’ll be back in a jiffy!” He said, letting go of her. Twinkle watched him enter the washroom and went to sit by Simmi’s side on the bed.

“Mumma! Has Papa gone out?” Simmi whispered, opening one eye to look around, while Twinkle wondered how long she had been awake for. “He’s in the washroom, Simmi. You want something?” She asked, watching Simmi sit up straight. “I have a plan for his birthday, Mumma! So that we can celebrate here at midnight!” Simmi continued to whisper excitedly, while Twinkle smiled at her. “What about the others, Simmi?” She asked curiously, which made Simmi smack her own forehead disappointedly, forgetting her wound. “Ouch!” She said as tears flooded her eyes. “Are you alright?” Twinkle asked, gently blowing on her wound as she carefully removed the bandage. Simmi waved her hand in the air, indicating that she had something else to say that Twinkle should listen to. “Tell me!” Twinkle said resignedly, her eyes still not leaving the wound, making sure it wasn’t much. “Mumma, we always celebrate with everyone! This time around, the naming ceremony is also scheduled, we won’t get time! Me and you should do something for Papa!” Pari said, glad when Twinkle agreed. She then quickly told Twinkle all that she had in mind, quietening down as soon as she heard the door open, not wanting Kunj to hear. “Papa!” She called, holding out her hands to him. He was glad to see her smiling and quickly joined them on the bed, pulling them in for a group hug.

That’s it for now, guys. I hope you liked it. Lots of love!!

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