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The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 17

The episode start with

Karan reach near Naina and saw her in a pit.
Naina: Karan, please help me. Take me out of this pit.
Karan: Princess Naina, hold my hand.

Naina try to hold Karan’s hand but pit was quite deep. After many try, she hold Karan’s hand. Karan try to pull her up and in the process, he hurt his hand badly because of stones under his arm but he continue to pull Naina up.

In the end, he manages to save Naina and he falls on the ground with Naina on top of him. They both share an eyelock. ‘Sanu Ek Pal Chan’ song plays in the background.

Suddenly, Sharanya screamed. Karan and Naina come to their senses. They both stood up.

Karan: Are you alright?
Naina: Yes, I’m fine. We should search for Sharanya now.

Sharanya is all frightened and constantly moving backwards.

A tiger is moving towards Sharanya. Karan and Naina are shown running and searching for Sharanya in the forest.

Sharanya: Oh God, please help me. What should I do now? I think today is my last day. What should I do? (shouts) Please someone help me…

Karan and Naina: SHARANYA…..

Sharanya (looks here and there and gets an idea): I can climb up on this tree. It can give me some time and someone can save me.

She climb up but before she reaches near first branch of tree, tiger roar loudly. Sharanya got scared and she slips and fell down on the ground.

Karan and Naina also hear the roaring of the tiger and run in that direction. Tiger jump over Sharanya.

Karan and Naina: SHARANYA…..

But nick of time, Vyom push Sharanya away from there and got hurt by claws of tiger.
Everyone get shocked.

Near Jeeps,
Samridh and Aadhya reach there. Manager also reach there.

Meera: Aadhya, where are Karan, Sharanya and Princess Naina?

Aadhya tell everything to Meera and Rahul.

Rahul: Mam, please go in Palace along with Samridh, Aadhya and Meera.

Manager: Prince, why did you step out of Jeep and go in Forest?

Rahul: Now, we don’t have much time. I am going along with Manager to search the rest.

In Forest,

Tiger now attacks Vyom but Vyom catches tiger’s claws.

Naina (cry): Bhaiya…
Karan: Vyom and Sharanya, run from there. Tiger is dangerous. Run for your life.

Vyom: Running is not the solution of every problem. We have to face them and fight back. By the way, we can’t escape from tiger, we have to fight back.

Karan: Fighting is also not the solution of every problem. We have to search for another solution.

Tiger overpower Vyom.

Naina (cry): Bhaiya…
Sharanya (softly): Vyom….

Vyom look at Sharanya, who was concerned about him.

Sharanya: We have to arrange fire. Wild animals are afraid of fire.

Karan: Vyom, give us few minutes. We will arrange fire, until then take care of yourself.

Karan and Naina start searching for woods and dry leaves.
Now, Vyom overpower tiger and push it away.

Karan and Naina collect dry leaves, woods and stones to light a fire. Karan notice blood on Naina’s hand.

Karan: This blood…. Why didn’t you tell me before about this injury? How did this happen?

Naina: When I fell in the pit. Leave this, it is a small injury.
Karan: A small injury can become big trouble afterwards.

Karan ties his handkerchief on Naina’s hand.
When, Naina and Karan try to lit up fire, it was not burning.

Karan: We need some cloth piece to lit a fire.

Naina wrap her dupatta on wood and then they lit up fire.
They reach near Vyom, who was still struggling with tiger.

Karan throw the fire wood towards Vyom. Vyom hold it and move towards tiger. Tiger got frightened and run back inside the forest.

Manager and Rahul reach there. All run to Vyom, who was badly hurt at his hand.

Vyom: I am fine. It is just a minor injury.
Naina (cry): No bhaiya, you are not fine.

Vyom: Why are crying? You are my brave Princess, you can’t cry like this. We are safe now. I don’t know what would have happened to you if I had died today.

Naina and Sharanya: NO….

Vyom look at Sharanya and get suprised.

Naina: Never try to get away from me and never speak like this (hugs Vyom tightly).

Vyom: Don’t worry, I will never ever leave you.

Karan: Now, we should go back to Palace. Prince you are really much hurt.

Rahul: Yes Prince, come with us.

Karan help Vyom in standing up.

Sharanya: Blood is still flowing. We have to stop it.

Sharanya tie her dupatta over Vyom’s arm. Naina hold Karan’s other hand. Karan shouts in pain.

Naina: I am sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally l. Why didn’t you tell me before that you too are hurt. You yourself was giving speeches on wounds, pain and its consequences.

Naina try to open the handkerchief on her hand, to tie that on Karan’s hand.

Karan: Don’t do that. I am okay with it. You need not to untie handkerchief.

Sharanya: But you are also hurt. We have to tie something on it.

Rahul give his handkerchief to Sharanya and hold Vyom.

Rahul: Sharanya tie this on Karan’s hand.

Sharanya tie handkerchief on Karan’s hand.

Vyom exchange looks with Manager. Karan notice them.

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