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Rikara and Anish were walking along the Ghat and on the other side all were busy doing the puja.

Vikrant and Sakshi were talking about how to make them meet each other,

Vikrant: We have to reach them before they all come in front of each other…. If that happens things will take another turn and maybe not turn out the way we want….
Sakshi: I’ll call Ishu Bhabhi and ask them to wait for us…. This way maybe they’ll not come in front of each other before we reach them….
Vikrant: Good idea…. Call Ishana fast….

Sakshi dialed Ishana’s number, and to their luck Ishana immediately picked the call, they told Ishana to wait for them and Ishana agreed.


Aniruddh: Ishu…. Who called you…? What has happened?
Ishana: Sakshi called…. She said that we wait for them before discussing with the priest…. I said okay….
Omkara: Okay then…. Till both of them come…. We’ll sit on those steps….

They all sit near the steps waiting for Vikrant and Sakshi.

In few minutes, Vikrant and Sakshi reach there and take a sigh of relief understanding that no one had met each other.

Vikrant: Thank God…. We reached on time….
Sakshi: Yes…. Thank God….

They both walk towards Rikara and Anish.

Aniruddh: You both came…. All okay?
Sakshi: Yes Bhaiya…. All okay…. (She smiled at them and they also smiled back)….
Ishana: So now, let us talk to the priests….

They all walk towards the area where there were many priests. All take blessings from the priests and then Aniruddh tells them about the puja they want to conduct.

Priest: Don’t worry Beta…. There are many priests here who can guide you in doing this puja but in my opinion, if you want the puja to be really special…. Then you should talk to Mahapandit Keshav Ji…. He in the most respected priest here….
Sakshi (thinking): Why do I feel that I have heard this name before also…? Mahapandit Keshav…. But where?
Omkara: If this is so Pandit ji…. We’ll definitely want to meet him…. Where is he?
Priest: Right now he is busy performing a puja to the other side…. (He points in the direction)…. You can go and meet him there…. Ask anyone over there…. They’ll make you meet him….
Gauri: Thank you Pandit ji…. We’ll meet him there….

The priest smiles and leaves from there.

Ishana: So, now let us go over there and meet him….
Aniruddh: Haa let us go….

All start walking towards the direction the priest told them.


All of them were sitting and doing the puja, Shivika and Arhana were doing the rituals as the priests guided them to do, all were hoping that their wish comes true and their family gets complete.

Keshav: The puja is complete now…. You all can one by one offer the flowers to God and pray that the puja becomes successful….

All get up from their places, first Dadi and elders do the rituals, now one by one the youngsters do what was asked to be done.

It was Rumya’s turn now, Soumya puts the flowers and folds her hands to pray, she sees Rudra not doing the same, and is standing still, she is surprised,

Soumya: Rudra…. What are you thinking…. Put the flowers here and pray….

Rudra doesn’t move as his eyes were fixed at something else only, Soumya is confused seeing him like that and shakes him,

Rudra: O….

All others look at him shocked and surprised,

Soumya: Haa Rudra…. This puja is for that only…. Now do what we have been asked to do….
Rudra: O…. (He points his finger in the direction)….

Soumya follows the direction his finger pointed and she too is shocked and stands still,

Soumya: Bade baal wale Bhaiya….

All others look at them shocked and surprised, they also turn to the direction Rumya were looking in and all stand still, all are silent, not knowing what to say or how to react.

The same in the case with Rikara and Anish, Vikrant and Sakshi knew that this was going to happen, so they just wish that things turn towards the right direction.

Tears collect in everyone’s eyes, seeing their family members after three long years brings back so many memories and emotions.

Rudra is the first one to react, he immediately runs to Omkara, not thinking about anything else, he just goes and hugs Om, his sudden actions bring Omkara out of the shock, and his arms immediately cover Rudra, tears flowing from their eyes.

Rudra: O…. I missed you so much…. (He was sobbing and Om was caressing his back)…. O…. Why did you leave us…? O…. I missed you in all single moments of the past three years…. O…. Please don’t leave us again…. O…. I love you so much…. O…. I missed you a lot….

Seeing the two brothers like this, Arjun and Aniruddh also looked at each other, Arjun immediately went to Aniruddh and hugged him tightly, and Aniruddh reciprocated the hug with the same love, care and affection.

Ranveer, Dev and Yash also hug Omkara, Aniruddh and Vikrant.
Anika, Soumya, Priyanka, Ahana, Sonakshi and Vidhi also walk ahead and hug Ishana, Gauri and Sakshi.

The elders are happy seeing this. The youngsters break their hugs and all are smiling seeing each other. Now Rikara, Anish and Vikshi look at the elders, they all walk towards the elders and one by one take blessings from all. Tej and Janhvi are happy that Om took blessings from them; they feel happy that even now he respects them.

All this while Shivaay was standing at his place, he didn’t move forward nor did show any emotions. He was standing at the back, away from all of them. Anika sees this and goes to him, she keeps her hand on his shoulder, he looks at her,

Anika: What has happened Shivaay…. Om is here…. Your Om is here…. And you are standing here away from him…. Come…. Meet him, hug him…. Let your emotions out….

She holds his hand and turns to go but Shivaay doesn’t move, Anika looks at him surprised, he removed Anika’s hand from his hand,

Shivaay: No Anika…. He is not my Om…. I don’t know this man….

Anika looks at him shocked; others also hear this and turn towards Shivika.

Anika: Shivaay…. What are you saying?
Shivaay: You heard it right Anika…. I don’t know him…. (He points at Omkara)…. He is not my Om….
Rudra: Bhaiya…. What are you saying…. He is our O….
Shivaay: No…. He is not our O…. You all might have forgotten but I remember each and every word he said that day before leaving….


Shivaay: Om, how can you even think of leaving us…. Who gave you this right to decide anything without consulting us…. Did you forget we have a code – all for one, one for all…?
Omkara: That was for Obros…. Shivaay…. And I am not an Oberoi….

All are shocked hearing this, Shivaay couldn’t say anything further, Janhvi sits down on the sofa and Priyanka sits beside her,

Rudra: O…. How can you even think like this…? You cannot leave us…. I won’t let you go anywhere…. (He goes to Shivaay)…. Bhaiya…. Tell him naa…. Tell O not to leave us…. (Shivaay doesn’t say anything and Rudra hugs him crying)….


Shivaay: He clearly said that he is not my brother…. Not an Oberoi…. And that means he is not my family and no one for me…. (All look at him shocked)…. And the entire world knows that Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t care for anyone else other than his family….

He leaves from there before anyone could stop him.

Anika: I need to talk to Shivaay….
Omkara: No Bhabhi…. Don’t say anything to him…. Anyways we should also leave….

Omkara also leaves from there without waiting for anyone’s reply.

All others look at each other, not knowing what to do.

Dadi: I think all should go and rest now…. We’ll talk about this afterwards….
Aniruddh: Yes Dadi…. I think we all need time….
Yash: So let us all meet at the hotel tomorrow…. You all come to the hotel tomorrow morning….
Shekhar: We all will talk then….

They all smile at each other and leave to their respective hotels.


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