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Hamariwali Good News 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund stops Navya’s arrest

Hamariwali Good News 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mukund saying Renuka is alive, she will come back. Adi says we will not forgive Navya, she has snatched everything from us. Mukund says Renuka will come back. He leaves. Adi says mum isn’t with us because of you, you left the house and mum went after you, you snatched everything from me, I will never forgive you. Akki says you can’t do anything. Sumitra also scolds Navya. Navya cries. Adi says you aren’t as you appear, you are cunning. Everyone taunts her. Mukund thinks of Renuka.

Mukund cries and says I know Renuka can’t go away from me. Navya asks Preeti to trust her, she loves Renuka, she can never hurt Renuka, Alok had kidnapped her and misbehaved with her. Preeti asks where is Alok. Navya says ask Adi about him. Preeti says you are hiding something, tell me. Navya says I m innocent. Police comes to arrest Navya. Akki says I have called them to find the evidence. Sumitra asks inspector to take Navya. Akki says we are not safe with Navya. Inspector says come with me. Bharat cries. Navya worries. Adi says you will get jailed once you go for the hearing. Inspector says Renuka had filed complained against you, we have to take you in custody. The people taunt Navya. Mukund hears this. He comes there and stops the inspector.

He asks how can you arrest her, do you have arrest warrant or court notice. Inspector says Renuka had filed Fir against her. Mukund says I withdraw that complaint, you can’t take Navya, do your work sincerely, catch the culprit, the right one, when Renuka called me, she said the baby was in the house, you should arrest all of us, why are you taking Navya, I know she is alive, she will come back one day. She asks Preeti and Adi to give their hair samples to match with that body. They do as he says. Mukund asks Navya to come home.

Navya takes Bharat from Akki and hugs. She goes inside the house. Sumitra, Adi and Akki see each other. Navya takes care of the baby. She says I know you are around, I promise to get justice for you. Akki says I m so hungry, there is nothing to eat. Sumitra says we will die of hunger. Akki asks her to cook. Sumitra says something is crawling on my leg, some rat. They scream. Akki likes the food. Preeti comes and says you both here. Sumitra acts to cry. She says Renuka left, I can’t see Mukund like that, I have made khichdi, take it and feed it to Mukund. Preeti says mummy will come back, I trust Mukund’s faith, she is alive. She goes. Adi recalls the incident. Adi wakes up and cries for Renuka. He feels sorry. Akki consoles him. She says it was just an accident. He says mummy died because of me. She asks him to take medicines. Navya goes upstairs. She sees Sumitra going to Akki. Sumitra says Adi is emotional, be careful, we proved that he wasn’t in the godown. Navya records the video. She says you will get punished for your crime, I will tell Mukund that its a plan against me, I didn’t do anything.

Navya says its been a month, our lives changed. Mukund says Navya thinks you are dead, but I know you are alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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