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Why life is like this (Part 10)

hello friend i am back after so many days

karan was thinking how preeta and he were close during party and how preeta and shrishti fight with bad boys , a smile comes over his face

preeta and shrishti were talking that they were really feeling a lot good as they fight goons very well as there marshell art comes in help and sarla too proud as her daughter can fight with any trajedy

next, morning

preeta come to luthra mansion and she was talking on phone and karan was too coming too that side playing with ball they do not see eachother and bump in each other and as karan was going fast and  preeta fall in his arm and preeta phone fall and went in sherlin hand as she was too coming too meet family . she see karan and preeta were lost in eachother as rishab was too going from there she say rishab ji come here and see , rishab and sherlin were smiling then rakhi ask why are you both laughing then they show preeta and karan to rakhi then rakhi say now i think i am going  to get two daughter law together and they laugh as dadi was passing too she ask what happened you all together and laughing is there any joke they say there is romance and as karan and preeta listen laughing they come to reality and they both were embrasse and karan say i i was going for practice and he went then preeta say i am going to check dadi, dadi say where are you going i am here and sherlin say preeta this phone then preeta recall what happen to phone and she tae it and went towards dadi room

all were laughing after seeing this romance

preeta went to home after treating dadi

in rishab office

shrishti was designing rishab office and sameer was helping her as it was first time that she was working in office and she don’t know about many thing .  the painting guy say that i will not paint as i am not feeling well so i am going home , shrishti say bhaiya i have called the wallpaper printer and he need this wall to be painted , he say i can’t do and went

then shrishti think taht she can too paint, she paint half wall when sameer come and ask why are yo doing then shrishti told whole matter to sameer and sameer to start heling but some paint went over shrisht so shrishti too put paint on sameer and they start playing with paint as rishsab was passing and he was talking to rakhi he say mom i think you will get 3 daughter in law together , rakhi  ask what he say i will tell you when i come home and rishabh tell both of them to wash up there face



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