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Two People, One World (Part One)

Hi Guys, this is my first FF so please don’t judge. I just love the show Naamkaran so I’m writing this

The warmth of the sun cradles me as I open my eyes to see that I had fallen asleep studying . My face temporary stuck to the pages of the Advanced Calculus textbook. I groggily stand up to head to the bathroom to start the new day. I look outside to see the spectacular view of the blue sky merging with the green grass. I smile, glad that the snow has finally melted. Harsh Minnesotan winters can do a lot to a person.

Buzz…Buzz…Buzz, I turn around to see that my phone is violently shaking. Ah, Maa I say to myself. I pick it up to hear the sweet voice of Naala Maa asking my thousands of questions about school. “Maa! I’m Fine” I blurt out “there is nothing to be worried about”. I check to time, I don’t have a lot of time. I get ready as fast as possible and rush out of the dormitory as fast as possible.

I get to Tate Hall in the nick of time. I see the familiar face of my best friend Ali. He waves to me and I give him a small smile while I try to find my notebook. He comes towards me and comments “You look miserable, you okay?”. I answer back “Just cramming for my Advanced Calculus final”. He looks at me unconvinced “Girl, you will do fine, you are a FRESHMAN in ADVANCED CALC!”. Is he out of his mind! I Suck. “But its hard!” I whine back. “You will do fine” He reassures me “Your smart, I believe in you, now go ace the final”. I am so lucky to have a friend like Ali, I think to myself, as I walk into the exam hall feeling much better. I will rock this test!

A Month Later

I am a mess! That is the first lesson I learned today. I am getting the final test back today. I already messed up by wearing heels today and I tripped over thin air. I am in a rush to get to Tate Hall on time. I slide into my seat one minute before the Professor comes in. He talks for a excruciating amount of time. I am ready to just jump out of the chair, When he finally says now I will be handing out the test, I almost faint. He hands each and everyone’s test and then says that you can see your score now. I slowly turn my paper over to see a large 98 percent. “Yes” I scream while jumping up from my spot. I look around to see that unfortunately, I didn’t say it in my head to out loud. “Avni, I can see you are happy but, others didn’t do as well so please sit down and celebrate on you own time. I sit down as my cheek turn a vibrant red.

Ring…Ring…Ring, the classroom phone chimes. The professor get it and tells us to quiet down. When the phone calls end he comes over to me I tells me to go to the math office which is two buildings down. My heart drops, what did I do? I slowly walk to the math office while asking myself what I did wrong thousand of times. I am almost there when I see a familiar figure in front of me.

NEELA MAA! I scream, running to hug her. She escorts me to the office where the director of the math department is. She tells me to take a seat. I carefully sit on one of the mustard color chairs that are in her room. “Avni I have been discussing with your mother the best possible way to continue your studies elsewhere.” the director calmly states. I look at my maa as I ask why would I go somewhere else. I like it here. Neela Maa looks at the ground and says “We can’t stay here”. “Why?”, I ask.

Because we are moving back to India.

So that is the end of the first part of this FF, also one thing to clarify, In the US we have four years of college. We say you are a Freshman if you are in your first year of college. So Avni is in her first year of college. If you really want to think about it, Avni just finished her first year of college. Thanks for reading! If you want to read more or if you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.


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