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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (Last chapter)

Hello friends! Soo the time has come to end this conplicated journey of Twinj… Tis is the last chapter, i hope u all will like this as i have included everything possible here.. Twinj oh so romantic moments too.. N yes this part contains some mature scenes too.. Before starting the mature part, i will inform so that who are not comfertable in reading that can skip that part…


And and and.. One more thing.  This part follows an epliogue too which most probably will be posted in a day or two.. Hope the story was worth reading..  Will be waiting for ur comments..

N i wish in this last episode.. Everyone who is reading will comment and tell that what they liked in the story n what they disliked ao that if in future i may write any story.. I can work on that.. Thank u soo much to those who  constantly supported me throughout this story.. Thanks a lot..

Enjoy the episode..

……………………….. ……………………………………..


Karan was talking with mahi to his hearts content n she too was giving her whole love to karan.. after all she was meeting her family (in the form of karan) after a long time..

Twinkle and aliya and chinki was as usual busy with kids n their husbands were staring their wives n manohar n usha were teasing them about this..

Uv was busy talking with aman about business matter.. n chinki’s parents were with manohar n usha…

But one more love story were blossoming.. As aman was continuously watching chiki secretavily.. Uv soon noticed him staring chinki.. and thought to tease him as he was lost in her..

Uv- she is beautiful right?/

Aman- very..

Uv- u like her??

Aman- too much..

Uv- like or love..

Aman- love at first site..

Meanwhile twinkle who was passing from there taking icecream in hands listened their talks n saw where aman’s gaze is.. then she realised that they were talking about chinki.. She too reached there n thought to tease aman.,.

Twinkle- oh.. toh love at first site haa.. (fake angry..)

Listening her angry voice, he came back from his trance..

Aman- (fumbled) vo haa. no .. bhabhi.. vo m.. nothing.. haine uv bhai.. nothing.. (his hands in his hairs like monkey)

Twinkle laughed seeing him sooo scared from her..

He became embarrased and left from there..

Twinkle too left to play with children..


After 2 days:

Their wedding was fixed.. (aliya-karan and swa-san) for the same day n family decided to perform each n every ritual.. Both couples were happy.. date was fixed for the next week n the rituals were starting form day after tommorow..

Mahi became excited n shouted..

Mahi- oh my god.. marriage that too so early.. need to do so may preparations.. oh my god.. venue.. shopping.. jewellery.. meny.. everything needs to be done..

Mahi- chalo get up twinki we need to go for shopping , are what r u thinking get up.. Aliya u too.. we need to start from today only..

Uv- oh my super excited wify.. just take a little breath.. everything is gonna be fine.. we all r here right.,. eveything will be done.. dont worry..

Mahii- are how can i not worry?? do u know its my brother n sisters , both’s marriage.. so much needs to be done.. n u r asking me not to worry.. huh!(making faces) aap bhi na..

Saying this she left from there to get ready for shopping asking both aliya n twinkle to get ready too..

Everybody laughed seeing her antics.. n asked aliya n twinkle to proceed towards shopping to which she made faces.. and soon left to get ready..

Everybody divided the works among themselves..


Finally the day arrived.. after every ritual in which grooms were not allowed to meet the brides for which both did so many tantrums.. but who was going to listen to them.. ofcourse no one.. but they were no less.. they did their share of romance hiding from everybody for which they got too many sclodings from everybody.. but were they gonna listen to anybody?? nah!!

But the day finally arrived after so may hardships amd hurdles..

Grooms were ready sitting in mandap waiting fro their brides.. but they were taking a lot of time n our grooms are getting frustrated waiting too much n were asking about brides again n again for which they got scolding too.. they made a puppy face listening them..

Aadit n piya were enjoying among themselves only.. seeing antics of their chachu n mamu..

Soon their wait came to an end when the brides arrives.. n the groom forgot to take breath for a second .. brides blushes sensing their gaze.. n soon arrived their n were made to stand next to each other n all the rituals were completed soon..

And kunj being too naughty did every possible thing to make her bride blush.. sometimes by complementing, n sometimes by teasing her about the first night..

And aliya and karan being the shy one were just focusing on the rituals n just being red tomato by blusing..

Soon wedding came to an end.. n pre wedding rituals were too fallowed..

Mahi demanded neg both from kunj n karan.. being the only sister of twinkle n bhabhi of aliya as twinkle herself was bride.. (for juta chupai rasam)

After every ritiual.. brides were taken to their rooms.. but grooms were still waiting outside to be allowed to enter their own rooms..

But mahi being mahi along with uv too.. were not allowing them to enter and were just teasing them.. Karan being shy was just blusing but our kunj was getting irritated as he was not allowed to enter his own room on his own wedding night..

Kunj-  what is this yr.. thats not fair mahi.. yr u r not allowing me to be with my wife today also.. ok do one thing .. (mahi raised eyebrow) today night to think of ideas to tease me but tomorrow.. now i m going..

Mahi- are aaise kaise.. itni aasani se thodi.. neg bhi to cahiyae..

Kunj- fir se neg… yr abhi to neg lia h tumne. that no fair..

Mahi- are .. haq h mera..

Kunj- aacha batao kya cahiyae..

Mahi- (coming to him.. ) (taking his hand in hers) i need a promise that u will always take care of my twinki.. n will be with her in every think n thin of her life..

Kunj nodded n hugged her..

After teasing both of them.. she allowed to enter in their rooms..

Yuhi hugged each other watching them going towards their rooms.. Uv kissed her forhead assuring her that now everything is fine n they will be happy forever..



*****Mature Scenes*****

Go devar ji, my behna would be waiting for u eagerly..

( Mahi winks at kunj and pushes him inside the room. Room is full with the rosey essence but he is going breathless)

He enters the room, his uncontrolled heartbeat makes him all sweaty. He is shit scared of what is going to happen next. Excitement and fear both can be felt from his face.

(Kunj’s  mind is battling between his thoughts)

Shit, the night’s here. I have been waiting for this night for days and now why am I so scared? Comeon kunj, she loves you, she must be looking forward to it, is she? Oh shut up just go and do it. Do what? f**k her? Stupid, that’s making love. You guys are married and adults, you can do it. Will I be able to satisfy her? What if she does not like it? What if she is not ready for it? Stopppppp.

Twinkle- (chit chatting, uploading pictures, her eyes stuck to her phone) agye tum? Kaha dar k chupe bethe the? (giggles, keeps her phone aside and steps closer to kunj).

Her hands on his shoulder and eyes in his eyes. Kunj went blanked and kept staring at her.

He expected to find her in her lehenga, with all her makeup and jewelry, he was  scared as hell, but it was all different.

Twinkle being twinkle was so unexpectedly calm. She changed and was wearing a reddish blouse with golden stone work on it. She was in her blue shorts, which were too short, her hair were tied in a messy bun, and she was still in her bridal makeup, and golden high heels.

He went completely dumbstruck. He was still gazing at her. It was not easy for him to take his eyes off her. He could feel his blood flowing through his nerves.

She moved her hands a bit and he was shaking with all the sensations in his body.

As they hug, Twinkle felt something below and started to laugh. Kunj had become all erected.

Twinkle – abi toh kuch kia hi nahi maine, (winks) tum itne mai hi? kya yaar kunj

(removes her hand from him, continues to laugh and moves away.)

She moves near her dressing mirror and starts removing her big sparkling jhumka.

Kunj who was frozen to the the floor, could not think of what to do. He held up his courage  and took steps towards her. His hands were shaking as he tried to open the lace at the back of her blouse. His fingers touched her skin and both shivered. They again gazed at  each other in the mirror, their breaths could easily be heard.

Twinkle sensed the awkward silence and decided to stir the wheel.

She swirled towards him, came closer and stuck her lipstick on his lips tighly. He was spellbound, it was their first kiss after a longggg time and it was so amazing tasting the skin of her lips.

She gently moved away from him and sat on the bed, cross-legged. Her eyes were so brightened, she beckoned him to come closer.

He was still shivering but it was time, he had to do this.

He took a step towards her but she was more furious. She got hold of his shirt and pulled him closer. They both could feel their breaths. She started to unbutton his shirt, touching his  bare chest with her fingers.
He was getting high. She continued to move her hands down, reached out to her pants, unbuttoned it too, making him lose his breath.

Kunj- ( in crumpled voice) Twinkleeee.

(he was so damn high at that moment)

Twinkle shushed him.Her finger on his lips, they were gazing at each other with love. He gave a gentle kiss on her finger. She finally blushed and he felt little bit confident.

She reached further down her pants and his confidence again zeroed.

She gave a devious smile to him and reached out for his p*nis. She could feel his erection through his underpants. She quivered but she has been imagining this for few days and she wanted this night to be perfect for him. She took it out and started to feel it. His blood rushed through all the veins down under. She began to rub it and he started to groan. His feet were trembling and he twitched as she took it in her mouth.

Kunj- holy f**k, you are gonna make me come.

Twinkle winked again and continued to f**k him as he f**ked her mouth with sperm.

He never felt so satisfied. This will always be the best he had.

This feeling of satisfaction was suddenly overshadowed by the fear of performance to satisfy her.

Seeing her so wanting, made his heart skipped a beat.

Kunj- (in his head) you have to give her the best. She was outstanding and you should atleast balance it.

Kunj pulled her from her waist closer to him and opened her hair, pushed her on bed and leaned over her. He reached out for his blouse and unhooked it.

They both realized that there is music playing in the background. Both smiled, and he started to kiss her neck as he removed her blouse. She grew nervous and tangled her legs tightly. Slowly slowly his lips began to go down to her br*ast. One of his hand holding her hands tightly to her side and another squeezing her br*ast, moving in circular motion. She was losing her breath and so tightly closed her eyes, feeling his every touch.

He started to eat her nipples, sucking and biting.

She groaned. She  could now feel, what she  heard only in ladies chatters.

She could feel thick, hot rush in her belly.

Kunj – you have the most beautiful skin. I want to kiss every inch of it.

He continued to kiss her. She tried to move a bit but he held her tight and whispered in her ear, ” you have no idea what i am going to do to you, twinkle” (there was finally confidence in his voice)

His voice was so seducing, she could feel her  skin burning.

He slowly and gently moved his lips downwards and started to kiss her bellybutton.

She twitched but he did not stop. He unbuttoned her shorts and pulled it down.

He runs his nose up the apex between her thighs.

Kunj- you smell so good,twinkle.

Kissing her inner thighs and trailing over to the lacy material of her panties, he gave it a gentle kiss and her breathing hitches.

He removes them, exclaiming, “oh twinkle, you are so deliciously wet. God, I want you.”

Twinkle- ( biting her lips, begs) Pleasee.

And he thrusts his finger inside her.
Twinkle groans “ah” and moved her head to left.

He tuggs her panties off and throws them on floor.

He brought his lips closer to her Vagina and tastes it with his thirsty lips.

Kunj- hell, you are delicious.

And continues to lick her as she moans. Just as she was about to come, he stopped.

Kunj- Now,I am about to f**k you baby (positions the head of his erection at the entrance of her s*x) hard ( and slams himself into her).

“Aargh” she moans, his mouth slightly open and he groans as he rips through her virginity.

Kunj- are you okay?

Swara moves her head in satisfaction and the moaning continues, the love making continues.

They both were in each other, they never felt so complete. They were finally one, through all the fights  and differences, they were so much in love with each other. Nothing could tear them apart now.

The End..

My friend helped me writing this first night scence as i m not comfertable in writing too bold scenes.. hope u liked the part..

Plz like n comment if u liked it . Thanks.. its almost end.. just an epilogue more..

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