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The day when it rained – Part 19

Part 19

Everything was perfect in our life. Even though we both had problems in our families we were happy together and the college had become our second home. But as we all know when everything goes just fine, it is not life. So problems have to come in our life also, to test us, make us strong, give us challenge and to make us rethink our past decisions.
The whole college was talking about the music concert that was happening in the city on coming weekend. Music concert of ‘Shaan’. Tickets were costly and most of the students have dropped the idea of attending the event. But some were looking for ways to get sponsors pass by any means. Swati Preeti and I were talking about the event.
Swati: this is too much. They should give free pass to students na..
Preeti: you really think so…? The whole city wants to attend the event. How many pass do you think they will give?
Swati: that is also true. .
Me: leave na yaar. We can listen to the same songs in tv na???
Swati: it’s not the same na….
Me: it’s not same but, being sad about is not good either..
Preeti: Shaan is not lucky enough to meet us….
We all laugh.
During the lunch break, Shefali came to see me.
Shefali: hey.. Naina. I have got pass for Shaan’s concert.
Me: really!!!! Wow… But from where….?
Shefali: Arjun’s friend Rohan’s father is a sponsor so…..
Me: great
Shefali: but there is problem…
Me: what problem?
Shefali: I can’t go alone.. ..
Me: means??
Shefali: the event will be over only by night and I can’t come back alone na.
Me: But arjun will be with you. .
Shefali: yes. But I can’t say that to matron. So….
Me: so…
Shefali: so, You are coming with me. . I have got pass for you too.
Me: but Shefali…. How can I come…?
Shefali: why??
Me: you go with Arjun na. We can tell something else to matron.
Shefali: come on Naina, what is your problem…
Me: look Shefali, it will be awkward and. I will get bored with you two…
Shefali: no yaar. It’s a concert and we will have fun together. I promise I will not leave you alone even for a second… Ok???
I looked at her in confusion.
Shefali: please Naina.
Me: hmm. . ok.. .
Shefali: thank you….
She hugs me, and then went to her class.
## ## ## ##
I walked to my hostel. Sameer was at the college gate. He smiled at him. I slow down and looked at him. He looked at me, I nodded him to come to me. Sameer walked towards me.
Sameer: hi.
Me: hi ..
Sameer: you had banned me from walking you to hostel. What happen today?
Me: I don’t ban you. It’s just I don’t want everyone to talk about us.
Sameer: but I like people talking about me. I am an attention seeker.
Sameer winked at me..
Me: I also like to get attention.
Sameer: really??
Me: yaa. But not everyone’s…
Sameer looked at me.
Me: yours…. I want your complete attention on me…
Sameer smiles.
Sameer: oho. I think today’s climate is really romantic…
I blushed… and looked away from him.
Sameer: yaa. But it will be sweeter if you say the three magical words.
Me: Sameer!!!
Sameer: it’s not that difficult to say…
I made a face at him.
Sameer: hmm. Looks like I have to wait more….
I smiled…
Me: Sameer, I gave to tell you something.
Sameer: go on…
Me: I am going for ‘Shaan’s Concert this weekend.
Sameer: huh??
Me: Shefali got passes and ask me to come.
Sameer: where did she have passes from?
Me: from Arjun’s friend Rohan.
Sameer: oh… Ok…
Me: Sameer the thing is that I really don’t think this will be a good idea.
Sameer: why?
Me: Shefali will be with Arjun and I will…
Sameer: you will….???
Me: I will… I will be bored na. .
Sameer: bored? In a concert full of people…
I nodded.
Sameer: really Naina… That’s the problem…
I smiled.
Me: we have reached the hostel. I will go now….
Sameer nodded.
Me: bye….
Sameer: bye.

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