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Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 4

Hey dearies 😀😀😀. I know many of you want me to update regularly but I can’t promise you that 😣😣😣 but I’ll try ok? So Apsara, Pooja and Sandhya… thank you for breaking your silence and commenting 😀😀😀.


Here comes the next part 😉😉😉.


Previously on “Some Colours Of Life “….,


Back inside the cabin, Sanchi’s words made Kabir clench his jaw angrily 😡😡😡. He was thinking about how this days events took place. First he got to know who was the prank calling idiot from yesterday. Then he collided with a girl who had no idea who he is, and coincidently the same prank caller whose photo he saw in the file earlier. Then when he talked to that girl she insulted him and Riya. He knows what she said about her was true but wasn’t ready to accept it. He was furious of what she said about him. 


…………Maybe she is right not to trust you. 🤔🤔🤔 Who knows what other stories there are about you that she had lost her trust? 😈😈😈…………


**How dare that girl!! That little girl!! 😡😡😡 No one ever dared to talk to me like this, ever!! Sanchi Mishra…. don’t think I’ll let you go so easily. Kabir Kapoor isn’t done with you yet! 😈😈😈**




Sometime after Sanchi went, Ms. D’souza knocked on Kabir’s door.


“Come in!”


Working as Kabir’s secretary for couple of years has it’s own benefits for Ms. D’souza. That means she can judge by the tone of her boss whether he’s in a good mood or not. And right now, she knows not to anger him more.


“Yes Ms. D’souza, what’s it?”


“I need your signature for these files sir”


For the next half an hour was spent to read and sign important documents and discuss about his schedule for the week. Finishing her work stood there for a second more thinking whether she should say something or not. Then she decided to just say.


“Can I say something Mr. Kapoor?”


“Go ahead” Kabir replied not turning his head from the computer screen.


“I think you were a bit too much harsh on that girl”


He didn’t mind what she said. “What made you say that?” He asked with a mock laugh typing away on the keyboard.


“She wasn’t in a good state when she was leaving”


With her words his hands halted on the keyboard abruptly and his facial expressions changed. For a moment Ms. D’souza thought he looks like he’s guilty 😌😌😌 but then suddenly his face hardened. “Is that all you have to say?” He asked pointedly.


“No sir, your mother called. She said she called you but you weren’t answering. She said it’s about today’s lunch plans. One more thing dir. I told you about the 6 months leave. You would have to look for a temporary replacement for me!”


“Okay Ms. D’souza, thank you. I will look in to that too.”


With a nod she went out of his cabin.


He took his phone to call his mother. “5 missed calls? She’s gonna be so angry with me!!” Tapping his forehead he waited for her to answer.


Ring ring… ring ring…


“So now you remember you have a mother!”


“Sorry na darling, but we’re going to have lunch together. I haven’t change the plans”


“If you had na Golu, I would’ve dragged you out of that office!! I don’t know what to do with you! You don’t even have time for your own mother!! You know if you were married and forgot me to spend time with your wife, I would’ve been jealous of her and created some saas-bahu drama like daily soap. But no!! My son is always busy with work!! Of whom should I be jealous of? With whom I get to create saas-bahu drama? Your work?”


“😂😂😂 hahahahaha!! Maa, you have strange desires. Ok fine! When Riya and I get married, trouble her all you want! I won’t say a word”


“Riya? No thanks!!” Her voice held a hint of disgust saying Riya’s name.


Knowing the conversation is going to the wrong direction, Kabir quickly came back to the main topic. “So maa, where are you now?”


“I’m on the way. Just few blocks away from your office.”


“Ok then I’ll come out. See you soon maa. Love you!”


“Love you too beta”


Kabir Kapoor’s mother, Kusum Kapoor is a lovely woman with a kind heart. She understands others well. And she’s very helpful too. Even with many good qualities she has an annoying side too which unfortunately Kabir is the only one to witness.


He moved outside to meet his mother and just then he saw a truck 🚛🚛🚛 coming towards a girl. The girl was walking aimlessly not aware of the truck. He doesn’t know what made him risk his life but he ran to the girl and quickly pulled her out of the truck’s way. The girl landed on his arms safely. His heart was beating madly.


“Are you out of your mind? Is that how you walk on the road?” He yelled pulling away from her. A gust of wind blown and the girl’s hair flew away from her face.


“Tum?” He recognised it was the same prank caller who he scolded a while ago. Unlike before she doesn’t have the warm welcoming smile like he first saw her. Her eyes are red and swollen. Probably from crying. She was not in a good state like Ms. D’souza told him earlier. **Oh my god! No… she’s in a worse state. What I said affected her this much?** Her state made his heart gave him a weird pain.


It even took her a few seconds to register who it was who saved her just now. And when she realized it was Kabir, her emotionless face hardened with anger 😡😡😡. Without even thanking him for saving her life, she pulled her hand away from Kabir, which he was still holding. She went away without looking back at him.


**She could’ve at least thank me!! But… But what was that? Why did my heart raised like that? Must be because of the hot weather!!** he turned back and saw his mother’s car had arrived.


Kusum reached there at the exact same time Kabir saved a girl. She doesn’t know who was that girl but she was amazed at the way that girl glared at her son and pushed him away. Normally girls die to get close to her son. She’s well aware of that. Not only he has good looks, he is the most powerful bachelor in India.


(Let’s just assume that Kabir is the most powerful bachelor in India 🙏🙏🙏 ok? Good!!)


She was even more amazed by how Kabir reacted. A girl pushed him away after he saved that girls life. But he remained silent without saying anything. **Whoever that girl is, she’s an amazing girl** Seeing Kabir come near the car, she gave some instructions to her driver. “Listen Prakash, follow that girl right now and try to find her name and address. Then send those to Rajesh. Tell him to find everything about that girl and inform me as quickly as he can. Understood?”


“Yes madam ji”


Kusum got down of the car as if nothing happened and greeted her son with a smile.


“Hey bhagwan!! Yeh kya hua mere bete ko?…… (Oh god!! What happened to my son)”


“Why what happened to me?”


“Beta your hand is bleeding!!”


He saw his hand was indeed bleeding. But how? Then he remembered. When he pulled Sanchi away from that truck, his hand was hit. That’s when he got injured. “It’s just a scratch maa. No need to worry…”


“No! Not at all!! C’mon, let’s go back to your office and treat that wound. Then let’s go for lunch. No! Don’t argue with me Golu!! That’s final!!”


To even think to argue with his mother is completely useless. It’s better for him if he just agree to her.


They went back to his cabin. “I can do this maa. You go and gossip with Ms. D’souza”


“Hmm not a bad idea… 😉😉😉” She came out of his cabin and was talking happily with Ms D’souza. She know her since she started to work in the company. They were good friends.


Ring ring… ring ring…


It was Kusum’s phone. She excused herself to answer the call.




“Mrs. Kapoor, it’s about the girl you wanted me to find about”


“Haa Rajesh bolo. What about her?” She asked happily.


“I have all the information you need”


“That’s quick Rajesh!” It was certainly surprising.


“Actually ma’am, Kabir sir too asked to find about that girl”


Now that came as a surprise to her. Her son used a private investigator to find about a girl? “Kabir? You mean my son Kabir? When? Why?”


“It was yesterday ma’am. Sir received a prank call from that girl…” Rajesh told her what he knew.


“A prank call huh? Interesting… 🤔🤔🤔 okay. Get me everything you got about her. And make sure you don’t breath a word about this to Kabir. Am I clear?” Her tone was business like.


“Crystal, ma’am!!”


“Okay, keep me updated!”




When Sanchi came home in the noon, she managed to escape yo her room quickly without letting her mother see her. She knew her mother would be so worried if she saw her in this state. She knew she wasn’t in a good state after all her crying. Freshening up looking less sorrowful, she came to her mother.




“Sanchi? You came beta?”


“Haa maa… lekin interview didn’t go well. I don’t think I’ll get the job…” She hated to lie to her mother but she can’t tell her about what really happened. If she did, her mother would be so sad saying it’s her age to study… enjoy her life with her friends. Not to find job. She couldn’t make her more sad.


“Its alright beta. I already told you I can manage na. Don’t think too much. Ok?” Jaya caressed her hair lovingly. Sanchi gave a small smile in return thinking about the newspaper articles of jobs she had noted down and kept in her room.




After having lunch with Kabir, Kusum went shopping 🛍🛍🛍. When she came back home, Rajesh was there with a file. Dismissing him, she immediately went to her room with the file.


“Sanchi Mishra”


There was a photograph of the girl.


“Hmm she’s beautiful… let’s see…” Comfortably sitting on a rocking chair, she went through the file without missing a single detail. It made her laugh hard when she read the prank call conversation. Satisfied with the information she got, she looked at a picture frame which had a garland.


“I think I found the perfect girl for our son 😀😀😀”




What do you think will happen next? I’m not telling you 😁😁😁. You’ll have to wait to know!! See you soon with another update. Love you 😘😘😘

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