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Sanky ki dulhania – Season 2 (part 2)

I know you guys were waiting for me to update this and I said that it will start from April and here April is about to end, I am really very sorry for being so late actually first I was lazy to type then wasn’t well so…Thank you so much for your amazing response,keep supporting me. One most important thing is… this story is mine own creation,it is not copied for anywhere,if you will find any similarity then please inform me and don’t act as omniscient that what the story will be merely from the prologue as it happened with me..if you do such things again then you are making your own fun…

OK so….Be ready… rocket is about to launch…!!

10….9……8….7……..6……5…..4……3……2……1…..Let’s start the fun!!!  Fuuuuuuuuuu…….!!! Rocket launched!!!

Now be ready it is landing on a planet…the planet which is contains troubles made by Swara,DP’s scoldings,AP’s blind love for her daughter,Ragini’s and Avni’s partnership in Swara’s masti  and..and…and…some mysteries! 

Recap: Swara fled from her house and then her car dashed someone..

People were gathered around a car which was unfortunately of Swara who dashed someone! Some people took Swara out of the car and also made that boy who was lying on the road to sit in the car of an old couple who got ready for taking them to hospital.

Swara’s head was bleeding as glass got inserted into the skin and she was not even able to understand what she do now and what will happen…everything was going so fast for her..she was sitting on the front seat beside that old man,she was holding her head and at the back seat that old lady was sitting having that boy’s head in her lap.

Swara was glancing that boy through the rear view mirror, he was lying there unconscious,Swara’s heart signalled her that she is connected with that boy. It arouse a really strange feeling in her heart, seeing his injuries Swara forgot her own and got very panicked. The chain of Swara’s thoughts broke when the car stopped with a jerk in front of the hospital.

After sometime

Swara was sitting on her bed and nurse did the dressing of her wounds. Now the doctor was checking that boy. “Miss Swara,he got unconscious due to weakness..we got information that luckily your car’s break worked before hitting him. So,don’t worry”

Swara looked towards him and felt sorry. “Nurse I am in my cabin. You give this injection to this boy.”doctor said and went.

Now,That nurse was  filling the medicine in injection and she was checking it. The needle of the injection was shining in the light and Swara’s eyes were becoming wider in fear seeing that injection as she watched it the needle of injection grew more..! The injection appeared to be a missile to her. Now Swara started sweating heavily,the medicine was going in that boy’s body slowly slowly.  Swara locked her teeth tightly seeing it but the scream escaped from her mouth,”Ahh.” The nurse averted her eyes towards her and looked Swara with a weird expression

“I was injecting him not you..,” nurse said sternly.

“S-sorry..I got afraid.” Swara passed a sheepish smile.

“At least somethings are there from which you get afraid na…i.e, books,injections,right? otherwise our Swara don’t have any sort of fear of elders.” A voice said and Swara and nurse looked in that direction.

Ragini was the owner of those words and Avni was also there with her.

Swara felt bit embarrassed as she heard the nurse’s giggling.

“Ragini….shhh…we will talk at home na..” Swara shushed.

“Home…!You remember you have a home? Swara papa is very angry…!Swara now if your hospital party is over can we go home or the volcano of papa’s anger will erupt.” Ragini said..

“Oh god.. don’t know why he always has problem with this innocent soul.” Swara huffed.

” I never saw such an innocent little child like you..aww..don’t u know why?? Who fled away breaking the window? Who did that accident?? Who made me a scapegoat? The great Swara Gadodia.” Ragini said and with her each sentence Swara’s eyes were getting narrower more and more. The nurse and Avni were seeing their drama and literally shaking their heads in disbelief like shinchan does.

“Come fast Swara…uncle is really very angry..” Avni said.

“Please once meet with doctor before leaving.”Nurse said and they moved to doctor’s cabin.

Here that boy got conscious. Some flashes were coming in his mind. He looked around and found himself in an unknown place. Nurse noticed him and asked,”How are you feeling now?”

“I have headache” he said.

They started talking then. Swaragini and Avni were crossing the room when Swara heard that boy’s voice. She felt like she should ask sorry and also ask his well being,thus,she said,” both wait..I forgot something in the room..I am just coming..”

They nodded and Swara went to that ward. She stood at the threshold of that ward and was seeing that boy.

“What is your name?”The nurse asked, in reply she got,”Ansh”.

(Who all thought that boy is Sanskar? :p)

 As soon as Ansh noticed Swara, he smiled.

Swara took some steps towards him and stood near his bed and she said in guilt ridden voice,”Sorry…please forgive me..”

Ansh looked her with his innocent eyes. He was looking the perfect pic of innocence.

“Nurse, did you get any information about his parents?” Swara asked, her eyes were still glued on that cute,innocent boy.

“No..Miss Gadodia.” She replied.

Swara cleared her throat and said,”Are you fine cutie? These injuries?”

“I am fine…” He said without meeting his eyes with her.

“Your parents…?” Swara asked in a concerned voice but he didn’t reply, just then Swara’s phone rang,it was Avni’s call.

She cut the call and mumbled,”How I go leaving him now,where I leave him..?”

“We will inform police..Miss Gadodia.. don’t worry.” The nurse said.

Swara ruffled that Ansh’s  hairs and said,”Take care sweetu.” Then she passed that nurse a faint smile and said,”Call me on this number… not on phone remains in coma mostly…call on my sister’s number whenever you find his parents.” Swara said.

She turned and started going. Ansh was looking her disappearing figure.

“ take rest beta..I am just coming.” the nurse said and left the place.

“I found my mumma…” Ansh said and smiled,he then started peeping out from the nearby window which gave him the view of the road outside. He saw something there and got panicked.

On the other side,Swaragini came to Gadodia mansion (Imagine MM to be GM :P)after dropping Avni to her home.There was boring old people’s party going on in GM.

DP and Ap who were talking with a old lady noticed Swaragini and someone too noticed Swara.

“Grandma..she is the one who fooled me and took all the chocolates.” a little girl said to the lady with whom DP was talking. That voice of that girl echoed in the whole hall seeking everyone’s attention. DP glared Swara and as usual Ragini and AP sighed knowing the further consequences. Swara looked around and they passed a sheepish smile to DP.

After sometime

Swaragini,AP and DP were standing in hall,everyone left as party got over.

” Oh so today an accident..hmm…this was your plan for today for which you ran away breaking the window and cutting my nose in front of society.” DP said sternly.

“Papa my plan was to go to party but I know u must me cursing me that I shouldn’t reach there and that’s why that little trouble dashed to my car.” Swara mumbled but DP heard it.

” Oh a trouble dashed to troublemaker… nice..!”he said with sarcasm

Ap and Ragini giggled hearing it but when DP glared them they stopped. Then he turned to Swara and bellowed,”Swara.. I can’t tolerate to live with you if you won’t change yourself…!”  and continued,”you always make me feel ashamed in front of everyone..all say their daughter is doctor, engineer, businesswoman.. and mine this nalayak daughter is good for nothing..”

“Papa but..” Swara tried to speak but DP cut her in middle and said,”I am giving you 20 days to change yourself and if you won’t show any improvement I will not tolerate your these stupidities..we can’t live together then..!”

“No..!! It can’t happen.. you can’t do this…” Swara said in a dramatic tone.. and all looked towards her in confusion.

“ will only happen..” DP said and turned with attitude.

“Noo…”  Swara screamed..

“Yes…” Dp said and all were facing his back.

“But..papa..where you will go in this old age..” Swara said and DP turned immediately towards her in shock.

“What??  It means you won’t change and you are thinking I will leave house..!!” DP muttered and Ragini and Ap slapped their foreheads whereas Swara gave a sheepish smile.

“Let me clarify Swara that it’s not me who will leave.. it’s only you..” DP said and left the place.

Precap: Aaj kush tuffani karte hai 😛 

Now think….

1)Who was that boy Ansh?

2) Why he was running like that?
3)Why he said that he found his mother?

4)When Swara’s hero will come?

5) What tuffani will happen in next part?

6)When I will post the next part? (I myself don’t know this)

Regarding Ansh again I think nothing will happen like u will guess

Regarding Ansh again I think nothing will happen like u will guess..but keep thinking like pooh.

I know it was very boring..but please bear me for some parts..please please…


You can read this story and the season 1 of Sanky ki dulhania on my wattpad id shinchan0324

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