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Prithvi Vallabh 22nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal keeps shocking condition to marry Prithvi

Prithvi Vallabh 22nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi keeps sword on Sulochana’s head and throws it far away without harming her. Everyone is shocked. Prithvi tells Mrinal that if a sword is raised then many swords are lifted, one murder results in many murders. He tells that revenge is not good. He tells that for love and friendship. Mrinal says meeting is over. Satyashrah looks at Prithvi and leaves. Guru Aditya says we need a time to think on this proposal and till then give us a chance to welcome you, and asks him to wait. Prithvi says I don’t want to trouble you, and will keep tent and asks them to say where to keep it. Guru Aditya says we will discuss and will inform you. Tailap folds his hands and greets Prithvi and leaves.

Later Tailap tells mrinal that Prithvi insulted them by giving marriage proposal for her and says they

shall kill him and not let him go. Guru Aditya says Prithvi Vallabh is our guest and if anything happens to him, then it will be a betrayal and then nobody will believe on Manyakhetra. Prithvi asks why you don’t want to kill him. Guru Aditya asks them to fight in war.
Bhoj tells that they are taking so much time to tell about Tent. Vikram asks them to go and says is Vikram jeet. Prithvi says whoever initiates friendship, time is with them. Vikram tells that we both have eye on same shikar. Prithvi says whatsoever reasons, woman shall not be called as prey. Guru Aditya comes and says they have decided the place for tent. Sulochana comes to Mrinal and says we all will trust your decision, but she asks her to remember that Prithvi saved her many times. Mrinal says he is our enemy. Sulochana suggests her to treat him just like her father would like a guest. Mrinal starts walking thinking about Prithvi. She comes to Tailap. Vikram tells that Prithvi has insulted us. Guru Aditya says marriage is right for Sandhi. Tailap says we haven’t invited him and he is not our guest. Guru Aditya says my suggestion will be for the betterment and says you are free to take your decision.

Pradhan comes to Tailap and says someone told us where Kosha is hiding. Tailap asks Pradhan to take him. They reach the jail and see them missing. Tailap asks Pradhan to change all spy and search Kosha. Sulochana sees Vilas happy and asks her to be happy always. She tells her that Prithvi Vallabh, the poet whose poetry she liked on the sword is here. Vilas insists to meet him, but don’t know how. Sulochana says I know you have special place for him in your heart and says she will help her meet him. Vilas hugs her. Bhoj writes poetry, but unable to complete it. Prithvi completes the poetry and asks him to be with Rasniti. He asks him to write poetry and says he will have a walk in Manyakheta.

Tailap asks Sevaks and Sevikas about Kosha. He says it is impossible that you people don’t know anything. Jakala comes there and asks Tailap why is he here? Tailap says I came to get info from them. Jakala asks what? Tailap asks Pradhan to tell them to say else. Jakala asks them to follow the orders. Bhoj asks soldiers to do the tent work fast. One of the soldier asks him to tell poetry. Bhoj tells poetry. Vilas hears and laughs loudly. Bhoj smiles and falls in love with her instantly. Soldiers also laugh. Vilas apologizes and says I came to met Prithvi Vallabh. Bhoj says he is not here right now. Vilas says she is his big fan and wants to meet him. Bhoj says I will give your message. Vilas says I will again come to meet him. Bhoj nods. She is about to leave, then turns and asks do you know my Vilas, what you will tell to Prithvi Vallabh. Bhoj says my chacha says we shall not ask girl’s name. Vilas asks who is your Chacha? Bhoj says Prithvi Vallabh. Vilas gives her intro and tells that she will hear his poetry next time.

Jakala tells Lakshmi that she had reached there at right time else Tailap had known everything. Lakshmi asks her to order Santri to search Kosha.

Prithvi returns. Bhoj tells him about Vilas. Prithvi asks then why are happy. Mrinal soldiers come there. Prithvi asks his soldiers not to trouble them. He tells Bhoj that his motive to came here is not only Mrinal, but to have friendship between Manyakheta and Mrinal, and to wipe out enmity and hatred. He tells that sanskriti is developed from love and not from hatred and we have to build it. Bhoj gets impressed with his words. Prithvi says I want you to grow Sanskriti and not to rule when you becomes king. Bhoj promises him.

Satyashrah tells something to his friend. Bilal asks do you really want to do this, if we get caught. Satyashrah asks him to think how he will do his work with safety. Bilal says I will do your work, but it is wrong and against your customs and values. He says if you don’t want to do then tell me, but don’t give me lecture. Prithvi practices arrow shooting in air while blind folded. Bhoj throws one apple. Prithvi hears the sound and fires arrow. Bhoj says now two applies and asks him to shoot. Mrinal and Sulochana comes there. Prithvi hears horse sound. He fires arrow. Arrow goes past Mrinal’s neck and hits apples. Bhoj asks how did you change directions. Prithvi tells him that he heard the sound. He apologizes to Mrinal and says he heard her earring etc sound. Mrinal says she came to ask him to return to Malwa. Prithvi says I came here to have relation with you. Mrinal says if you really love me and want to marry me then you have to fulfill my condition. Prithvi says if it is in my limit then I will do. Mrinal asks him to give Sindhu and his family members head to her, then she will marry him. Prithvi looks on. Bhoj gets angry.

Mrinal invites Prithvi, Bhoj and others for dinner at her Palace. While they start having food, Sulochana comes there and tells that someone added poison in the food. Bhoj faints. Prithvi looks on angry at Mrinal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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