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Nairan united forever- one shot

Hi, I decided to do this one shot as it came to my head but it is quite stupid and boring. So basically this is after the last episode and Meghna gave birth to a baby girl and this OS continue from the baby girl turning 1yrs old(hope you understand but it won’t be her b’day).

8yrs leap

Meghna and Naina were standing near the mandir,in Chauhan house. Dadaji was upstairs, NK and Kunal were at the office and Nirmala was in the kitchen. Two girls came running down the stairs. One who is 9yrs old and the other who is 7. The older one went to the kitchen and the younger one ran towards Meghnaina.
Younger girl: mumma!
Meghnaina smiled.
Naina: di you told her
Meghna: yes I told her in the morning, she was quite shocked though. She is a little child. But don’t worry she will accept the truth.
Tears ran down Naina’s cheeks, she hasn’t been this happy in years.

Naina’s POV:
I was so happy that di told her the truth, I haven’t been this happy in years. But now I was worried if Naira will accept me.

Back to the scene:
Naina kneeled down and put her arms out. The girl ran towards them but instead of going to Naina she went to Meghna. She hugged Meghna’s legs.
Girl: mumma
Naina was shocked. Nirmala came out of the kitchen with the elder girl and saw this. Naina got up and wiped her tears. Meghna bend down and spoke to her softly.
Meghna: Naira beta I told you I’m not you mum, she is your mum. I am your masi maa.
Naira: nai ye mere maa nai hai! (No, she isn’t my mum!)
Everyone was shocked especially Naina.
Naira: ye mere masi maa he. Masi maa, maa nai ho sakte (she is my masi maa. Masi maa, can’t be your mum)
Meghna: exactly beta. Me tumhare masi maa ho, me tumhare maa nai hosakte (I am your masi maa, I can’t be your mum) I am Pooja’s mum.
Naira: nai
Naira started crying. Naina indicated to Meghna to not say anything. Naina went up to her room. Downstairs Naira went to her room and Pooja followed her, to console her.
Naina POV:
I went to my room and took out Karan’s photo. Karan why? Why did you have to leave me alone? If you didn’t go none of this would have happened, Naira would have know that we are her parents. Why can’t we go back 7yrs ago when Naira was born.

Fb 7yrs

I was carrying our baby in my hands, everyone was there. Karan was sitting beside me he kissed the baby’s forehead then mine. I smiled. Di came up to me and took the baby and told me to rest. Pooja came running to the bed. I kissed her cheek

6months about Naira’s birth

I got a phone call. I couldn’t believe it,I dropped the phone to the ground. Di and maa ran up to me and asked me what happened?
Me: K..aran k…i ac..cident
I told them we need to go to xyz place and they nodded. We run out the house but then remembered that Naira and Pooja were upstairs. It was good that Vishal and Khyati stayed over last night. I told them what happened and asked them to look after the children. Jiju came running downstairs after being informed and hurried us into the car. Di tried to console me but my tears won’t stop. My love, my life is at dying point.

When we arrived there the police were investigating. One came and informed what happened.
Police: Mr Karan fell down this hill, it appears that someone pushed him but we have no evidence to support that as there are no cameras here. He fell down and I’m sorry. We found this body and are these things his?

He showed a wallet and watch. I recognised it straight away, I gave it to him as a gift. I looked down at the body that lasted near my feet. I bend down towards it and cried. I screamed “nooooo! My Karan can’t die, he is still alive and I know that”.
Di tried to console me and I could see that maa was crying as well. Jiju kneeled down near the body , tears rolled down his cheek.

1month after Karan’s death:
I woke up and saw Naira sleeping. I got up and di came into the room.
Me: di I have decided I will leave this house
Di: but why? Naina you can’t leave this house.
Me: di I want Naira to have the love of both a mother and father. And I know di I can trust you with her. You will give her the love a mother gives. I’m sorry di if I am being selfish but I can’t see her grow up. You will be the best person that can look after her.
Di: Ok but there is one condition, when she is the age of 6 you will come back and tell her the truth. You will tell her that you are her mother. Also you will have to stay in touch with me.
I nodded.

From that time I left Chauhan house and went a lot far, di would call me everyday. And when Naira turned 6 I returned but not as her mother, as her masi maa. I never had the strength to tell her the truth so I asked di. After a lot of pleading di agreed that is why she told Naira today.

Back to the scene:
Meghna came inside and sat next to Naina who was sitting beside the bed, crying. She went and wiped her tears.
Meghna: Naina you need to have strength. If you lose hope how will we be able to tell her. Naira she will also lose strength. You mustn’t become weak. At lunch you will go to her and tell her the truth.
Naina nodded.

In Naira and Pooja’s room:
Naira was sitting on her bed crying. Pooja was trying to console her.
Pooja: Naira calm yourself
Naira: Pooja di did you hear what maa said. How could I be masi maa’s daughter? I have always been with maa. Pooja di I am your younger sister aren’t I?
Pooja: Nairan you will always be my younger sister. But it could be maa is saying the truth, you might be masi maa daughter. Naira we are young so we don’t understand fully but they do. Naira please listen to them once.

Meghna and Naina came there and saw how Pooja was consoling Naira. Naina had a plate with food.
Naina: di both the sisters are like us. Their love, way of consoling each other. Pooja like you and Naira like me.
Meghna: haa cheeku you are right

They both entered the room, Naina went and sat down near Naira.
Naina: Naira beta will you please listen to me, can I explain everthing. You are old enough to understand.
Naira nodded. Meghna sat down with Pooja.
Naina explained everything, about their marriage to Karan’s death and Naina leaving Chauhan house. While explaining she fed both Naira and Pooja.
Naina: Naira I know it is a lot for you to process but you just need to know that I am you mother.
Naira: I’m sorry mumma, I said that you can’t be my mum
Naina: don’t worry, now you know

The day past by with Mother and daughter together sharing the moments they were unable to for the last 7yrs.

The next morning everyone decided not to go work and to have a family day in. Naina and Meghna were serving breakfast. The door rang and Nirmala went to open it. She was shocked seeing the person, she nearly fell down. Naina and Meghna noticed this, they ran towards her and stopped her from falling. They saw the person standing outside the door.
Naina: K….Karan
Everyone ran to see what was happening. Naira recognised the name.
Naira: papa
Karan: Naira my princess. You have grown so much

Naira: mum said that you d…
Naina: no this can’t be possible…you can’t be my Karan
Dadaji: Karan beta come in. You can explain everything inside

They all sat down.
Karan: after the accident everyone thought that I was dead but a doctor helped me, he took me to his house. But then I went into coma. I was in coma for the last 7yrs. I got out a month ago.
Naina got up, her head felt heavy. She was about to fall down but Karan catches her in his arms. He carried her to the room.

Naina woke up and saw everyone sitting beside her. Naira was on the bed, Karan was on her right and Meghna sat near her foot. Naina was about to get up but Karan indicated her not to.
Karan: Naina relax
Naina: but I didn’t understand who pushed you
Karan: it was masi maa
Naina: masi maa!

Meghna: but she left yrs ago
Karan: because she was planning to kill me, she didn’t want to see me back to normal
Kunal: but where is she now?
Karan: when she pushed me down the hill, I fell down and she thought I died. But I didn’t, as she was about to leave she stumbled on a rock and fell down herself. The body that you saw was hers.
Kunal: what? She died!
Meghna: calm down Kunal. I know she was your mum but she did bad things with everyone. She deserved this. In the end, the good always defeats the evil.
Dadaji: ok then we should leave now and allow Naina and Karan to relax.
Everyone left and as Meghna was about to leave she realised that Naira was still sitting on the bed. She indicated to her to go with her.

Nairan were left alone in the room. Naina got up although Karan insisted her not to.
Naina: Karan why did you leave me? Do you now how lonely I felt without you?
Karan: I’m sorry Naina, I shouldn’t have went out that day but we are together now aren’t we?
Naina nodded. The day past by with them relaxing.

The next day, Naina woke up and saw herself hugging Karan. She slowly moved his arms trying not to disturb him. As she was about to go, she realised his hand in her arms stopping her. Naina turned around and saw Karan awake.
Karan: where are you trying to run of to?
Naina: Karan where will I go? I was about to get ready.
Karan: yeah sure, you were sneaking away weren’t you?
Naina: Karan, I was trying not to disturb you

Karan pulled Naina onto the bed. He was about to get Naina’s hand but before he able to do so she ran into the washroom. After Naina got out the washroom, Karan went in. Naina put her earrings on, then realised the Windsor and manglasutra on the table which she hasn’t worn in yrs. She picked the sindoor box up and was about to open it but the Karan snatched it of her. He put the sindoor on Naina’s mang and put the manglasutra on her neck.

They went downstairs, where Meghna and Nirmala were in the kitchen. Meghna noticed the sindoor and manglasutra straight away and indicated to Nirmala as well.

Meghna POV:
Naina may you get the best happiness of your life. You struggled a lot in the last 7yrs but now I only want to see you smiling.

From then the Chauhan family lived happily. Couples united, children with their parents and most importantly the evil gone.

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