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My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 1

varun gupta (karthik in serial nagin 01)
anshi bedi(actress mouni roy)

chapter :- 01

episode start with
A beautiful house shown ..
Madhavi shows arti to kanesh idol .. A lady come and greets..
lady- Good morning madhavi bedi..
madhavi look surprised and hug her..
madhavi:- Good morning kalavathi singh bundela…
this is surprise for me.. when you come india from London ..

kalavathi smile and tell ..

kalavathi-my son and my husband come here for business so i also come but you now madhavi my only friend is you in here so i want to meet you…

madhavi:-Then you stay my house and have lunch na …

Kalavathi :- Nooo!!!!

madhavi look shocked ..

madhavi:- why kala??

kalavathi:-(laughing loudly) Awww.. don’t panic madhu.. I’ll stay here until i finish my dinner…
i know you have one daughter and three sons but where are

madhavi:- ohh i forget ..they going to the shopping for arjun’s friend’s birthday …

“madhu maa…”

one voice is come from entrance ..
madhavi smile and turn…
(that is our Jennifer windgent, as ananika)

MADHAVI:- aree come here dear..

anamika come and hug madhavi..

madhavi:-kala this is my sweet anamika.. she and arjun love each other..we fixed their marriage next year…

anamika greet Kalavathi..
anamika:- hi aunty ..
kala bless her…
madhavi:- ananika. this is my school time best friend.. but we sepetar after the school but meet after the many years but still we are friends and contact through phone…

anamika:- wow… this is amazing maa.. i will make cup cake to celebrate this re union ..

anamika running to the kitchen ….

kala look surprised and madhu smile…

madhavi :- why are you looked like surprised kala..

kala:- madhavi cup cake your favorite naa..

madhavi :- yes she know everything about my family that’s why arjun love her and choose her for my family…

kala:-her parents are lucky to have like this daughter …

madhavi look sad..

madhu:- no kala ..they unlucky they leave her when she is five. she is rajan’s friend daughter. her parents die because of the car accident but grown as a successful business women and keep her parents properties very care fully.. now we are lucky to have her as our bhahu..

kala smile …

kala:-madhavi .. your daughter anshi is elder then arjun .. if you search groom for her or no..

madhu become sad..

kala:-what happened madu..

madu:- kala my daughter is very stubborn like her dad.. she unlike marriage and never allow me to search groom ..rajan also tells don’t force her against her wish…

kala:-don’t worry madhu.. i have one idea .. my son is also like.. i think we should make this meet and speak each other …

madhu:- what anshi never like this meeting…

kala:- don’t worry I’ll make this easy and I’m invite my son and husband to dinner here and console him to meet her .. you only keep you daughter to attend the dinner …

madhu:- what..

kala:- don’t panic …
everything will alright ..
(if my plan successful then our life also settled)

madhu:-but kala!!!

kala:- shhh…. I’ll come dinner ok.. be brave..

kala hug madhavi and leave ..

“madhavi ”
Rajan come from stairs ..

madhavi looks tension ..

Rajan:- why are you look tention…

Anamika come with cakes..

anamika:- i think maa worried because her childrens late ..

madhavi nods..

rajan:- what is this cake..

rajan eats cake ..

rajan:- super dear..

anami:-dad i prepared this for kala Auntie ..

rajan look surprised ..

rajan:-if kala come here where is she?? why is she never meet me..

madhavi:- she went but come dinner today.. i invited her and her family .. her family come india to business issue..

rajan:- nice…

“dad .. . what is that nice”

A girl smile toward rajan.. she wear long frock in white and black color (mouni roy as anshi)

rajan:- come my doll…
today your mom’s friend visit for dinner ..

anshi:-ohh good..

madhavi smile…

rajan :- where are others ..

anshi:- ohh dad!! they take minimum 20 min to selected one dress and aku is too much dad.. they in parking ..

rajan :- ok ok cool.. go and freshen up..

anshi :- come anami i show dresses ..

anami:- sure anshi..

they leave…

madhavi go to kitchen ..

in kitchen..

just then a boy come and close madhavi’s eyes..

madhavi:- arjun..

arjun:- don’t say anything .. i have one surprise to you..

madhavi :- what??

arjun:- shhhh..

arjun leave his hand his face shown…
he wear white kurta ..
(gautham rod as arjun)

madhavi schoked to see short dress.. arjun and rajan also suprise to see this..

madhavi :- what is this!!

arjun :- mom i buy saree to you .. but…

rajan :- then how will this change..

“your bachcha akhash did this”
A tall handsome guy shown..he wear black shirt and jeans ..
(krish khanna bedi as namik.. friends and family call him as krish but sports member call him as kk)

arjun (in angry) :- what?? akash.. where is him…

rajan and madhavi smile …

“here… oh bhaiya… you are very careless awww…”
he laugh loudly and hold his stomach with one hand and mouth with other hand.. he wear pink shirt and blue jeans …

akash come to arjun and hug him and tell kk to take selfie …

arjun hold his ear and akash shout. …

arjun:- sorry. bhaiya ..

kk:- bhaiya. see this photo.

(white cloud in near akash)

akash panics and hold kk hand tightly …

akash:- what is this kk..

kk:- i think ghost..

akash is in about to cry because of fear…

madhavi:- don’t make story krish.

krish:- no ma.. this is the gosht of a girl who wear that short dress ..
(he keep that dress over his head and dance like gosht..)

everyone smile…
akash hit kk with that dress and tells you prank me and make panic. you know na .. I scare of ghost…

kk:-you also prank now many time..(laugh)

akash:- don’t speak to me all of you guys..(going to room and close it)

madhavi scold kk..
rajan says don’t enter to their fight they will solve come..

they go..

arjun:-kk go and say sorry to him..

kk:- but bhaiya? ?

arjun :-pls.. he is young to you. so elder should ..

kk:- ok ok don’t started to advice pls.. I’ll go..

kk goes.. arjun smile..

madhavi and rajan look kk enter the room..
madhavi :- they always like tom and jerry..
rajan:- but in mind they always ram and lakhsman..
madhavi :- true..

she hug rajan and smile..

in akash room..

kk enter the room .. looks on shocked…

episode end with kk’s shocked face…

precab:-A goon shout at a girl and she slap him… kk save a girl.. arjun romance with ananika…

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