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Mahakaali 22nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diti keeps attacking the world

Mahakaali 22nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shiv says Mata Diti wants to take her revenge. Diti says I would ruin the balance of the whole world.
Parvati says to Shiv I made a mistake. Shiv says we have to do something to protect people on the earth. Kartika says how will we do that?
Ganesh says we can protect them. Parvaati says there will be seven cirlces that will create balance in life of a human. The same seven circles can create a whole lot troublesome. But the same seven circles will create balance in the world.
Shiv says these 12 cricles will end Mata diti’s evil and create balance in the world.

Mata diti’s anger rises up in the in form of fire. Shiv and everyone look at it.
Achariya says to Diti you are getting your own people in trouble by doing all this. She says if some asurs

have to see the pain for the better of whole of them then I don’t mind. Mahdev and Parvati will understand it. Achariya says I won’t let this happen.

Shiv meets his person and embarks him on his journey to stop all this. It becomes chandar dev and ensembles in Shiv’s head. Parvati tells everyyone this story and says first jyotarlingas will based on moon. Vishnu says this jyotirlinga will be known as Soomnath. Everyone bows down.
Parvati says anything can happen at earth. We have to move to the next jyotirling.

Diti does her magic. More destruction spread around. Parvati says to Kartika next Jyotirlinga is related to you son. They reach at a plan. He recalls attacking Parvati and is in tears. Ganesh takes his hand and puts it on the stone. He says start it brother. Kartika says now I know this place of not pure because of the son who battled with his mother. A mother who is Mahakali. This spot is still not pure and we are having this jyotarling for that. Parvati says no son. Here a son found a new direction. A mother’s teachings won here. Light appears there. Everyone bows down.

Vishnu says there are still 10 left. We have to hurry up because Diti should be sure now. She might start looking for a solution.
Diti says no matter what you do I will win. I will destroy these jyotarlinga too. Ganesh says we can’t let her succeed at any cost. Whats the next one Mata? Parvati says next Jyotatling is related to Mahakali’s Mahakal. Achariya says to Diti you have to stop. Diti says I will ruin everything. She says to her asur go and spread your darkness everywhere.

Parvati says I feel like very soon there will be a trouble on earth. A dark shadow surrounds earth. Parvati says Ganesh feels the same. Shuv says we have to there. The next Jyotat linga is there too.
They all come and see a baba. Vishnu says he has only one prayer.. Mahadev’s vision. He wants to see mahadev. today is the test of his faith.

Around the pandit the dark shadow surronds everything. people cough and fall everywhere. Diti’s asur comes too. People run and hide in their houses. Kartika says we have to go and stop him. Shiv says no we can’t gp like this.
The asurs make all people fight with each other. Asur says what aare you seeing brahmin? Your prayers can’t stop me. My name is Bhushan. I waited long to have these powers. Brahmin prays for help from Mahadev. He says Mahdev can’t even help. If you love your life, let me destroy this shivling. Brahmin says I am not scared of death. You can kill me if you want but you can’t do this. Bhushan gets his weapon and is about to attack Brhamin. Shiv, Parvati and everyone come there. Brhamin prostrates. He says I am glad I saw you. I didn’t know my years of prayers will fulfill like this. shiv says your faith will be an example for world. Bhushan says now Mahadev and Mahakali will stop me. I will see what can they do. This entire place isin my control. Peopel fight with each other. He spreads more darkness. Shiv says you are fotgetting one thing. The place you are trying to darken has been purified with this man for year. THe same purity will fight your darkness and kill you.

shiv stops the darkness in the valley. He stands in front of Bhushan. Shiv hits bhushand. The darkness thickens. Ganesh is surrounded by it. He says your made itt so easy. I have make your son dark too. He will impure everything. Parvait says more away from my son. He lagush. Ganesh is surrounded by ddark. Bhushan says if you attack me you’ll attack your son. Parvati turns into Mahakali. She puts her sword in the land. The darkness leaves Ganesh. Bhushan is on the ground. Parvati says how dare you harm my son. Parvati kills him. All people cheer for mahakal and mahakali.
Precap-Parvati and shiv set up more jyotarlingas.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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