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Love makes a change CHAPTER 29


Sanskaar sneaked inside swara’s room but she wasn’t there. So he slowly went to ragini’s room and saw her sleeping. Her face was glowing due to moonlight. Sanskar smiled seeing her. He looked at Raglak who were already sleeping so he took baby steps and took swara in his arms. She made her comfortable on his arms, sanskaar smiled seeing her and took her towards her room.
SAN: Swara ( kissing her forehead)
Swara woke up and was Shocked to see sanskaar.
SWA: Sanskaar (shocked)
SAN: Yes my dear princess.
SWA: What r u doing here?
SAN: Ah what to do I can’t even sleep without u that’s y I came😅
SWA: Wait how come I’m in my room, I was in ragini’s room na?
SAN: U was and I took u in my arms.
Swara realized her position now, she was sitting on his lap. His front and her back was together.
SWA: Sanskaar I’m leaving what if anyone find us.
SAN: Ah I don’t care because u r already my wife.
SWA: Oh really?
SAN: don’t u know now leave that, show me your hands. Swara showed her hands.
SAN: Even though u didn’t remove ur henna look how much dark it is.
SWA: because my husband loves me soooo much.
SAN: Oh u should be really lucky!
SWA: I’m very very lucky.
SAN: Even my wife me soooo much
SWA: Not as much as husband.
SAN: No no she loves me sooo much.
SWA: k that means
SWASAN: We both love each other to the core of our heart.
SAN: Swara u said u’ll kiss me but u didn’t even kiss me😔
SWA: K take it
SAN: Really? No no u will again do something and escape.
Swara placed her lips on his to make him realize. Sankaar pulled her more closer and started to kiss her and their kiss turned much deeper and to a passionate one. After sometime they broke the kiss. Swara slanted on him fully and sanskaar hugged her. They didn’t talk after that as they were enjoying with each other’s presence. After sometime sanskaar picked her up slowly and again placed in ragini’s bed where she was sitting before.
SAN: (wispered): Gud night (kissed her forehead).
SWA: Gud night. ( Peacked his lips and both smiled).
Soon sanskaar went, swara smiled remembering there movements and slept in the sitting position itself.

Swara got up due to sunlight and she saw her mehandi which was completely dry. She smiled and remembered sanskaar. Then she got up and went near Raglak who was in the couch. Laksh was sitting in the couch and ragini was lying in the couch and her head was on his lap.
SWA: Aww…..My cute love birds.
She took her mobile and clicked a picture of them and left to her room to fresh up. Swara wore an ocean blue anarkali and left her hairs free.
SWA: Uff, I forgot to post Raglak’s pic.
Saying this she posted in the social media and after that only she saw her pic which was posted by laksh in ragini’s account.
SWA: Look at dat(shocked) I’m sure this lucky only took these pictures, he’s gone now wait wait……com’mon laksh tit for tat. Saying this she went down and saw ragini and laksh were sitting in the couch and talking. Laksh saw swara.
Lak: Swara come here na.
SWA: y?
Lak: what did u do?
SWA: Nothing.
Rag: What she did laksh?
SWA: Nothing big rags took a picture while u both were sleeping and posted, that’s it
Lak: With caption ” My cute sis ragini and naughty bestie laksh sleeping. My cute LOVE BIRDS”. So I won’t leave you!
SWA: U also posted my pic na! So tit for tat.
SWA-LAK started to run and they ran covering the whole mansion and again came down.
SWA (while running): Bye lucky, rags I’m leaving to the music acadamy. Saying she ran out. Laksh stopped running and smiled. Swara ran out and was still running, she looked behind whether laksh was coming or not but she bumped into someone and now she was in someone’s strong arms. She slowly opened her eyes it was obviously our hero, SANSKAAR. He was wearing a black t-shirt with voilet colour blazer and a jean. They shared a lovely eyelock. Swara broke the eyelock and she immediately turned towards the other side.
SAN: Y r u running like an athlete?
SWA: Ah….no I was getting late for my music acedamy.
SAN: Oh k, go safe. Saying this he kissed her cheek and went inside. Swara was shocked due to his sudden reaction. Swara touched her check and went happily to her acedamy.
Swara was helping her friends to belt a tune with the guitar. Swara’s phone rang. She attended the call without seeing the I’d caller.
SWA: Hello
SAN: Swara
SWA: Ha ( indentifying that’s him, she excused herself and came near the window).
SAN: I saw the post and u looked so beautiful.
SWA: I don’t think so.
SAN: But I do. Like this they were having nice time talking with each other


PRECAP: swasan in Mumbai.

Guys if u don’t want me to continue the ff then please let me know. I got really very less likes and comments for the previous 2 chapters compared to others. So if u don’t want please say.

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