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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 28


All the elders planned for ragini’s godh bharai ceremony as they will not have time because of swasan’s marriage. Ragini was in her 5th month. Swara made ragini like a bride and she made sure that ragini’s dress is not heavy with light jewelry and a nose pin. Her small baby bump made her more beautiful.
SWA: Rags u look so pretty.
Rag: All because of my sister. Swara smiles, she went towards the drawer and took a pouch and opened it. She took out a beautiful kundan worked payal with pearls work also in it(anklets).
SWA: Ragu this is my ma’s payal, she got it when she had godh bharai ( looks at the payal with lots of love). So I wanted to give this to you as it’s your turn.
Rag: But Shoru, it’s ma’s payal u should only have.
SWA: No rags, u were and always a mother to me, so a small gift. Tears were flowing from ragini’s eyes. Swara looked at ragini. She made ragini wear the payal and looked at ragini.
SWA: hey rags y u became this much Senti. Ragini hits her playfully. Swara wipes ragini’s tears.
SWA: Now smile, Ragini smiles.
SWA: Let’s go down all will be waiting especially lucky will be desperately waiting to see his wife ( teasingly).
Ragini blushes.
SWA: Rags keep some blushing for down.
Rag: Chup. Swara puts her finger on her lips like a obident kid. Both started to laugh.
SWA: k come, let’s go.
Both went down and all were mesmerized seeing 2 beauties coming down. Swara made rags sit in the couch. Everyone starts to do the ritual. Swara looks at the 1st floor corridor were all the men was standing. Swara looks at lucky and lucky signs. Swara puts a locket on ragini’s neck. Ragini looks at swara suprised. Swara signs ragini to look at laksh. Raglak shares a lovely eyelock. Suddenly lights gets off. Swara started to dance for Waari Jaawa…..Solah Shringar karke godh bharayi re…..Swara dances. Sanskar dances with Swara. Soon everyone started to dance and sanskaar took swara aside.
SWA: What happened sanskaar? She asked seeing his serious face.
SAN: Swara y did u say that u r not ragini’s sister?
Swara is totally shocked. Then she remembered what all she spoke out of sense.
SWA: What? When I said
SAN: Yesterday night
SWA: (controlling herself): No sanskaar, I played a prank on u and u believed it.
SAN: Oh! He said but he wasn’t that much satisfied with her answer, so he thought not to stress her more. After sometime swaragini went to gagodia’s house. Overall the day went with full of joy and happiness.

Next day, evening
At Gagodia’s mansion
Swara was looking damm gorgeous in green and red lehanga. Soon she wore bridal mehandi and ragu feeds her. Ragini took many pictures of swara.
Rag: Swara let’s see how much likes u’ll get.
SWA: No! (shouted)
Rag: I have posted on ig, twitter and Facebook.
SWA: Ragini (shocked)
Rag: Swara u’ve got a like from ……… sanskaar, Wow u have got a first like from ur love arrey vah what a chemistry! Swara blushes. After sometime of their chit chat swara slept due to tiredness but she didn’t remove her mehandi. Laksh came in saw swara sleeping and rags staring at her lovingly. (Laksh was here because he said some excuse to see ragini and came to swaragini’s house, once again shekhar told him to stay here and he happily agreed as he was missing his wife last night and only doesn’t want to be their wife😜)
Lak (slowly): Swara bestie it’s unfair u slept here. Laksh immediately carried rags.
Rag: laksh what r u doing? What if swara sees us.
Lak: Don’t worry even if she sees she won’t do anything.
Rag: Laksh see swara na she looks so beautiful I want to take picture of her and post it again. Please drop me down. Laksh made ragini sit in the couch and took his phone and clicked some pictures and took a selfie with swara. Then he sat beside ragini and posted it.
Lak: Done posting. Soon both dozed off in the couch.

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