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Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 5)

Hey I wanted to tell that my real name is not Iyat it’s Tanishka or Tanu. Actually when I was creating the account I was in a very bad mood so that first name that came in the suggestions was Iyat so I created the account with this name. Anyways let’s start

It’s morning time

Sayyam wakes up and looks for Krishna, she comes out from the washroom.

Sayyam – Krishna how are you feeling now? Please speak something. I think we should cancel the trip and go back. (He is very much concerned for her)

Krishna is trying to speak but her voice is not coming out

Sayyam – Ooh God Krishna you are not able to speak. (He is filled with rage) That stupid doctor said that you will be fine till today. I won’t spare him I gonna kill him. Don’t worry Krishna you we get fine we will go to the best doctor and you will soon be able to speak. I will go and tell everyone and then we will go to a doctor (With his back facing Krishna he is about to leave when he hears Krishna laughing. He turns and looks at her)

Krishna is laughing her heart out and then she sits on the floor holding her stomach still laughing loudly. She stops laughing as she sees Sayyam giving her a deadly look

Sayyam (he gets annoyed and shouts at her )  -Have you  done with your laughing. You are the most stupid girl I have ever seen. How idiotic things you do. You don’t care about anyone’s feelings. Here I was concerned for you and you are busy doing this stupid things. (He pulls her Closer to himself) Yesterday when I saw you in that state I thought that we all have lost you and today when you acted like you can’t speak you don’t know how scared I was. You don’t have eyes, you can’t see such a big sign that was on the tree and went in completely opposite direction. You are a “Bhukkad”, don’t know what you ate due to which you weren’t able to speak but still you are so shameless that you are giggling like a fool.

Krishna (now she lost her patience and was so angry that her anger was enough to burn a person, she holds his collar)  – Stop it you said enough about me. You think that it was my fault due to which I was lost then listen I still have proof. And who are you to call me a “Bhukkad” I did not ate anything different from you all. Yesterday it was a very stressful day for all of us so I thought of playing a small prank with you as I considered you as my friend.

Sayyam is happy as Krishna considers him as her friend but in some corner of the heart he is sad though he doesn’t know why he is having this mixed feelings.

Sayyam – Sorry Krishna actually I was scared and that’s why I lost my temper

Krishna – You all keep scolding Sayyam.

Sayyam – No Krishna I won’t do it again.

Krishna (cutely) – Promise?

Sayyam – Promise. Now tell me what you were saying about the proof.

Krishna – Actually the place where the sign was I had clicked many photos and in them also the sign was in Right

Sayyam – Show them.

Sayyam is going through all the photos and he agrees with Krishna that it was not she was not at fault.

Sayyam – Some one intentionally did this.

Krishna – But why will anyone do this?

Sayyam – To kill you, it was like a miracle that we found your earing and then we came in that direction otherwise we would have never thought of searching in that direction. And if we had made a further delay then you wouldn’t have been able to live.

They again look the photos and suddenly sayyam zooms one picture.

Sayyam – Baby did all this.

Krishna – How you so sure about this.

Sayyam – See this picture it can be clearly seen that someone is hiding behind this tree and watching you. And now see this wallet which is coming out from his pocket. If you remember this is the same wallet which you choosed for yourself but Baby wanted the same so gave it to her.

(Krishna thinks He really notices me)

Krishna – Yes you are right but without any proof we can’t blame anyone. Now just forget all this and lets go out everyone must be waiting.

(Sayyam thinks you can forget it Krishna but I can’t)

Sayyam – You go I have to make an important phone call I will come once I finish it

Krishna leaves and joins everyone outside.

Yuvraj  – How are you feeling now Krishna beta?

Krishna – I am absolutely fine Daidu. (she smiles at him)

Suhani – I think Yuvraj we should go back. After all that happened yesterday I am scared.

Krishna – No aunty please because of me, we shouldn’t cancel our plan

Pratima – Krishna it’s because of you beta. We will cancel this adventure and instead do some sight seeing

(Everyone likes the idea and agrees to it)

There Sayyam has quietly sneaked into Baby’s tent. He thinks (Yesterday that doctor said that Krishna ate something in which there was a chemical similar to the one found in sindoor and sindoor is easily available anywhere. If today Baby’s bottle of Sindoor is empty then no one can protect her from me)

He searches for Baby’s sindoor bottle, soon he finds it and he is shocked to find it empty.

Sayyam – This means everything is done by Baby, but I have to find something more as no one will believe me. (He leaves and joins everyone and agrees to their plan)

David guides them and they all go to Kufri.

David – So this is Kufri, we will go on that hill by horse, there are beautiful apple garden over there.

Krishna (she gets scared) – You all go I will sit here I don’t want to go

Suhani – But why it’s so beautiful over there.

Yuvani- ohho mumma our “Jhansi ki Rani” is scared of horse riding (Krishna makes a cute face)

Sayyam – Yeah one “Jhansi ki Rani jumped from a mountain with her horse and this Jhansi ki Rani is scared to even sit on a horse” come we will sit together.

Krishna (whispers) – I have no interest in sitting with you.

Sayyam (whispers) – same here. But if you won’t come then Maa will also not come and I don’t want that so shut your mouth and sit with me.

Everybody is going to sit

Baby – Yuvan even i want to sit with you

Yuvan – That’s great come will will also sit together

Everyone looks at them. They all sit on the horse and start to go up the hill. They reach there and admire its beauty. While Krishna sees that there tourists are doing wearing the traditional clothes worn by the people residing there and are clicking photos.

Krishna – Hey listen na let’s wear those clothes and click pictures (she says this pointing towards a lady who is making the people wear those clothes)

Yuvani – Yes let’s go

They all go there, when a lady comes and takes Krishna and Yuvani and helps to wear those clothing. All the others also wear it, but Sayyam is busy admiring the beauty of his wife. He comes out from his thoughts when Suhani calls him and asks him to wear the clothes. All of them gets ready and clicks some family photos and some couple photos. Yuvani asks Kriyam to do the Titanic pose at first they don’t agree to it but when suhani says they agree and do it along with some other poses. They come down from the hill and go to a temple called Hidimba temple there Krishna clicks some photos with Rabbit and a baby goat she sits on yaak and the rest of the day they enjoy in this way

It’s the night time

All others are waiting for food while Baby’s phone rings seeing it she gets tensed and answers it, suddenly she gets up and goes to the back side of the tent. Sayyam gets suspicious and follows her. There she meets a man.

Baby – What are you doing here?

Man – I want more money.

Baby – What are you mad?  The deal was of 1 lakh and I have already given them to you.

Man – Yes but you promised me that nothing will happen to my snake. But he escaped and now it’s impossible to find him. If you don’t give me money then I will tell everyone about your deeds

Baby – Okay I will give you but how much do you want?

Man – 2 lakhs.

Baby – Ok, wait here I will be back (She goes to her tent and comes back with the money)

Man – Thnx but can I ask you one thing?

Baby- Ask

Man – Why did you wanted such a poisonous snake?

Baby – To kill a girl named Krishna. I tried to kill her two times but every time she is saved. Now just leave from here and don’t show your face again.

The man leaves and Baby goes and joins everyone.

Krishna with Yuvani’s help is serving every one.

They all are about to start but Sayyam comes and interrupts them

Sayyam – Everyone please wait. It will be boring if we there is no fun. Do you all want something entertaining. (Everyone in unison shouts yes) So here it is

He brings a man everyone is confused but Baby’s face fades

Sayyam – Everyone must be remembering the incident that happened with Krishna but the interesting thing is that it was intentionally by someone

Suhani – But who will do such a disgusting thing.

Sayyam – This man is going to tell us something and even making us hear a recording.

Man – I am a “Sapera” Baby came to me two days before and purchased the most poisonous snake by giving me one lakh rupees.

Yuvan – But why she will purchase it

Sayyam – To kill Krishna, that very night when I and Krishna were sleeping the snake was about to attack her but I saved her. (He asks the man to continue)

Man – I have a recording which I want to you all to hear. (He plays the recording in which he asks Baby why she purchased a snake and she admits of trying to kill Krishna twice)

Everyone gets shocked and tears roll down from Krishna’s eyes. Suhani goes to Baby and slaps her.

Suhani – Baby I did not expected you to do such a disgusting thing. If Sayyam had said this without any proof I would not have believed me.

Baby – (cries) I am sorry please forgive me.

Sayyam – Ooh Baby do you want one slap from me as well and then you will confess about the Trekking incident.

Baby reveals all her misdeeds and begs for forgiveness from Everyone and mostly from Krishna

Sayyam is about to call the police but Krishna stops him. Everyone is looking at Krishna in shock

Suhani – What are you doing beta

Krishna – Aunty I don’t think that calling police and getting Baby arrested will be the end of it. Maybe she hates me and that’s why she did it and if she has realized her mistake and wants a chance. Then I think she should get a second chance.

Sayyam – But Krishna (he is about to say something but Krishna interrupts him)

Krishna – Sayyam please everyone does a mistake but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t forgive him. And who can understand this better than you (she gives him a comforting look)

Everyone agrees and Baby gets a second chance.

Baby- Thank you Krishna I won’t forget it and I promise that I will become a better person

Krishna (smiles at her) – I know Baby now don’t think too much.

Rags – Now seriously after all this drama I just want to go back.

Everyone agrees with her.

Yuvraj – So be ready tomorrow morning we will be leaving from here now everybody go and take rest.

They all leave.

In Kriyam’s tent, Krishna is packing their bag when in Sayyam’s bag she finds a transparent packet containing a white powder like thing, she holds it in her hands and is trying to figure out what it is. But Sayyam shouts at her and takes it away from her.

Sayyam( shouts)  – How many times I have told you not to touch my things.

Krishna- No need of shouting I was just packing our bags

Sayyam – No need to pack mine I can do it on my own

Krishna (gets irritated) – Fine do it, I am going to sleep. (She and sleeps on bed thinking “Is he mad sometimes he cares for me, and sometimes he gets mad at me. Ooho he is an idiot now stop thinking much and sleep”)

Sayyam – Ooh thank God today I am saved. But I have to be more conscious because this trip have brought us close to each other.

Precap – Krishna can’t hold her tears when she comes to know the truth about Sayyam. Will Kriyam get separated.

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