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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 52- Vahni’s dream got broken

Here i’m back with the next update hope you guys will like it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.


RM @ 9:00 am

Om” why shivaay fone is switched off?

“Gauri calling at farm house talking to Om” omkara g ramu kaka is also not  picking up the fone. What we gonna answer maa? Soon maa will wake up.

Rudra” O! Anika bhabhi theek ho gayi na?

“Bhavya gets furious” Rudra!! what bhabhi theek to ho gayi na? Nothing happened to Anika di ok. So stop your nonsense.

Rudra” gazes her cluelessly”

“Gauri puts landline on table walk to bhavya” Doll! What’s this? Why you………

“Bhavya hug Gauri cries” Gauri di i’m not feeling good.. Maa is still under effect of medicine and di is not back yet and shivaay bhaiya also not responding…. humain bohat dar lag raha hai.

“Om brushing bhavya hairs” ACP Bhavya sahiba nothing will happen to your Anika di.

“Rudra pat on bhavya shoulder” got it bandariya nothing will happen to our Anika bhabhi. Kyun O….. Rudra gazes om

“Om cages trio in his arm” nothing can happen to Anika di / bhabhi when SSO is there with her.

“Bhavya with watery eyes” sach may  Shivaay bhaiya , Anika di kuch nahe honey dey gay?

Om” Yes ! honestly” …..

Gayu” pinky promise”

“Omru about to lock their little finger with Gayu…… When Om eyes fall on stumbling feet.

He lift his gaze to find  the onwer of stumbling feet gets stun to his position to see blue orbs and off white shirt dentched red……

Rudra” O! What happened? Pinky promise”

“Om without looking trio point his index finger towards door”

“Gayu and Rudra switch their gazes to indicated direction” trio too gets shocked.

Gauri” Shi…vaay bhaiya”

Shivaay” face is shown tears rolling from his eyes”

Gayu and Omru” runs to him”

Om” Shivaay ! Are you fine? This blood? your fone is switched off  and why   you  are crying?

Bhavya” Shivaay bhaiya why you are crying? And where’s Anika di…. Bhavya start looking sides of Shivaay”

Rudy” Shivaay bhaiya why are you quite please tell us where’s Anika bhabi”

“Om getting angry squeeze Shivaay shoulders” Shivaayyyy we are asking something from you? Where’s bhabhi?

“Shivaay lift his eyes up and gazes all with red shot eyes”

Om” Shivaay!! Will you stop giving this dramatical look to us and please open your mouth?

“Gauri step forward holds Shivaay hand” Shivaay bhaiya humari Anika di theek hai na?

“Shivaay hug Gauri tightly cries” forgive your bhaiya i, i…..

“Gauri breaks the hug shouts….. What i, i……. ha? Tell me where’s my Anika di?

“Shivaay bend his head turns a side”

“Gayu and Omru passes dreadly gaze to eachother and then gazes Shivaay with millions of questions arrowing him”

Shivaay” crying vigrously”

“Men enter the house and place body in the mid of hall”

“Bhavya shaking Shivaay” Shivaay bhaiya what’s this?

“Gauri eyes getting watery” stop joking Shivaay bhaiya none of us gonna tolerate this”

Om” Gauri is saying correct Shivaay and aunty g will slap you for this prank.

Scene shifts to Devohi room

“Aarohi screams Anu and short sits on bed”

Dev” Aarohi what happened ? He comes and sit next to her”

Aarohi” i’ve seen every bad dream Dev. She comes out of bed and question him about Anu”

Dev” Aarohi! Come sit here you need rest”

Aarohi” where’s Anu ? Did she came back? She’s fine na? Wait let me check her?

Dev” Aarohi, Aarohi take a pause. Anu is fine”

“Aarohi throws his hand away” stepping out still i myself don’t see her i won’t believe you.

Dev” walking behind her.. Aarohi listen to me”

“Aarohi running towards hall calling Anika” Anu, Anu”

“Gayu and Shivomru get shocked to hear Aarohi voice”

“Shivaay craking” M…a..a

Dev” Aarohi listen to me”

Aarohi” Anu where are you Anu”

“Gayu running to Aarohi” Maa, Dad

“Aarohi enter the hall” The moment Aarohi enter the hall winds starts blowing and cloth gets aparted from death body face.

Aarohi eyes gets widen to see the face

Dev” feet gets fixed with the floor tears start rolling from his eyes…. A…..nu

All faces gets black and white to see the face

“Shivaay break down near the enterance”

Scene shifts to unknown place 

“Vahni scream at the top of her voice ” Nooooo!!! Anika can’t die no she can’t die. I’ve not kept both alive that you( addressing god) give such a smiple death to Rajput’s. I had that right to give merciless death to them not you.

Twenty years, twenty years i waited for their death day and you just in few hours splash water on my hardwork.

I kept Rajput’s in dark that Aarohi is dead but Anu never believed that. I made Rajput’s lifeless soul’s  for twenty years they were sleeping on death bed only sorrows became their destiny.

And today you changed my whole game plan. You give those Rajput’s just a smiple death……Noooooo.

Rajput’s ki barbaadi sirf Vahni ki hatho ho gayi aur koi mujhse say haq chheene nahe sakhta tu bhi nahe. Suna tu bhi nahe…..

Scene shifts to RM

Gayu scream” Anika di

“Om chutching Shivaay collar” Shivaayy! Yeh sab kya hai ? Bol

Rudra” Shivaay bhaiya speak up”

Bhavya” she’s not my Anika di”

“Dev pull shivaay drag him to body” tell me who’s body is this and where’s DSR daughter?

Shivaay” silently cries”

“Aarohi step foward sit next to Shivaay in soft milky voice question him” Shivaay beta where’s Anu?

“Shivaay shout” Maar gayi hai ap ki Anu……..

“Aarohi slap Shivaay hard eyes gets red” what you said?

“Shivaay forgive me he join his hand infront of Aarohi ”  SSO can’t save for Anu

Aarohi” No! Anu can’t d…….. you are lying to me.

Shivaay” i’m so….r…ry”

Bhavya” come close to body Anika di get up other otherwise i’ll take Maa and Aloo puri. You always says na Maa and Aloo puri are only of Anu’s but now i’m gonna take it so if you don’t want this to happen so get up it’s my order”

All crying gazing the body except Aarohi

“Aarohi stop crying she’s not Anu she’s some imposter”

“Dev cup Aarohi face” Aarohi yeah she’s some imposter.

“Shivaay stop it she’s not any imposter he stand up gazes all” She’s your Anika di he points towards Gayu, yours Anika bhabi and yours Anu…….. She’s dead.

All shout you are lying

“Shivaay crying” i’m not lying damn it i’m not and still if you think i’m lying then ask maa to touch her and clear your doubt

Gayu runs to  Aarohi” Maa dekho na yeh Shivaay bhaiya kya bol rahy hai.

“Dev pleading Aarohi to check”

“Aarohi gazes all moves near body smiles” i know she’s not my Aun….. Aarohi still gazing all slowly moving her hand towards Anika body. She slowly  holds Anika hand.

“Shivaay crying and nodding negatively”

All gazing Aarohi with watery eyes

“Aarohi holding Anika hand”

Screen freezes on Aarohi and Anika hand


Precape no precape.


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