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If you hold my hand #Sidhaswi S1/C2/E1

[Imagine Anaya-Kriti Kharbanda and Aryan- Kartik Aryan…. I can’t help it I love that pairing from Guest Inn London]

Meeting you was my fate



Teja’s POV❤

I got down from my flight and headed towards the exit doing all the essential jobs before checking out from the airport…

“Gosh” I exclaimed on my foolishness… How could I forget about Anaya’s Marriage!!  I could bet She’s gonna kill me when I see her….I got a person holding a board of my name.. Yeah Anaya sent a car for me…
So sweet of her…. But the bitter anger was waiting for me at the destination!!… Uff!

“Thats me… ” I said …he took my bag and kept it in the Car’s boot.

“Thank you ” I said before getting into the car.

And drove off.

~POV ends

Poor Tejasswi.. She thinks  anger is waiting for her but destiny has planned something else.. Something beautiful or should say handsome.. Haha..lets go ahead as she had reached Anaya’s bungalow filled with the hustle-n-bustle

Oh… I can see Anaya packing her bag.
“Hi……. A.. N.. A.. Y.. A ” says Teja sheepishly.


“I am sorry… Sorry na yaar… Aah!… No… Plz… Sorry… Aau!.. Ee… Anu… ”

Oh Anaya had started throwing things at Tejasswi… Uff Anger!.. Ho bhi kyu naa.. If my friend would forget about my marriage ..I’d kill her… But wait I am not gonna get married  …shh Ani.. Focus on the story…

“..sorry….no no no no no no….not the vase… ”

Teja runs out of the room to save herself…
“Ruk…. Teja… “..Anaya Runs behind her with the vase. ..”How could you forget about my wedding…. I’ll kill You… “…

“I didn’t forgot…I was just too busy with my work.. . “..Teja stops and says with attitude..

“liar…..I know you forgot “…..Anaya throws the vase on her… But by then Teja had made her dart towards the corridor …….

“Tejaa… “…She followed her…

“Stop beating me yaar… ” tejasswi turned while running ..

“Ah! “…she bumped into someone.
“Where will you run now…?? “..
And now Teja was saving herself using the person to cover her…
“How could someone forget about her friend’s wedding.. ”
“I said na sorry”

But suddenly these cats realize that someone was stuck because of them.

Both look at him..
“Hey.. ” Anaya greets..
“Tejasswi  Sidhant Sidhant Tejasswi” points to the one as she takes the  name.. Like short way of introducing…

“Oh… Hi.. Aryan’s Friend?? “..Teja shakes hands with him.
“Yup” he replied looking at her completely astonished.

“Dude you have a healthy heart”..exclaims teja

“How do you know? ” asks perplexed  Anaya
“He has a tight grip know.. Our grip tells the condition of our heart”..
“Tune phir apni GK book khol di… “..Teja thightened her lips on Anaya’s words

“By the way… What happened?  Why are you here now? “..she continued talking to Sidhant
“Nothing.. Just had some official work with Mr. Patel.. ” Sid replied

“Oh!.. Dad is in the study..See you.. Chal teja”…they head back to the room….

“Mela motu is getting married haan.. ” Teja hugs her from back like a bubbly kid.. “Sorry.. But now I am here no… “..
“Forgiven.. “…

Sidhant was still standing there looking at them going..

“Tejasswi”…he has a smile on his face

……To be continued

Precap- FLASHBACK!!!!

Sorry for short and late update but my life is getting hectic due to Class 11th with PCM
Uff! Too many thik books

If there’s anyone who need translation of hindi dialogues please inform or else I won’t provide. 😊

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