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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 9

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“It’s been a month since I have decided to stay with them…am not feeling that good here, but I’m happy that am making them feel them good by staying here. I’m staying in a guest room now, which is built below Sanskars room..Sanskars room has stairs directly to the garden and even my room has direct back door to the garden….The day I shifted to ‘Mayuri bhavan’ I discovered that Sanskars room and my room were indirectly attached to each others rooms through garden… I went to sleep that night, but I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully, I was thinking about Babu sir, my future, and this family. I stood up from my bed, and opened the back door to get some fresh air and to see the flowers…I saw someone sitting on the bench.. Pehle I thought it to be ghost, but then I realized that it’s Sanskar sitting on the bench..I went near him and sat beside him ‘Oh Ragini, you? here? Why aren’t you sleeping?’ ‘Nothing Sanskar…’ ‘Oh its new place right? thats why..’ I didn’t reply after this, even he didn’t ask any question after that, we both were just staring at the dark sky with few stars scattered around… and beautiful flowers…I dont even know when did I fell asleep on his shoulder, even he fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I saw a blanket around us, who kept the blanket? I just stood up thinking that, and went back to my room, Sanskar was still sleeping on the bench. I felt him all alone with the morning freshness of flowers. I saw my cupboad, it was filled with new clothes and accessories, I went to the washroom and completed daily chores. I stood infront of the shower to wash myself, this is my first time bathign under a shower. It felt so good, the sprinkles of water coming from the shower made me feel like ts raining, I stood there for almost half an hour, fully drenched with water coming from shower. Everything here was new, new soap, new shampoo…. I come to my room after bathing, I opened the cupboard to wear clothes, I never had these many choices before, there were many clothes infront of me. I didn’t know what to wear. Finally, I have decided to wear something simple. I dried my hair, combed and then put a clutch to get them together. this is how my life went on for past one month.

Laksh was busy with his studies, Sanskar and Swara were busy with their company stuff. Uncle was roaming in his own world. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like am a burden, I don’t know what did I do to deserve all this love from these many people? I don’t know….I was lost in my thoughts when uncle came into the room adn asked ‘Beta, do you want to learn any instrument?’ ‘umm yeah, actually…what about flute?’ ‘Fine beta, we will start it from tomorrow, is that fine?’ ‘yeah yeah, definitely’ Finally I get to learn something…. After few hours Laksh asked me to come out with him, I said okay. ‘Ragini, we were so busy that we couldn’t give you enough time to mingle with us. I’m really sorry for that, I know its difficult to adjust..’ ‘No no Laksh everything is fine’ ‘Ragini, you can share anything you want to..’ ‘hmm okay Laksh..’ ‘Ragini do you know where are we going now?’ ‘No’ ‘We are going to a music school, I have seen you singing very passionately the other day, your voice is really good Ragini…’ Wow, he just heard what I wanted to say, I really wanted to learn singing…’Thanks Laksh’ This is all what I had for him now….”

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