Monday , September 28 2020


The episode starts with Arjun and Adi hugging eachother..and karan enters the scene..

karan : Whats going on..

Arjun : Nothing..

karan : Some thing is wrong comeon tell me..

Adi : Don’t worry karan.. we will tell you when the right time come..

Karan : I belevie you bhai.. they all are ready to go.. i think we should go.

Adi, arjun karan with his all other youngster’s leave for thevkhurana’s mansion


After dropping Zoya.. Maya comes to her office in her office there is an idol of Lord Ganesh.. she stands there and prays with closed eyes.. when she opens her eyes it is red and teary.. She goes to her Cabin..

Check some files and calls her secratary

Maya: What the hell were you doing.. it should be published tomarrow and you are still working on it..

Secra: Sorry ma’am..

Maya being angry throws the file away..

She goes out of her cabin and walks in the office area for few minutes.. She gets a call from Ashwin.. sje goes to ashwin’s cabin..

As she enter his cabin she is surprised to see Zoya there..

Maya : Zoe.. you here??

Zoya : Papa wanted to say something??

Ashwin : What is your opinion of shifting to india..

Maya : Why so sudden?

Ashwin : I thought of it for many days..  i think jhanvi will be happy about this..

Zoya : I have no objection..

Maya : If she is happy.. then its done ,Dad..

Ashwin  : So we are leaving tomarrow

Maya : What?

Zoya : tomarrow.. i haven’t purchased anything..

Maya and Ashwin laughs on zoya..

Just then Ashwin’s secratary calls him for meeting and he goes…

Maya notices the book on Zoya’s bag.. She takes it.. She is surorised to know that Zoya has started reafing loves stories..

Maya : I think you have taken so seriously what mom said..

Zoya : What..

Maya: Adi…Adi… Adii..

Maya runs and ziya follows her…


As soon as the youngsters reach khurana mansion.. They see the wohle family there.

Sameer : Did we do something wrong..

Abhi : Shutup if we had they should.. be angry not calm..

Shivu : Are you sure

Abhi : Of course.. I think.. i am.

Arjun : What happened dad??

Manav : Nothing we were just talking about all things..

Aditi : Why don’t you guus also sit down..

Aarti : Yeah.. its fun to here there old stories..

Just then Mahesh cameup with an old cassette.. and he played that..

It was of four children (2boys &2 girls).. both the boys are fighting and A girl is laughing and otherone is crying..

Ragini : Mom.. isn’t that arjun&adi bhai..

Kavya : Yes..

Aarti : Who are those girls..

Kavya : My friend’s daughter..Maya and zoya..(she narrates their story)..Arjun hears it with full intrest but adi goes from there getting bored..

karan : Abhimanyu bhai where did you put my laptop i just remrmber i have an assingment to do for tomarrow..

Abhi : Its in adi’s room..

Karan goes..

Aarti :Sam Bhai aren’t you both studying in same class..

Sameer : I am not so last minute like him.. i have done it..


Karan was unable to find his laptop.. and he started searching adithya’s room completrly.. and last he finds it.. but also he haooens to see an alchol bottke there.. He takes it

Just then afi ente his room and takes the bottle from Karan..

Adi : What are you doing here karan??.

Karan : I came to take my laptop..

Adi  : You have it na.. now go out of my room

Karan : okay..

Karan goes out of adi’s room and adi shuts the door …

Karan stands there thinking about mahesh calling adi rebel.. (which he accidently heard).. The washroom scene with adi having a teary red eye.. And also the alchol bottle

Karan (himself) : Something is not right.. its time to dig up the dectative in me..


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