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Dont you think my love deserves a chance – Prologue ( ARSHI )


Hi friends,

This is akshaya here after a long break. I know i left many stories behind but I am too sorry.. This is my come back story of that of arnav and khushi.

This story is based on sheetal track of  the story iss pyar ko kya naam doon.

Few notes before we proceed onto this story..

  •  khushi is not the niece of garima .
  • shashi found khushi when she was 8 years old
  • there was no chaos on wedding ceremony of arshi so that means dadi is still with them .
  • Few additional characters will be introduced as the story proceeds on..


She walked solely on the road at midnight not knowing what destiny is store in for her.  Pain was the word which received from the start. Pain that she took smilingly for everyone where now no one stood by her side to share her pain or console her. She didn’t expect her arnavji to also do like this for her which she was confident enough. He chose sheetal and aarav over her , how could he ?. How can he think of me like that. How can he think that I was also like my Amma.  She don’t deserves to be called  Amma but what can I do.  She raised me . She chose payal over me but it’s ok. I am habituated of this things happening day to day in my life. I gave her my mother’s anklets as my only treasure asking to take care until I pay back the amount she spent on me vowing to Amma that I will never meet her where all the things would reach by post . I have thought a lot about future but not about what I am going to do now. How will i and my baby will tackle all the problems.  I promise you baby. I will take care of you a lot more better than all these people. It is better for you to stay out of these people’s world. With a light determination of having her child has a hope she started walking and found to be devasted seeing a few men following her. Her heart beat rose fastly not able to control it. She started running over the road where the few men chased her…

A few minutes later . Bang. She was about to be hit by a car where she fell unconscious with the sudden shock where the car halts to a break, Seeing the girl who was almost to be hurt by the car.  Two man and a women hurry out of the car worriedly and the most shocked was the person who was driving the car to see the fragile girl, his bestie in this condition ..

The goons stopped seeing she fainted and surrounded by 2 to 3 people and proceeded back the way they came before being noticed by them…..

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