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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 14)

Hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff. Hope you all liked previous part.thank you all for support And I hope you all continue to do so.lets continue

zoya fed adi. She was very happy it was an unusual feeling she never experienced such such feeling before. She knew that Adi loved pooja and even she loved yash but.. She never felt something like this before. It was Adis happiness what was her priority.she just wanted to see him happy even she dint know why ?

zoya-aditya I got these for u?

adi-what is this?i don’t recieve gifts from event my  event oraganisers.

zoya- but..adi..

her phone rang

zoya- yes… Yes.. Wait a minute

she went outside

Adi- shall I open it ? She left ? (He rechecked whether she left or not) . So let’s see what is inside it. Chocolates

he found a note stuck behind the box

zoya- aditya hooda .. Once made fun of my cooking skills na. So I decided to make these for your birthday..don’t know you will like it or not. Happy birthday aditya.

Adi- so she made these for me…


zoya-yes ashish I’m zoya yash’s wife..I wanted to ask you something

ashish- zoya bhabhi.. We can meet now because tommorow morning I’m leaving city for 3 weeks

zoya- sure .. I can . Please text me your adress

ashish- sure.. I will text it

zoya- finally.. I can prove yash and Pooja’s inosence

zoya was about to leave

zoya-(thinking) shall I wish aditya once..more.ummm no need .. Isint it. UFC I should ho and wish him

zoya went and found adi was sleeping hugging the chocolate box gifted by her

zoya- aditya you are so childish( thinking)

zoya went inside his room . Covered him with blanket.

zoya-(near his years slowly) happy birthday aditya hooda

he smiled in sleep

zoya left

@ sakshi’s room

sakshi- was talking to Pooja’s pic and Anjana entered her room

Anjana- so… Sakshi u succeeded isint it?

sakshi- what are you saying?

anjana-stop pretending as if you are very innocent … I know that u did all this intentionally. To create misunderstanding between zoya and adi

Sakshi-stop talking rubbish Anjana … Misunderstanding between zoya and adi.. Huh… For that there should be understanding between them.I wanted to protect adi from that gold digger zoya.

anjana- oh,… Zoya is gold digger ? Really sakshi ? You know it better… Who is who was gold digger.

sakshi.. I won’t let you hurt my son.. Anymore.. Now I won’t keep quite.. Thus time it’s about my becarefull

sakshi- leave my room Anjana…

Anjana left her room in anger..

zoya went to address texted by ashish and rang the bell.someone opened the door

zoya- ashish maheshwari.?

ashish- yes… Bhabhi come inside

zoya- ashish you were yash’s best friend na.. You know everything about yash ..isint it?


zoya- I’m going to ask you only one question


zoya-were yash and pooja  were in relationship?

ashish- bhabhi..

lZoya-please.. Ashish.. I want to know…

ashish was in great delemma. Here zoya was desperate to know the  truth.and first time after the accident adi was sleeping peacefully unaware about the storm which was going to hit his life very soon

thats it for today guyzs .do share ur views and  ilove reading your comments

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