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Belan Wali Bahu 22nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s policy still not in hands of family

Belan Wali Bahu 22nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says to commissioner that we brought all papers you asked for, he cries and says what is all this, we are parents of dead son and you are doing this Commissioner calls his guard, guard throws Prem out. Jitendra says you didnt do right, I will come back to make you pay.

Prem says how we will get policy money now. Lata argues with him. Jitendra ask them to stop it. Prem says there is only one way no, we should forget about any policy. Jitendra says now its Laddo’s hard earned money, I will get his death certificate.

Jitendra comes to scrap seller and says I am finding death certificate. Seller says I know a person who makes fake death certificates and nobody can catch them, I will give you his number but you have to sit in my shop while I leave. Seller leaves.

Jitendra sits in scrap shop, all people come there to sell their scrap. Scrap seller comes there and gives him address of that person. Jitendra says you too so much time to come back, he argues with seller and leaves. Seller says now I wont let him get his work done, he calls police station.

Jitendra comes to a office, he asks agent if he can make fake death certificate of his brother? Agent says I will take 10lacs to make it.

Jitendra tells family that they need to collect 10lacs. Lata brings jewelry. Naren gives his pocket money. Roopa gives her jewelry sets and says all are doing something so I should too. Jitendra asks Shalini to give something too, Shalini reluctantly gives her earrings. Prem says these all costs for 10lacs, Jitendra bring that certificate now, Jitendra says I love my brother and I will get his money, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost says they are doing so much for me that I want to do something. Roopa says but you are dead, he glares at her.

Scene 2
Agent makes fake certificate. Jitendra says nobody should know about this, agent says dont worry. Jitendra hears police siren and gets tensed.

All family members are waiting for Jitendra to return. Shalini reads Jitendra’s message that he has got fake certificate made, its under table where I am, I have some work so come and take it. Naren says lets go to take it.

Laddo’s ghost says to dog that my brother is doing so much for me, they are trying to get my saved money to start an orphanage school, my family loves me so much. He doesnt see Jitendra bring dragged by police to police station.

Insurance Agent sees fake death certificate, he says this is nice certificate, I will get process started, who got this certificate? Prem says my son Jitendra, Agent asks where he is?

Jitendra is in police station, he sits on inspector’s seat but inspector comes there and says how dare you sit on my chair, he asks officer to lock him up. Jitendra says I did this for my family and soon I will get my seat here. Dada and Prem comes there to bail him out. Jitendra says how did you know I was here? Prem says your antics leave you in jail only. Dada says we had to bail you for 50,000. Dada says you made that death certificate? he slaps him. Flashback shows insurance agent saying to family that death date was of 6 months later in certificate, agent recognized its fake one. Flashback ends. Dada says you spoiled everything.

PRECAP- Laddo’s soul goes in a dog. Laddo’s ghost from dog says to Roopa that my soul mistakenly went in dog, do something and bring me out. Prem comes there and says I will kick this dog out of house. Roopa says no dont do this with him. Prem says dogs are not nice, they never learn.. Roopa says dont call him a dog, he is Laddo. Prem is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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