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Badho Bahu 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli goes missing from her engagement

Badho Bahu 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky and his team play music. Titli and other ladies dance on Jhoomar song. Titli is still waiting for Lucky. Meanwhile, Chunnu goes to room and takes jewelries.

Lucky says enough with Rajasthan dance. He now plays Punjabi music. Everyone starts dancing. While everyone is busy, Titli goes to a side and calls Lucky. Lucky stops Chunnu. His bag falls. Lucky notices Badho’s clothes inside. He asks him who he is and where he is running? Pinky stops Lucky from taking Chunnu inside and says she will deal with him. She takes the bag and lets Chunnu go.

Titli hopes Lucky come and save her, otherwise she will tell everyone that she doesn’t want to marry Zaalim Singh. She then thinks about her dad.

Lucky looks around for Titli. He is not sure as all ladies are in veils. He figures it out from Titlie’s shoes. He goes to her. She pushes him back. In that, her head hits the wall and she gets unconscious. Lucky lifts her and takes her away. Her phone falls down.

Mucchad Singh tries to trick Jitesh to free him, but he fails.

Lucky puts Titli in car and drives away.

Payal notices Premika not leaving Vardaan. She gets pushed by Vardaan while dancing. Her dress gets stuck in drum and her blouse gets torn. Guests talk rubbish about her. She cries. Vardaan covers her. Teji thinks Premika is doing more than he expected. Premika leaves. Vardaan follows. Pragya feels bad.

Chunnu tells Munnu that he got caught and thanks to Pinky he was able to escape.

Families are about to start engagement. They don’t find Titli anywhere. Guests make fun of Kamla and Malti. Varun calls, but she doesn’t pick up. He says he will go outside and check. Malti asks Avinash’s mother to sit and calls drinks for her. She shouts she wants Titli only.

Lucky tells Titli not to be afraid, he’s not a stranger, he is Lucky. She doesn’t say anything. He then notices she is unconscious. He thinks of leaving the village as soon as possible.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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