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Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (13~Having Fun)

The trio laughed loudly as Maya went unconscious. ‘Shhhh,’ the trio said together and lowered their laughter having a group hug. ‘Now let’s go before anyone sees us,’ Aarohi whispered and they ran to Deep and Tara’s room which was the nearest room. They saw him sitting in sadness and looked at each other. ‘This man, don’t know what to do of him?’ Tara said in a low voice as he hadn’t noticed them yet. ‘I say we should scare him as well, Ishita di, please don’t remove your mask,,’ Aarohi replied and quickly turned off the lights laughing silently.

He startled and the trio giggled. Aarohi walked in the dark room smilingly and went on the bed, she crawled till she reached him. ‘Deep,’ she said in a husky voice. ‘Aarohi now what’s this new drama?’ he replied. ‘Shhhh, no shouting, and you should know that Aarohi is again in the jail,’ she said. ‘What?’ he shouted. ‘Shut up! Now she’s dead, and you’ll be shocked to know that now not even Tara’s location is known,’ she said in a dry voice. ‘What the heck? Then you? Who are you?’ he said standing up from the bed.

‘Ghost, Aarohi’s ghost, I m here to take revenge on you,’ she said. ‘What? No, you can’t do this,’ he said moving away from the bed and collided with someone, the lights switched on and he turned to see another Aarohi/Tara. ‘I m here too, after today, none of you will be saved,’ she said showing him fake knife and he moved back colliding with someone else, he turned to see third Aarohi/Ishita and was shocked. She moved towards him along with Aarohi and Tara and circled him with angry faces. ‘Stop, it’s not at all funny.’

They didn’t stop and Tara stabbed him on his forehead with the fake knife from which the fake blood had been drained by them. He was shocked as to why it didn’t hurt and kept on rubbing his forehead to see if there’s any blood. The trio finally stopped and Tara stood in front of him showing him the fake knife and touched its end and kept pushing it inside then pulling it outside. ‘Look at it, khachhak khachhak khachhak,’ she said and the trio bursted out laughing while Ishita pulled of her mask while laughing. He was shocked.

‘You know what?’ Ishita asked while laughing. ‘What now?’ Deep asked angrily. ‘Shhhhhh,’ the trio said and lowered their laughter once again. ‘What the hell was this? I was so scared,’ he said. ‘C’mon Deep, don’t become so fearful, when you aren’t scared of me, why to get scared of anything else?’ Tara asked. ‘Guys, you three are my family, so its no big deal if you play pranks on me, but please no such pranks by which.. Understand on your own, you guys are awesome. Who have you scared before me?’ he asked laughing on his stupid fear awkwardly.

‘Who else? The main culprit Maya mausi, she tortured me so much,’ Tara said angrily. ‘I m so sorry Tara. Forgive me, at least you should’ve told me about doctor chachu,’ Deep replied. ‘What you would’ve done? You were also little,’ Tara said. ‘I couldn’t have done anything but it could’ve atleast helped you let out your pain, but don’t worry, I got to know it now. I will protect you in every possible way,’ he said and she hugged him and he looked at Aarohi who looked away from him, he hugged her back. Ishita placed her hand on her shoulder blinking in assurance.

‘Tara, let’s go back to police hospital before someone gets to know that you have disappeared,’ Ishita said to Tara. ‘No, no, I don’t want to go there, its a very bad place, the jailor tortures me, Shanaya di, please get me out of there, I don’t want to stay there, once my wound heals, they will get me back to jail and now you won’t be there, if you don’t get me out, I will have to injure myself so much that I remain in the hospital forever,’ Tara said about to bang her head once again.

Ishita pulled her away. ‘No, don’t do this, I will get you out of there, but please don’t injure yourself, if you keep doing this, Maya and your Doctor Chachu will win and that means bad will win, we don’t have to make bad win over good right? We have to make good win over bad, we have to fight, we will fight and we will win, OK? We have to tell mom about their deeds, we have to make Aarohi meet her real mom so she too gets the same love like you, be strong Tara.’

She hugged her. ‘Fine, but you be with me over there,’ Tara said. ‘OK,’ Ishita said and took her but she turned to Aarohi and went to her. She hugged her as well, Aarohi hugged her back and felt a chill down her spine as she wasn’t able to believe on her changing attitude so soon. She broke the hug and while going, she waved at her and she waved back. As they went, awkward silence took place between Aarohi and Deep. He sat on the bed with his side facing him. ‘I understand that your trust on me is not so good like before, but then also I m saying, I did all this senselessly.’

‘So much that you almost took my brother’s life, today I agreed to help Tara and before that I even gave my blood for her, but I haven’t got rid of the hatred in my heart. Even if I say my brother got saved but what about the others who died? Did they also had a relative who was a lookalike of your Tara?’ she said. ‘My Tara? Only you’re mine, my marriage with Tara is just a compromise damn it!’ he said standing up and punched the wall. She gasped as blood oozed out of his fist.

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