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AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 14th

  Aankhon mein Teri 

         Episode – 14th

Recap >> Grandpa tries to say something to Ahil , Naina assures herself that she’s only a friend of him , Jankhi and Adesh interrogates Ahil
ЅCΣ∏Σ 1 ( հOʂTεL )

Ahil : Okay Guys I’ve to go now

Abhay : Bro we’ll miss you very much

Rahul : Oh god what a day it is ?

Ahil : It’s okay it’s for short period only

Abhay : Now what’s the Plan ?

Ahil : We’ll discuss it later , First let me just go home

Abhay : Okay brother bye

Ahil keeps his arms on them ” Guys you’re sad as if I’m your daughter and I’m going away to SASURAL ( husband’s home ) , Don’t cry buddies .

Abhay and Rahul laughs and trio hugs .

ЅCΣ∏Σ 2 ( ᖇᗩI’S ᕼOᑌSᕮ )
Rai’s returns back …They are sitting on dinning table for lunch .

Kamini : Don’t know what would have this girl done behind us

Riya : Right ! Mom I think something is fishy over here

Kamini : I’ll ask her later , Naveen Ji what are you busy with on phone

Naveen : Dr.Mishra called me several times , But I didn’t answered .

kamini : Dr.Mishra , Why did he called ?

Naveen : Don’t know, Oh wait he’s calling ” Hello Doctor ”

Doctor told him everything .

Naveen : what ? How’s this possible , How ?

Doctor : My duty was to report , So i did , Bye .

Naveen throws the phone on floor ” Naina took help from Ahil and he paid 18 lakhs to save Daddy ”

Everyone got shocked and stood up , Kamini ” What ? ”

Riya : But Ahil was saying he’s going to ..

Kamini : It means it was all a false , He was here in India in Udaipur only

Riya picks a glass from table and breaks it ” Shit ! Naina is really a shit , She took advantage and tried to draw his attention ”

Naveen : Riya go to your room now , It’s not the time to discuss all this .

Riya in angry mood beats her high heels on the white tiles and leaves the spot .

Kamini : Why are you disturbed ?

Naveen : I thought let him die , Later I’ll print his thumbs on the papers and all the property would be ours , But no he’s still alive .

Kamini : And Ahil helped Naina , He paid huge amount , What if he asked the money back , What we will do now ?

Naveen : I don’t know Kamini , I know my Plan is destroyed , Now we’ve to bear that old sick 90 year old man more and more .

Kamini : This girl , Since she’s come to our home , Our whole life is miserable

Naveen : Think something now

Kamini : what can I do ? My brain is jammed .

Kamini : Firstly her mom destroyed my brother’s life and then instead of Giving the whole property to our girl , He gave it to Naina , I’ll kill her One day I’m telling you .

Naveen : Shh don’t talk about it , You know very well what Daddy said didn’t you !

Kamini : I know I’m just waiting for the day when on one side I’ll be crying showing how sad I’m on father’s death and on the other hand I’ll be happy that I’ll take revenge form this girl .


Janki and Adesh reached their home . Janki rapidly walks into her temple and brings a Try on which a incense stick was burnt .

Adesh : Janki what are you doing ?

Janki : My son is Coming back I’m so happy , I’m purifying the home

Ad : Janki you’re amazing , Akhh Akhhh !!! ( Irritated throat ) Stop this , whole house is smoked .

Janki : This is important so that all the bad shadows run away from here , I’ll do everything I could to protect AHIL !

Ad goes to his room .

~~~ EVENING~~~~~~~

The table is decorated with foods  from all over the world , House is lighted with colors

Janki : I’ve made all of Ahil’s favorite dishes

Ad : Wow ! looks great

Janki : curry rice , Pasta , Pizza , Gulab jamun , Italian Salad , Beverages

Ad : Okay , Okay mother India it’s really more than enough .

Janki’s phone ringed ” Hello Mam Ahil sir has come ”

Janki : Gateman called , My son is here .

Ahil came and stood at threshold , He was holding a big suitcase .

Janki : wait Ahil be there only !

Janki took the Plate and Revolves it around him , Ahil touches their feet and comes in .

Ahil : It’s so pleasant to see my home , Wow

Janki : Today my soul is so happy My son is here

Ad : Come AHIL see what your mom did for you

Ahil sees the whole table was full ” Mom so much food ”

Janki : It’s all for you dear , Come have some food .

Ahil sat down ” Oh mom you really made my day ”

Janki : Eat son Eat all’s is for you .

Ad took Janki to some distance ” Janki ask him more about money and girl ”

Janki : I’ll , He has just came now

Ad : No just do it now

Janki : Okay wait !

Ahil saw them murmuring ” Mom dad what’s the matter ”

Ad ” Just do what I say okay ”

He went away . , ” Nothing son ” – Janki .

Janki came and sat beside Ahil ” Ahil tell me more about Naina ”

Ahil : Why mom ? we’re just best friends

Janki : But I really wonder if that girl is of our type and class or not

Ahil : Mom , He holds her hands ” See mom , I’m very easy with you so am telling you that , Yes I really want her and I’m attracted towards her , Naina , She’s like everything to me Now ”

Janki in her mind ” Oh god , I just wish that Ahil hasn’t chose a bad girl for him ,Lord help him please ”

Janki : Ahil you should go and get fresh now , You must be tired .

Ahil : Yes , Bye love you Ma !

Janki to herself : No no before Naina and Ahil gets so close to each other I’ve to once meet her and her family , Yes , I’ve to .

Janki : I won’t tell anyone that I’m visiting that girl , But how could I find where she lives .

She calls Ahil’s driver and finds out where Ahil used to go except University .

At A̲h̲i̲l̲’s̲ ̲r̲o̲o̲m̲ …

Ahil sat on his bed , He was holding his forehead as if he was distressed .

Ahil : What did grandpa wanted to tell ! what ? , I think I should at least once go and find it out .


Ahil climbs down the stairs and Saw Janki going out somewhere .

Ahil : Mom where are you going ?

Janki : Just to meet a friend of mine , Why ?

Ahil : Nothing I was going out for a walk .

AD : Just came yesterday and you’re going right in morning , Why don’t you feel good at home ? Or going somewhere else to meet someone

Ahil : Dad I’m just going to hangout for sometime

Ad : I’ll come with you

Ahil : No thanks I’ll see , Bye

Ad to Janki : He’s just like you , Always do what he likes to

Janki : Ad be calm now , He’s a youngster , I’m going , Bye .

ЅCΣ∏Σ 4 ( At hospital )

Grandpa was laying on bed thinking ” How would be Naina , I really miss her a lot ”

Someone knocked at the door , ” Who’s this ? ”

Ahil : May I come in

Grandpa : Ahil ! come , come on in

Ahil : How’s you know ?

Grandpa : I’m really good , How come you be here ?

Ahil : Yesterday you wanted to tell me something , Just to talk about that I’m here

Grandpa became silent ” What should I say to him ! Should I say the truth ”

Ahil : I thought of it whole night that what you wanted to say , Especially about Naina .

Grandpa : See I am a man who like to put away my thoughts in front of my trustees straightforward .

Ahil : That’s really good you can always count on me

Grandpa : Tell me what’s between you and Naina

Ahil : Friendship

Grandpa : Only friendship and nothing else

Ahil stumbles : Y aaesss !!!

Grandpa : Don’t lie , I can catch it in your eyes easily

Ahil looks with confident vision into his eyes ” I love Naina ”

Grandpa got surprised ” If you do then why were you hesitant to tell ”
Ahil : Because Naina dosen’t loves me , For her we’re just friends and nothing else .

Grandpa : Can I give you a suggestion , Love happens without even knowing , But friendship happens when both are ready .

Grandpa : She is your friend and one day she’ll herself say what she thinks of you

Ahil : You’re right , But what could I do now

Grandpa : See Ahil , My Naina is born blind , Since she has gained power to understand things , She thinks that she can’t be loved , I don’t know why , She thinks whosoever will love her would only do so because of sympathy , Not because he or she actually loves her .

Ahil : It’s not the case with me Grandpa , I really …

Grandpa : Loves Don’t need words to get expressed , It’s made from heart to other heart .

Ahil : Can I ask you question please ?

Grandpa : Yes !

AHIL: Is Naina really Kamini’s daughter , And why is she always afraid of her !

Grandpa : Why are you saying all this ?

Ahil narrates all the incidents he had experienced with Kamini and Naina .

Grandpa whoops : What Naina suffered this much in my absence , I knew , I knew they’ll not love her , I knew it

Ahil : What ? and why are you saying them ‘ They ‘ as if they’re nothing for Naina .

Grandpa : I DON’T know how should I tell it you , Really I don’t know , How should I tell about Naina .

ЅCΣ∏Σ 5 ( RAI’S house )

Riya , Kamini were Sitting on lounges , Instantly a loud feminine voice was heard from the door ” RADHE RADHE ” ( a type of greeting )

Kamini stood mesmerised seeing a woman wearing gold Saree , Loaded with jewels , And holding a expensive Bag in her hands

Kamini : RADHE RADHE !

Lady : Is this Naina rai’s house

Kamini : Yes , Who’s this ?

Lady : I’m Janki aka Jhanvi Sinha

Riya was shocked , She uttered ” Ahil’s mom ”

Kamini sweetly : Oh !! Janki sinha , Sorry I couldn’t recognise I’ve always seen you in television , First time seeing you at my home

Janki : It’s okay can I come in .

Kamini : Off course please be comfortable , Come , Come in .

Kamini : Pinky get some tea , Coffee , Water for mam hurry up

Janki lifts up her hand : No , No thanks I’ve already done breakfast , I’m just here to meet Naina Rai .

She looks at Riya ” Hi Naina can I talk to you ”

Riya was surprised , She murmurs slowly ” Me Naina ”

Kamini : Why do you want to meet Her ?

Janki : Ahil told me that he likes Naina , So I thought why shouldn’t I meet her once .

Kamini in her mind : I think there’s some misunderstanding , She thinks Riya is Naina

Kamini holds Riya’s shoulders ” This is Naina Rai , My daughter ”

Riya stares at her , She clasped hardly her shoulder , Kamini : Yes you’re right , Our Naina loves Ahil and he loves her too

Janki : Oh I see , I should say you’ve a big house .

Kamini : Thanks a lot , So you’re here to talk about Alliance right ??

Janki : I’m here to say sorry to you that Me and Ahil’s dad has already seen a girl for Ahil , So we should stop talking about the alliance now

Kamini : Janki Ji , You’ve only seen girl but Ahil loves Naina , My daughter , So no point in saying No

Janki : I don’t care he’ll marry to girl which I’ll myself chose for him , And that’s it , This is what I was here to talk about , Now I should leave .

Kamini : Janki Ji for once please listen to me

Janki : My Ahil will only marry a girl from rich family , And good status , That’s it , Now I should take your leave .

ЅCΣ∏Σ 5 ( At temple )

Naina was crying , Her eyes were red , She was standing in front of Lord , She spoke sobbingly by keeping a Little piece of white in feet  of lord Krishna.

Naina : main kase us ko samjhaoon ki mujhe wo  chahiye , Par khudko kase btaaon ki wo mera nahi hain ( How shall I tell him how much I need him and how should I explain to myself that he’s not mine ) .

Naina cries ” I know he’s not made for me , Who’ll love to spend a life with A blind , It would be boring without colors , I know . But How shall I tell my heart not to think about him , You’ll not get that care by him , You’ll not get any love by him , Because he’s never mine .”

Precap : Ahil forces grandpa to Reveal the truth , Kamini plays a mind game to induce Janki for alliance , Shockingly Naina hears the conversation between Grandpa and Ahil gets to know about her past . What would be Naina’s decision ?

Guys I was thinking about my story and I felt I’m not getting great views so for once a thought came into my mind , I thought that should I complete this story in ‘One shot ‘ and soon start with new fan fiction on NAAMKARAN , Or it would be wrong , I should calmly complete the whole . Silent readers and my readers please tell me 😣😣🙇🙇🙇 Please hit the like icon 👍👍if you liked and do comment , Bye 💖💖💖


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